July 2017 Splurge! The month where I got overflowing bills, unit upgrades and unexpected money losses

My pocket was in pain this month of July. From overflowing bills,  to unit upgrades and the unexpected money losses. I was struggling, trying to find ways to get back what was gone to even selling some stuff that I truly cherish. Though this month is not just a big downfall for I was also able to get some extra jobs that I can reap the next coming months. Hopefully this will continue for me to be able to get funds for my upcoming big trip to Korea come November.

ToyCon 2017 (6 of 6)

Imagining Korea in November 

The month of July started with a 3-day Thanksgiving Celebration in the church I am affiliated with. It was days of new learning that could really help me improve my lifestyle. On the 1st of July, I also visited the yearly Toy Convention event held in SMX. It was a huge event where famous icons from Hollywood also took part. I bump in to some bloggers and even had a moment with the former Hi-5 member Fred Lo. Also saw my friend Myke dela Paz, along with his toy collection he shared with Fred.

july 2017 toyconvention smx (2 of 14)

With Fred and Myke

july 2017 toyconvention smx (1 of 14)

Some Pokemon Toys! 

ToyCon 2017 (5 of 6)

Enhance collection from Myke

ToyCon 2017 (2 of 6)

Do you remember him from Twilight? 

After the event, I met Gus and Joel and had an awesome time having ramen and also hanging out at the park. I didn’t realized that there are a lot of new stores and restaurants at the Blue Bay area.

Rodel Flordeliz and Gus Villa
Blue bay walk (1 of 4)
Bluebay walk
Gus Joel and Rodel

July 3, 2017 (Monday) Rocke-oke

Zion invited his friends to join him on his first Rockeoke Night at 12 Monkeys. I was hesitant in joining the event but change my mind and consequently arriving very early. I was one of the first one to came in. It was 9 pm then, and my plan was to be there early so I can leave early as well.

Rockeoke Nights at 12 Monkeys

Rocking it Timmy! 

Bryan was there when I arrive. Then Gus came in followed by Timmy. It was raining hard that night but everybody manages to support Zion. Some of Zion’s friends where also there. Rod came in last. It was a fun night, and It was struggling trying to be better than everybody else’s performance. It is really difficult if all the diners were singers. It was like a showdown of voices, everyone who attended sings very well.

Rockeoke Nights at 12 Monkeys with Rod Gus and Rodel

With Don Rod and Gus

I sung a Rivermaya hit song which I actually forgot the title. It was a crazy night. And all my friends were crazy drunk.

Rockeoke Nights at 12 Monkeys 01

Coming July 7, 2017 I was able to attend the Converse x Nike launch at Eastwood, then went straight to BGC for the Globe at Home event, then finally ending up the day with a 4Dx movie experience with Spiderman.

OPPO spiderman event

The next day, I joined some bloggers and tried some dishes at the newly opened Ori Japanese House located at Ayala Mall Circuit Makati.

Ori Japanese in Circuit Makati (2 of 2)

Ori Japanese in Circuit Makati (1 of 2)

On July 9, 2017, Sunday, I finally able to watch the musical play “The Newsies.”

the newsies with alex and ian

Fanning at Ian and Alex. 

July 11, 2017 (Tuesday) Bulalo Nights

Called HSBC today to fix my disputed card. Someone just spent P10,355 using my HSBC credit card! Waaahhh this is too much! This is just so timing specially that I am decided to really get a new phone and renew my phone line. So early in the morning I brought my money and put it in my wallet. Brought my credit cards too and head straight to Globe telecom in SM North. I ask my friend Al to reserve me an iPhone 7 plus and luckily a 128 gig jet black unit was available.

The whole process took almost two hours. I paid Php 25,200 via card for the cash out and went out happy with my new unit.

The Craft Central SM Norht (2 of 2)

My very first iPhone 7 Plus Selfie!

And because I felt hungry, I decided to pass by at the grand opening of The Craft Central in SM North the Block. I know there would be food there. LOL! Saw Alexis (who owns the place) and some other blogger friends as well. As always, the Craft Central is a haven for all arts and crafts enthusiasts. I was too eager to really buy items but thought that I wouldn’t have the time to really sit down and do some crafting. Maybe I’ll drop by again soon. Do visit, The Craft Central is located at the 4th floor in SM North The Block.

The Craft Central SM Norht (1 of 2)

I decided to head straight at Rockwell mall for the Mossimo x Planet of the Apes event. I came too early and had a chance to do an early dinner with friends. After the movie, the whole gang decided to do a ‘Bulalo nights’ so we head straight to our favorite RJ’s Bulaluhan in Mandaluyong.


Best Bulalo in Mandaluyong

July 12, 2017 (Wednesday) The day I realized I loss money

I woke up and realized that half of my money in my wallet which I allocated for paying my bills was all gone. Damn! I was confuse and didn’t really know if the money was lost or stolen. It was 6k pesos. Hard earned money. And just like what I said in my post, Its a hard feeling to describe when you are in that situation trying your best to save, then all of a sudden all your efforts will be gone, or probably be used by someone else.  It just sucks!

July 14, 2017 (Friday) I owned a car for more than a day

Ford EcoSport with Rodel Flordeliz (1 of 1)

Big day today! And I prepared myself for a long day. I started my day by packing up a few more things for our trip in Zambales. My plan was to attend events, get the car, go to BGC, Shangri-la then back to Makati then fly to North EDSA, get my things then meet my friends before going straight to Zambales. The day wasn’t started yet but I’m already tired thinking about the whole day activity. Now lets go!

driving ecosport

Driver for the whole day! 

Here’s an overview of what happen the whole day.

  1. Attended Dew Nation Adrenaline Park launched at BGC. Met with Rod, Ruth and Nick. Met with the driver who brought the Ford EcoSport I borrowed.
  2. After taking a few shots, I took over the wheel and drove the vehicle (bravely) from BGC to Shangri-la Mall. It was a Friday and traffic is expected everywhere specially in EDSA. I was with Ruth who was a bit busy helping me with the navigation and taking photos and videos making sure everything is documented. Like a human dashcam I suppose.
  3. I was scared to do the parking so we decided to valet park the vehicle.
  4. Attended the opening of the Park Fashion + Lifestyle store in Shangri-la Mall East Wing
  5. Saw other bloggers hanging out at Shangri-la. Tracy, Cha, Kat and Christine attended another event.
  6. Went out early to be in Makati on time for the RCBC event. I drove from Mandaluyong to White Space.
  7. The event ended before 8pm. We then decided to go to Pancake House event but told the organizer that will be late knowing that will be coming from the south.
  8. The traffic in EDSA was horrible add to that it was raining. I was having a hard time figuring out which button to press for that was the first time I’d be driving at night, raining. There was a moment that we called Rod and Gus for help. Lol!
  9. We pass by my house to pick my stuff before heading to Vertis North to meet with Laila and have dinner at Pancake House.
  10. Parking was free at Vertis North.
  11. After dinner we head straight to Trinoma to pick up Sky, Joel and Duane. I almost hit a car while driving reverse. The rest was already in the other car and they are coming all the way from Makati.
  12. Drove the car from Trinoma to Marilao via NLEX. And met with Rod, MJ, Nate and Gus at Starbucks.
  13. Thanks Ford Philippines for lending me this vehicle.
  14. It was almost Midnight, now off we go to Macampao Beach Resort in Zambales.

July 15, 2017 (Saturday) Beaching Baby!

2017-07-28 04.31.37 1

Long drive from Bulacan to Zambales. Duane was driving the car and because he is used to driving a manual vehicle. It took him time before he became comfortable driving. In fact, there where 2 to 3 times he pressed the break hard that we bump our heads at the top of the car.

We arrived around 4am-ish. It was the usual provincial scene. Lots of trees, dark and kinda eerie. We were all tired and just wanted to take a rest without even appreciating the place. It was paradise when we woke up in the morning. A place atop, surrounded by trees with interconnected spaces.

kadamay at zambales

kadamay at zambales 01

Here is a summary on what we did the whole day;

  1. We had an amazing breakfast
  2. Tour around the place
  3. Wore white for the amazing group shot! (check photo below)
  4. Had lunch
  5. Hit the beach. Relax. Fun!
  6. Dinner
  7. Chill.
  8. Sleep

Macampao Beach Resort Zambales (20 of 54)

There was a lot to tell on this trip but I guess it is best for you to read this article instead – Macampao Beach Resort

Here’s what happen on the following days:

  • July 17, 2017 ( Monday) –  Attended the Office Orientation
  • July 18, 2017 ( Tuesday) – Went to a Go See for an Insurance brand. Little do I know that the venue for the said go see was owned by my friend Eco. It was his baby he called Toy Comm. Funny that it was my first time visiting his office in Mandaluyong.

toycomm office

July 19, 2017 (Wednesday) Long day! 

I promise Gus that I would be helping him with his duties as the stylist for the ‘Man of the World’ pictorial at Icon Hotel in Timog. I was able to join him but unfortunately, I left even before the photoshoot started. The sponsor was late so we waited for almost 3 hours before we were able to begin the shoot. I went straight to SM Fashion Hall to attend the launch of Anello bag here in the Philippines. Everyone was asked to wear white and Khaki and I was thinking I still got a long day so I need to be a bit careful not ruining my whole outfit. Check out the full story about the Anello launch here – Anello in Manila

Avon and Man of the World (3 of 20)
anello with yuki

With StyleCat Yuki at Anello launch. 

After attending, I went to Greenhills to tend to my monthly haircut, then head straight to SM North to attend the premier of Cars 3. I was able to watch the movie along with MJ and Naz. To know more about Cars 3 check out this link. Pixar’s Cars 3

Driving cars 3. πŸš—πŸš—πŸš—

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July 20, 2017 (Thursday) SONY A7 Mark II finally came in!

I finally got my Sony A7 Mark II today. This has been a big move coming from a Fuji XT10 user. I bought this unit from a friend who now lives in Brazil. It was an awesome dibs, but also a big problem to my wallet. My friends told me that It was a great buy, luckily I still got three months to paying this item in full.  Now where are those sidelines!

But the learning curve was eating me alive! I’m still having a hard time using it but felt that bringing it in a battle would really make me feel more at ease. So for the very first time, I brought the unit on the dinner date with bloggers and influencers at Four Seasons in Cubao. It was owned by Charles Lee, the man behind the brand Vikings. It was my first time dining at the said place and my tummy was really having a great time trying as much as many food as possible. But the dinner wasn’t just a dinner, for Charles was really into promoting his new brand called Sip.

Sip Four Seasons Cubao expo (1 of 3)

Sip Purified Water is a refreshing way to stay hydrated, as it is pure water that is filtered by nature and bottled at the source itself. The 6-step filtration process each sip of water goes through begins with the (1) natural filtration of volcanic rocks near Mt. Makiling, where its plant is located. (2) Impurities are then removed by a layer of sand making it ready for (3) activated carbon treatment that wipes out unpleasant water and taste. The water then goes through (4) reverse osmosis where viruses and dirt are eliminated, while harmful microbes and germs are killed through (5) UV treatment. The last step the water undergoes is (6) the FDA approved ozonation that blasts away all other toxins. Also, to ensure the reduction of carbon footprint, each bottle of Sip is bottled at the source.

Sip Four Seasons Cubao expo (2 of 3)

Sip Purified Water is now made accessible to everyone as it is now available in all Vikings Group branches and Luzon branches of SM Supermarkets and 7-11. For more information, feel free to follow them on instagram(@sippurifiedwater). 

After the sumptuous dinner, Charles decided to give us three boxes of Mineral water (which I requested to be delivered instead to my office). The night was still young and Rod haven’t able to visit Cubao Expo yet so we Ruth and I decided to bring him at the place.

Sip Four Seasons Cubao expo (3 of 3)

Here is a sample of my shot of Ruth at Cubao Expo using the Sony A7 II

Here’s what happen on the following days;

  • July 21, 2017 (Friday) – We did a campaign shoot for Avon Breast Cancer Crusade. I was with Chessy, Jeman, Rod, Earth and Ruth. Afterwards I decided to went home in Valenzuela.
  • July 22, 2017 (Saturday) – Witness the opening of Monster Milkshake at Ayala Vertis North; Went to PETA with Edward to watch Care Divas (again).

avon breast awareness campaign

avon breast awareness campaign

avon breast awareness campaign

July 23, 2017 (Sunday) Dunkirk Moments

Ayala Malls gave me two passes for the movie Dunkirk (of my choice of time and mall) so I decided to tag along my friend Don Philip to enjoy the movie and to catch up a little. It’s has been awhile since we went out and I felt sorry to cancel our schedule last time.  The movie was a too heavy for me but it was presented really well that It made me feel like I was in the scene. Dunkirk got short lines but the sound effects and transitions are so effective it will hit you. Thanks Ayala Malls for the tickets!

July 24, 2017 (Monday) Kita Kita

Penshoppe Denim DIY Bar (1 of 4)

I was able to attend the Penshoppe Denim Lab DIY Bar held at Glorietta 2 activity hall. Bloggers and Influencers lined up to have their pair of denims customized. I was a bit stressed for I was struggling on which one to pick on a limited time (I came at the venue a bit late). I didn’t even had the time to visualised what I really like to do with my denim Jacket.

Penshoppe Denim DIY Bar (4 of 4)

I guess  I could have been more fun if I came a bit earlier at the venue. Right after, I invited everyone to join me and have a quick dinner at Falafel Yo! Check out this link for the full feature.

I along with Ruth decided to go to Trinoma, she was too eager to watch the movie “Kita Kita” so I told her maybe we could do the last full show. So I went to work first before going out to watch the movie. Rod came as well coming from work. Kita Kita was such a good movie and I really like to recommend if for you to watch it. The “Alempoy” (Alessandra and Empoy) love team is such a winner! I became a fan right after. After a few days, I’ve learned that “Alempoy” went to the Wish 1075 bus to do some guesting! Wahhhh!! If only I knew this I would have insisted to ride the bus. Check out the full interview here.

Here are some events that happen the following days:

  • July 25, 2017 (Tuesday) – Had my first client meeting and taking the job as coordinator
  • July 26,2017 (Wednesday) – Had a productive meeting with Digits Trading πŸ™‚
  • July 27, 2017 (Thursday) – Shooting schedule for Nate; Went to EON for the Shell project briefing; Attended the Hollister Wave 2 launched at Uptown Mall; Coffee break with Chessy; Watched Valerian with MJ

Hollister Wave 2 (1 of 2)

Hollister Wave 2 (2 of 2)

With my favorite couple Rhea and Jeff

July 28, 2017 (Friday) Man of the World

Typhoon Goryo hits most of the areas in Luzon and Visayas. PAGASA already announces that classes are already suspended. It was a Friday and I was supposed to be joining the shuttle going to Alabang Town Center to attend the yearly Oishi Snacktacular event but decided not to go because; (1) I’m too lazy and (2) because of the weather. My whole day was spent at home finishing backlogs and planning for the coming week ahead. I was able to squeeze in some time to visit the bank as well. I’ve been wanting to open an investment account and finally was able to do it on this day.

oishi snacktacular

Four in the afternoon, my friend Gus message me telling me to meetup at around 5:30 pm on his gym called Alpha 53 in Mandaluyong City. I was cramming, knowning that I do not have much time to prepare. I was planning to do a quick gym at Alpha 53 but wasn’t able to do it for I came at the place very late. It was 6:30pm I think when I arrive. So I just change my outfit at the gym and went straight along with Gus and fetch Erik Esperat (Photographer) who is just a few blocks away from the place.

I was wearing an Almodal x Gucci coat and was styled by Patrick Henry. Our destination – Man of the World Finals held at One Esplanade.

Gus, Erik, Me and the late MJ Deleon seated at the Gold section right in the middle. We got one of the best seats and was able to witness the whole program. Our bet who will win the crown was Mr.  Japan or Mr. Australia. But it was a surprise that none of the two make it to the top 10. Our attention was then went to Palestine who does look like a combination of Jestoni Alarcon and Derek Ramsey.

man of the world with gus and erik

At the end, Egypt took home the crown, while Vietnam took the first place. Palestine went second, which I think was the weakest in the question and answer portion.

man of the world at esplanade

Man of the World (3 of 3)

After the event, we went straight at BGC to have very late dinner. Did a quick photoshoot, then I parted ways  while MJ and Gus went out to party.

Man of the World (2 of 3)

Man of the World (1 of 3)

July 29, 2017 (Saturday) Catching up with Old and New Friends

I will be eating a lot today so I decided to hit the gym before all  feast started. Jollibee’s 1000th store had just opened and I was able to visit it finally today. Jasmine Curtis was there along with some ambassadors celebrating the launch of Jollibee’s Garlic and Cheese Fries. Saw some old and new friends to connect with at the venue. I was able to reconnect with Vivien who I met a long time ago at the Fujifilm instax event. Papi Mark Lua and Gelo was also there who were already enjoying thier chicken joy and fries when I came in.

Kevin Alejandro was also there telling me on our chat how he was too shy to even say hi to me at the venue. Met also the Venzon twins who is trying to penetrate showbizness here in the Philippines. Gabe was also introduced to me by Zed and found out that he is working along with Jaz at Play FM. At least someone I can connect with about being a ‘radio jock’.

kevin alejandro

with Gelo and Mark Lua

I had fun connecting with this people and expanding my klout. But on the other side of the town, Edward was starting to be pissed off with his Grab Driver, making him wait for almost an hour. I decided then to head straight to SMX in MOA to attend my last event for today – Coke Studio Ph. I met Edward at the venue and just did a quick shoot and decided to leave and do shopping. Btw, Thanks to Charlie Shot Me for the amazing photo at the end of this blog!

coke studio ph

coke studio ph

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