June 2017 – On a Roll

I felt that I was on a roll this month of June. A lot of things happened and I felt happy and very thankful for all of this. As usual, events were overflowing meaning, PR’s and companies still look for my service. It something that worries me that as we grow old, younger people takes over. But thank God, I am still stable and relevant to them.

This month is all about TV appearances, photo shoots, and Vlogs! Thou I wasn’t really able to document everything for I become very busy and I know this blog post came in very late. Nevertheless, reminiscing and assessing what happened in a month makes me gauge my personal improvement in life.

After all this is my story. (Read: May 2017 – Unexpected)

rodel flordeliz at SM Manila

June 03, 2017, Saturday  – Going Korean at Pop Talk!


Finally, I was able to watch a Pop Talk episode with me as one of the reviewer. It was the Korean Buffet episode we shot last month. I, along with Dasurie Choi and Chef Wayan and of course Tonipet, visited 3 different Korean Buffet in the Metro. I was too reserved as I saw my self on TV, It actually shows that I only got a little knowledge about Korean food.


I wasn’t talking that much and was not adding any other information. Pacute nalang! But I guess my overall performance was just okay, But was not really satisfied actually. Will try to do it better next time. Check out our Final Verdict!

June 04, 2017, Sunday – Rhea’s Surprise B-day Celeb

Rhea Bue Bday Celeb at Toast (2 of 4)

A few weeks ago, Jeff Ong, (Rhea’s BF) collaborated with us, his friends (includes me) to attend a supposedly a date night of the couple. I got work on a Sunday night but still tried my best to drop by. Jeff set it up and make Rhea believe that the dinner was a bloggers event. So when everybody was already there, Rhea was surprise when a cake came in and everyone sings a birthday song. It was Rhea Bue’s advance birthday celebration and pulled off the surprise. The celebration was held at Toast, that I can consider now as one of my favorite restaurant.
Rhea Bue Bday Celeb at Toast (1 of 4)
Rhea Bue Bday Celeb at Toast (3 of 4)

The night was all fun and socials. To Rhea, you know we all love you no matter what! Jeff was just a sweetheart doing all this stuff.

Rhea Bue Bday Celeb at Toast (4 of 4) With Blogger friends (L-R) Yuki, Brett, Ave, Cha, Jaffy, Michael, Jeff, Gerard, Rhea, Daim, Rochelle, Nesi, (Nesi’s Friend), Charlie

June 08, 2017 (Thursday) – SM Shoes and Bags Campaign shoot 

SM Shoes and Bags (1 of 1)
Woke up early today and was so excited for my very first shoot at SM MOA for the SM Shoes and Bags campaign. Just a few days ago, I receive an inquiry about this and it was just so quick that I am about to shoot it in an instant. The concept of the video is basically to promote their month-long promo called ‘Shoe Deals for Him’ where buyers can avail selected items for up to 70% off and they can also buy a VR Box for a very affordable price.

You still got till tomorrow to avail big discounts at #SMShoeDealsForHim #SMShoesAndBags @smshoesandbags. Go visit!

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The output video should look like I was vlogging. Making my task a bit more difficult. Why? Because when I came in at the set, they just told me about the concept and with the help of the production team, I personally created all the words and lines I said, making it interconnected to make the story complete. Well I hope I did a good job and hopefully client was happy about it.

The video was place in all SM Malls not just here in Manila but in all branches here in the Philippines (waahhhh!!!) Funny that I wasn’t able to watch it in store but only had the chance to watch it online.It was a happy day. Check out this video.

In the evening, I attended an event for Crizals. Ruth, Edward, I and Myke did a quick shoot afterwards.(Read: The Harmful Effects of Blue light)

Eddiefied (2 of 2) With Eddie, Ruth and Myke

June 09, 2017, Friday – Rainy Day Madness

Go Hotels in Cubao

The day started too early today again. It was the launch of Go Hotels Cubao branch. Ruth and I were reunited with trip of wonders Kirk and Atty. Mark. (Read: Go Hotels in Cubao)

From there we decided to move to Salu Resto in Tomas Morato area. I wasn’t really expecting much in the place but when we arrive we were amaze on how the place looks like. We didn’t know as well that the actors Romnic Sarmenta and his wife Harlene Bautista were the one who owns the place. It was a trip down memory lane seeing one of the person I look up to when I was a kid. Remember when we were kids and ask who was the person resembles you, I was always tease that I look like Romnick, most specially with my former hairstyle.

salu restaurant

My plans got ruined when rain suddenly falls hard. We were stuck at the resto. But making the most out of it, we were able to get an up close moment with Mr. Romnick talking about the story behind the place.

romnick sarmenta

We felt that the rain will not stop soon so we decided to walk our way to the nearest Metrobank for I need to deposit some money. Good thing we took the umbrella with us from our first event.

Instead of attending an event in BGC, we decided to go to Trinoma instead and watch a movie. Using my Sureseat account, we watch ‘The Mummy’ that stars Tom Cruz.  We were surprise that for a price of P380 we were able to have a prime seat inside the cinema. There was only (I think) 6 people seated in that 12 plush leather seats.

The movie was a waste of time.

After the movie, I decided to meet some old friends at Burger King. Ram and Manman was already had their dinner when I came in. It has been a while since I’ve seen them.

Ram Tee and Manman Sanchez

We were also saddened when Nanay Lily, the mother-in-law of my brother, died a few days ago. On this day I was able to visit the wake.

Nanay Lily

June 10, 2017 (Saturday) From Farm to Dance Showdown to Karaoke Night!

Philnoni trip with bloggers (8 of 13)

Today was the PhilNoni x Stevia farm tour in Bocaue, Bulacan. Our call time was 9:30 am and because It was just 5 minutes away from my place. I decided to leave a bit late. Our meet-up place was in Starbucks in Landmark. We left a bit late for MJ arrive late at the place. It was like a field trip but with students (bloggers) waiting to learn about some grownup stuff. To know more about what happened at the event check out the link here. (Read: PhilNoni x Stevia)

PhilNoni x Stevia Farm Tour (1 of 30)

We left the farm a bit late. The traffic was also horrible going back to Manila. It was almost 5 pm when we arrived at TriNoma. We then head straight at the activity center where the Calbee event was held. It was a inter-school dance competition. PUP was announce as the grand winner. We did enjoyed the competition and took home  a bunch of Calbee products. Yey!

Jack n Jill Calbee (1 of 1)

After attending, we had our dinner at Racks. I and Gus was craving for Ramen, I don’t know why we always end up eating here at Racks. I ordered some pasta same as Eddie and Gus that I felt a bit tasteless, while MJ and Rod orders pork ribs. Our conversion goes from dream birthday celebration to holding mini-concerts.

Dinner at Racks (1 of 1) With Gus, Rod, MJ and Eddie

Rod was itching to do more things that night so I suggested to try the videoke I discovered in Roces area. But because of the hassle of bringing all our stuff from Trinoma to Roces, we decided to just go to Red Box instead. We availed the 8-12 mn slot for Php 400 per head. That includes two non-alcoholic drinks or one alcoholic drink.

We weren’t really happy with the sound system and the song choices at the place but we did try to make it fun nonetheless. Also, it became a post-celebration of Edward Santos’ birthday, which was supposedly on the 16th!

It was a crazy bunch, playing music from the likes of Eric Santos, Martin Nievera to a sweep of songs from Gary V.. A few more ballad songs from foreign artists to a few boybands from the 90’s. The highlight of the night was when the final hour came in. Where most of us where already tired singing and just making fun of it by playing crazy songs we wouldn’t even know how to sing. From the fast party Ricky Martin songs, to Britney Spears, Spices Girls and more. It was one hell of a party!

June 12, 2017, Monday – How we celebrated Independence Day

joyride by nutriasa in Luneta Park (6 of 21)

This is the time where you could probably see people marching towards Rizal Park, where most of the people wears Barong Tagalog or Baro’t Saya, where Filipinos are mostly being encourage to speak in Tagalog and for some just stay at home at watch TV. It’s a holiday. The 119th Philippine Independence day.  And for us workers, its the perfect day to relax, have fun and do the things you couldn’t do on a workday.

Bambang Market - ukay ukay shops in Manila (2 of 4)

My day started at Bambang Station, where I met Rod Magaru. What we were about to do is to fulfill his long time dream of buying clothes in an Ukay-Ukay store. And one of the best place to do that is here in Bambang Market.

It was fifteen minutes past 10 AM when we arrived at the market. Most of the stalls are still fixing their goods some are already started. Wet market was already closing thus the dry area are just starting to build up. Rod and I were already sweating because of the mix dust and humid of the place. I wasn’t to eager to shop nor too excited to get an item. This is a thrifty adventure but because the uneasiness I am feeling I rather look than move. I felt a bit stressed out already at an early time.

ukay ukay
After roaming the place for more than an hour. I was able to get a pair of shorts. I wasn’t too impress to the pricing and the items found at the place. Maybe we should try some other place to shop. (Read: Where to Ukay-Ukay in Manila)

A few minutes before 12, Ruth came in and we decided to have lunch and head to SM Manila. Here’s what we did;

  • Coke photo shoot along Central Terminal Station
  • Seach for the SM Shoes & Bags video I did, yet failed to see it.
  • Lunch at KFC
  • Shop at Penshoppe
  • Outfit Change inside the car

Lunch with friends (2 of 2)

It was too funny that we didn’t realised that we picked a shade of the colors of the flag!

Past 2pm, we took a taxi and head straight to Luneta Park. Where the Joyride by NutriAsia is parked. It was a roving food truck that serve Pinoy comfort food of course created using NutriAsia products. (Read: Joyride by NutriAsia)

(1) With the Dreys, Yen and Chuckie Dreyfus) (2) Wearing the PH Flag colors with Paul

We went around Luneta park afterwards and decided to enter Chinese Garden. There was a lot of people at the park and mostly are just chilling, playing and even sleeping at the benches. We took some rest and just had a quick shoot there before heading to Lucky Chinatown in Binondo.

bubbles at Luneta park (1 of 1)

Our goals in here was to eat at Gerry’s Grill and to do a photoshoot a the beautiful Chinese lanterns at the middle of the mall. It was funny that we change outfits and still wearing the colors of the flag.
Lucky Chinatown Mall (1 of 1)

We went home 9.pm-ish. I head straight to the office to work late night.

June 15, 2017, Thursday – Juggling different hats for a day

zalora x headshot clinic shoot (3 of 4)

An influencer, a model, a blogger, a voice over talent and content writer in a day, I was also ask to consider a video editing position in a company and had a few dealings for a production gig, this happened all in one day.

  • 1st activity, Photoshoot for Head shot clinic by Niccolo for a Zalora collab. I really love this years concept and I am so excited to see the final result
  • 2nd activity, I visited Huddle Room to pick up some payment
  • 3rd activity, I went to Globe in BGC to attend the final Go-See for a print ad project. Still crossing my fingers and hoping I could be able to get this project
  • 4th activity, Flew from Taguig to Podium to attend Watsons Men event.
  • 5th activity, Watched hockey game
  • 6th activity, Had dinner then gatecrashed at an event where we were able to get a free manicure as well. hahaha Thanks Joel!
  • 7th activity, Dinner with friends
  • 8th activity, 11PM. I’m 6 hours late from work but I still went at the office to finish my task for today.
  • 9th. Went home at 4am. Good Night.

Tiring day. but I felt very productive! Now where’s that stress-tab.

zalora x headshot
zalora x headshot clinic shoot (4 of 4)
SM Hockey Game (1 of 2)
SM Hockey Game (2 of 2)
Beauty and Butter event

June 17, 2017, Saturday – Ukay Ukay 2

Munoz Market - ukay ukay shops in Manila (3 of 4)

We did an unplanned Ukay-Ukay adventure for today and discovered a goldmine! I invited Rod to meet me in Munoz and brought him to an Ukay-Ukay store I mostly visit. Luckily, they are on sale where items can be bought for only P55 each. At the end I took home 6 items that were mostly jackets and spent P900 while Rod bought 3 for P350 only. Affords! Will go back here again really soon. (Read: Where to Ukay-Ukay in Manila)

Ukay ukay in manila

Joining Eddie as Brgy. Tanods on Duty

June 19, 2017, Monday – Seafood Island

A few days ago, Roi Kevin invited me over to attend Sea Food island launch. I haven’t met him in person yet but I know he is in my circle so after knowing who else were invited, I decided to say yes.

With Gus Villa and Roi Kevin

The event was schedule today. I decided to ride with Gus and met him at Boni Station at around 10:45 am.  We arrive at the venue very early, even earlier  than Kevin. It was a very simple event where influencers where invited to just eat. They launch two sets; Balikbayan and Carinderia which are both price at around Php 1,400+.

Seafood Island (1 of 2)

It was nice catching up with Charlie, Cha, Michael and the rest. Jem Cubil also attended the event. I also met some new influencers which is actually great in expanding my connection.

After the event, I went straight at the Petron office to meet with Wisdom and Nate for todays sideline shoot. I came in very late. But it was just okay.

Then I decided to pass by Favori and bought two aerator and spent Php 7,000.

Before going to work, I visited Say Alonzo’s place. Thons were also there. We had a very productive meeting and cooking something amazing. Hopefully this would start a very good partnership.

with say alonzo and thons edanoWith Thons and Say Alonzo

June 22, 2017, Thursday – Svelti / Dolce and Gabanna

It has been a long time since I had a facial. Finally today I was able to visit Svelti again. Dr. Lalaine Salazar was also there and was able to talk to her about her travels and other stuff. Afterwards I went straight to SM Makati to attend the D&G event. (Read: D&G Perfume Launch)

svelti clinic (1 of 2)

June 23, 2017, Friday – SDE 

Pool Club (1 of 1)
SDE (Same day edit) is really nerve-racking. It was a relief I wasn’t the one on the editing seat. But still, It was my team and I need to take control and make sure we deliver.

It has been a while since I did this kind of job, specially being the one in the seat. I think the last time I did this was on a wedding last 2015. I got the luxury of time on those day, but at the Bayer event held at Pool club, we only got less than 45 minutes to deliver. That was one hell of short time. While Hale was performing, I was too nervous we wouldn’t be able to accomplish it. My editor was kind of feeling hopeless and I feel how he moves. It was like he already lose hope that his work will air on time. Nevertheless, I do not want this project to fail, so I decided to make it easier by making the video a minute shorter.

Luckily, we aired it just in time! That was hell of a pressure. I actually didn’t know what to do if that video failed. Good thing, client was still happy with the result.

Afterwards, I drove my editors car from BGC to Pasig City just to visit his sisters restaurant called El Hombre and have a late night mexican dinner.
El Hombre Mexican Burger (1 of 1)

el hombre dinner

June 25, 2017, Sunday – From North to South

It was my dad’s birthday yesterday, so mom decided to cook some food at home. She also told me that night that we would be visiting my brother in a certain resort in Bulacan on the next day.

Sunday, I woke up at 5 in the morning, 3o minutes before we went on our way on a quick vacation and  visiting my brothers family in Bulacan. It was an unplanned day trip/swimming. I came along with a condition to go back to Quezon City come noontime.

The place we visited was called Lola Corazon. It was on the farm side of Bulacan and it was the first time that I’ve visited and even heard about the place. The vicinity seems to cater team building activities as well as events. There are also some units that you can rent if you decided to do an overnight stay. Will create a separate blog post about what i’ve learned about this place soon.

Lola Corazon in Bulacan (1 of 1)

Noontime, my family decided to pass by SM City Baliuag. We were so proud of my brother for the malls landscape work. Good Job Bro!

SM City Baliwag

From Sm Baliuag, I ride a bus going back to Manila. Stayed at home for awhile and went to Star City where Ruth, Gus and Rod was already waiting. (Read: What’s new at Star City)

star city adventure (8 of 12)

Here are some of the highlight of the last week of June

  • June 27 –  Went to Las Casas in Bataan (Read: Insta 360 Air)
  • June 28 – Attended the fancy chinese-entertainment-resto called Ashark (Read: Ashark Club)
  • June 29 – Rediscovering Newport Mall (Read: Newport Mall Re-opened)
  • June 30 –  2nd quarter International Thanksgiving Day

shopping at newport mall (45 of 45)

shopping at newport mall (20 of 45)

Until our next discovery in the City!
またね Mata ne! 
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