May 2017 Unexpected (Part 1)

May 2017 was a month of unexpected situations. I almost hit a post when parking, I lost my house keys, almost slept outside our house, and went back to my past and become a student for a day. There are still a lot to tell and there are still a lot of stories to unravel. And I’m excited to tell you everything (as much as I remember)

This might not be something too useful on your end but personally, I’m just satisfying my self here trying to at least document everything I do. If only I can already use a ‘re-do’ (something Black Mirror fans could understand) things would be easier to remember. This is going to be a very long post so I decided to cut it in half. But anyhow lets begin our story.

may 2017 hey handsome unexpected

May 02, 2017 (Tuesday): Didn’t know NSO can be requested already online

Today I decided to wake up early to visit Tickles to do a quick shopping. This was my third try to visit the place for it was quite difficult to take nice photos of the place whenever it’s crowded. Check out my loot here.

hey handsome

Right after, I went straight to ARC’s invitation to try Hey Handsome. It was their way of thanking all the supporters of the company. Hey Handsome was partly owned by Jenny who also owns ARC. The management prepared amazing dishes for us to taste. I personally love the appetizers.

hey handsome launch (1 of 6)

hey handsome launch (3 of 6)

el marikeno

Thank you El Marikeno!

gio levy

Can you guest who this guy is? lol! 

tickles funny mask

Tita Sarah asked me to hang around and have coffee, so I tag along Ruth while Jelito is on his way as well. We had coffee at Early Bird in Fort Strip and talk about things mostly about travel. My best discovery for today was when I’ve learned that I do not need to go to NSO just to get my Dad’s birth certificate. I can already do it online! Such a relief!

hey handsome 001 (1 of 1)

  • Highlights: Learn something from Tita Sarah today
  • Lowlight: Too much down time

May 03, 2017 (Wednesday): Ultimate Throwback with a 90’s party

make your own havaianas 2017 myoh2017 (17 of 33)

I was too happy to be invited for the very first time by Havaianas. So I decided to come in early at the venue. Unknowingly, my thoughts of being early were still a bit late. VIP’s and guest already lined up at the venue when I arrived. I guess everybody just thought the same thing today. More of the story here.

  • Highlights: Havaianas invited me to do my very first customized slippers and its 90s theme!
  • Lowlight: The venue was too crowded and the line becomes too long. I felt a bit disappointed when the place become too noisy, too hot and you’ll see people going to and fro.

May 04, 2017 (Thursday): Fancy Events

wearing Share ph (16 of 16)

Another early calltime for today; Bridges PR invited me to attend the Gelato making session at Fabtech kitchen. It was my first to go there and it was quite difficult to locate. Even thou I was offered a free Uber ride; I still decided to ride the train for faster transportation. It took me almost 20 minutes to locate the venue and even bump into Jeman who was then lost at the moment. I guess the only exciting thing I that happen in that morning travel was my discovery of the bridge under the skyway, which I’ve been asking a lot a people before. At least today it was answered. To know more about the Gelato Making check it here.

Carte Dor in Philippines (16 of 23)

Ruth and I went to SM Fashion Hall for our next event – CK ALL launch. We came in very late, a few minutes before the Instagram Photo contest ended. The big winner took home a brand new vinyl player! Waaaahhhh!!! I felt bad that I didn’t join. But anyway, we stayed at the venue and took the time to just chill and do some photo-shoots.

CK ONe CK ALL (2 of 9)

Kirst Viray was also there and said hi! I think that was the first time we had a conversation. It was also the first time I’ve met PBB alumni Fifth Solomon. It was nice to know that these people were very reachable even with fame attached to their names. Full story of the CK Launch here.

ck all event

And because both Ruth and I were craving to have rice meals we decided to go back to Toast and have dinner.

  • Highlights: I got to customized and own a bottle of CK All perfume.
  • Lowlight: I almost lost this morning. It was fun but I was too.

May 06, 2017 (Saturday):  That moment when you almost hit a post

hit the car

I almost hit a parking post today. Adrenaline rush 100 percent!

It was a Saturday and I am expecting a very long day. Early morning Mom and Dad visited my place in Quezon City to get some of my stuff; including my newly bought 32-inch TV I got for only 10k (thanks John!).

date with mom

We also did a little shopping and bought my parents and grandparents some meds. It was a breeze that I got Watsons GC on hand that I didn’t spent a penny buying all the medicine. We also had lunch at Mangan and Mom was a bit surprise that I ordered Sinigang na Bangus Belly sa Bayabas, which is something that I really don’t like because of its pungent smell. It’s been a while I’ve ate fish and vegetables so I was actually craving for it. We also ordered Pakbet with Pork belly and of course their top seller Bibingka.

shopping with mom

When they decided to go home, I went straight to Row 101 Summer Pop Up Bazaar at Whitespace. Arnie and Deo was they’re selling their food business called Shibusa. Congrats you two It was delicious! I also got some cool patches I got for only 25 each! That’s a grab!

After shopping, Rod, Ruth and I decided to go to Eastwood to attend Robinsons Wellness event. I ask Rod (jokingly) if it will be okay for me to do the driving. He willingly did.

driving lessons from makati to bgc (2 of 3)

From Chino Roces, I drove his sedan going to EDSA, to McKinley Hill, to C5 until we reach Eastwood City. I tried my best to keep my self, calm and focus even if it was hell crazy passing EDSA and having that bumper-to-bumper scene at C5. I was so afraid to make a scene by bumping others car. Motorcycles are like mushrooms sprouting in every corner, it was crazy!

driving lessons from makati to bgc (1 of 3)

driving lessons from makati to bgc (2 of 3)

As Rod and Ruth says it, it was 100% good, not until I almost hit the post at the parking area in Eastwood. My foot got confuse that I hit the gas pedal hard when I should be pressing the break instead. I was trying to park then. It was an inch close of hitting that post and my adrenaline raise up to the max. I actually don’t know what to feel on that moment.


Rod says if it hit, he don’t know what to feel as well, if he will get angry or he will make fun of it! I was so afraid, and just cool at the same time because I know I did not hit it but then again that was just an inch! I am not ready to pay the damages if that happened.

Dinner at CBTL

After the Robinsons event, we settled down at CBTL with conversations about future plans – Bazaar and Back to School photo-shoot!

  • Highlights: I successfully drove a car from Taguig to Eastwood!
  • Lowlight: I almost hit Rod’s car to a post. 

May 10, 2017 (Wednesday): Back to when we were kids

recreating high school life (2 of 2)

It was so nice to reminisce high school life specially if you’re really in to that moment. Just like what we did recently where we gather (or bought) uniforms and do a Cosplay and pretend like we were High School Students. (Reminiscing High School)

It was hell funny and weird experience especially if you’re doing it alone. But it felt fun eventually specially when even the guards of the parking lot were suggesting that we should also have an ID to make our uniform complete.

Creepy Parking space! 

Si Rod nahuli ng guard!

Meet up place!

To make the story short here’s what happen;

  • Met up at Central Terminal Station
  • We park at the area where we were ( I think) the only client for that parking space for the whole day. It looks like an abandoned place
  • Of all places, Ferds and the Comco team was having a meeting at Starbucks at 8am! It was like we were caught but our professor cutting classes.
  • We had breakfast at Starbucks, and went to National Museum at 10am.
  • National Museum opens at 10 am and is free admission.
  • Of course we wouldn’t miss to have our photo taken at the famous Spolarium
  • Visited Luneta, did a quick picnic and enjoyed the place that looks like we were in Korea or Japan.

recreating high school life (1 of 2)

luneta park (1 of 2)

After our half-day tour, Rod and I went straight to Ortigas. I attended the Favori launch of their new line of oil fragrances. I was also able to meet Ms. Angel Aquino who partly owned the brand. I super love her, and she is really approachable. Z hosted the event. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen her.


  • Highlights: Cosplayed High School students and visit National Museum today
  • Lowlight: The time was too short to visit all the buildings of National Museum

May 11, 2017 (Thursday):  Grabbing more than a bite

Asean Food Festival (40 of 46)

We had coffee and pastries at the newly opened Costa Coffee in Robinsons Ortigas. I was sharing the table with Yuki, Nicole, Dee Gee, Camille, and Valerie and had fun tasting the new coffee blends partnered with delicious pastries.


With Valerie Tan

In the evening, I visited the ASEAN Food Festival held at Vertis North Parking space. There were a lot of foods from participating Filipino stores and samples of foreign cuisines as well. The best part was when I was able to buy food and take home a lot of pasalubong for the day.

ANGEL AQUINO Asean Food Festival (40 of 46)

With Deo, Jean, Tracy and Arnie

Asean Food Festival (40 of 46)

  • Highlights: Foodtripping at the ASEAN FOOD FESTIVAL
  • Lowlight: Too full to even finished all the foods we ordered

May 12, 2017 (Friday): Bulaluhan sa Espana

bulaluhan sa espana

Quick craving before the week end, Rod fetch MJ, Edward and I and decided do a very late Bulalo escapade. We went to Maginhawa first but after seeing that most of the stores are already closed at the wee hours we headed back to Manila and instead went back t0 Bulaluhan sa Esapana.

bulaluhan sa espana

With Edward, Mj and Rod

bulaluhan sa espana

Verdict: The Bulalo wasn’t as good as the one’s we had in Rizal 

May 13, 2017 (Saturday):  Squeezing in everything in a Day


I was so happy today to be part of the SM Marilao Food event where I, along with other invited food bloggers, were tasked to showcase our flat lay skills.


It was my first time to do this in public and was a bit worried I wouldn’t be able to present a nice idea. But it end up pretty well actually. I also able to meet new blogger friends from Discover Manila, Peach Kitchen, Tales from the Tummy and host Stan Castillo. Our conversation was mostly field with TV series we‘ve watched.


After the event, I tried my best to rush to Cartoon Network event in SM MOA but I wasn’t able to make it, so instead I went straight to Solaire to meet with Presh and watch Gary V Presents the concert. My friend Tim Pavino performed that night. It was an awesome show, and an ultimate throwback for me.

timmy pavino and the gang

With Zion, Brian, Tim and Presh

gary v presents gary v presents

  • Highlights: More of this flatlaying event please!
  • Lowlight: I missed one event today

May 14, 2017 (Sunday):  I’m back to host BNY Jeans mall event

timothy tupil

It was a fun crowd and I really enjoyed mingling with the mallers of SM City Trece Martires. It was my nth time hosting BNY Jeans mall tours and I’m very thankful that they are getting me always. Todays ambassadors are Michele Vito and Markus Paterson. I also tried to be an outgoing person today and decided to talk more to the models. The crowd at the event were pretty small compare from the other runs but they were awesomely participative. Which is actually very great! I had fun!

michele vito

  • Highlights: I saw someone familiar today, I’m fanning.
  • Lowlight: I missed work today, I was supposed to go straight to work but it was so traffic I came at the house almost 12mn.

May 15, 2017 (Monday):  Korean Buffet Resto for PopTalk

poptalk korean resto

Pop talk guesting today and we are exploring Korean Buffet Resto in Manila. I was able to meet Chef Waya of Gourmet Gypsy and Dasurie Choi from Day Off, along with them and Kuya Tonipet we visited three Korean Buffet restaurants that includes Lee Hak in Pioneer, Mokja in Maginhawa and lastly Ummason in Timog Avenue.

poptalk korean resto

It was a long day and we were so full. In between takes, Dasurie thought me how to use the app called Bigo. If you’re on Bigo please do follow me.

The shoot ended up at 8pm, I went to work right after. The show aired June 3.

poptalk korean resto

  • Highlights: I’m back on TV and met Chef Waya and Dasurie at the shoot.
  • Lowlight: This kind of activity is getting me fat.

Half of the full story on another post. CLICK HERE FOR PART 2

Until our next discovery in the City!
またね Mata ne! 
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