April 2017 – Uncharted Territory

Will Smith once said “The best things in life are on the other side of terror. On the other side of your maximum fear are all of the best things in life,”

I may not experience jumping out of the helicopter to do skydiving, but I think I did have some ‘skydiving’ moment in the past few days. The month of April 2017 was full of first and trying to keep my self be surrounded by courage. It was first time to do a 21-hour road trip passing different provinces, first time to battle and drive around Makati City, the first time in Bohol and the first time to do a talk in straight English. Most of the activities I did do require courage and self confidence and I was thankful to surpass every each of it.

chocolate hills bohol

March  31, 2017 – Get Go 2nd Anniversary

GetGo – the Lifestyle Rewards Program that gives you free trips just by flying with Cebu Pacific celebrated its 2nd anniversary. And lucky enough, me and a few of my blogger friends was invited to witness the event. I came a bit earlier at the venue, Blue Leaf events Pavillon. On that day I decided to try if the commuting guide I did before was really effective. And it is! After the event, Ruth and I decided to watch a movie “GET OUT”.

  • Highlight – Ruth won a trip for two to Japan
  • Lowlight – The program started a bit late. 

April 02, 2017 – Mom’s 57th Birthday

Malou Flordeliz

It was my Mom’s birthday, but it was unfortunate that we weren’t able to celebrate it for she needed to go to the province to help my grandfather who is sick at that moment. She stayed there for a week. Anyway, Happy Birthday Mom!

April 04, 2017 – Event, Movie, Dinner! Revolutionary! 


First Tuesday of the month became a busy day for me. The night before, Paul contacted me to join the Taste Setters event at CCA Makati, it was supposedly a whole day event but because we schedule other activities in the afternoon we decided to stay till 3pm. It was a fun seminar where I’ve learned a lot specially from my teammates. Check out the full story here – Tastesetters “All About Spicy”.

Even thou we still wanted to stay at the TasteSetters event we decided to leave for we will be late on our next activity. Ruth and I decided to watch “2Cool2be4gotten” at Cinema 76 in San Juan. It took us an hour from Makati to San Juan, just right on time before the movie stared. It was our first time to try this hip cinema that looks like a big room in a house with a huge LCD screen. We sat comfortably in their DIY-wooden chairs covered with coloured covered foam. It actually felt like we were just watching a movie at home for there ain’t a lot of people in there. The movie costs Php 150.00 which is very affordable. The storyline was amazing and the actors were great as well. I really like Jameson’s character and it is really is fit for an award.

Cinema 76

cinema 76

From San Juan, we took a ride to Ayala the 30th to have our dinner at Toasts. We invited Rod to join us and Toasts prepared a sumptuous meal for us. I really love how they put a twist in each of the dishes.


  • Highlights – Conversation about being “Revolutionary” and making a difference and of course watching “2Cool2Be4gotten.”
  • Lowlights – I was late at work again. 

April 05, 2017 – How do you like my Calbee by Jack ‘n Jill


  • Highlights – A box of Calbee came in at the office. It was in Honey Butter flavor and I love it!
  • Lowlights – I started to be too lazy going attending events.

April 6, 2017 – Balloon Flight! 

lubao balloon and music festival.jpg

hot air balloon

It was 2 am in the morning, straight from work, I decided to join the shuttle ride to Lubao to attend this year’s Lubao Hot Air Balloon (Read: Hot Air Balloon). It was my second time attending this event and my second time riding as well. Check out the full story by watching this video:

It was our first time as well to stay at Prado Farm. The place was aesthetically industrial using recycled architecture. It was very instagrammable and we love staying at the hotel. Our room is a bit small but the design was amazingly ergonomical. We were sharing a bathroom with the next room but what I really love is the additional beds at the attic. I love attics! (Remember my Attic Room design Inspirations).

Prado Farm

lubao balloon and music festival

In the evening, we got a chance to get a backstage pass and jam with Spongecola. As much as we wanted to stay for three days. I particularly need to go back home for I still got a job to tend to.  But would definitely return and enjoy our stay here in Lubao. (Also Read: Mock-up Audition with Spongecola)


  • Highlights – Balloon Flight! 
  • Lowlight – Early call time! 

April 7, 2017 – Thanksgiving 

April 7 marks the start of our Quarterly 3-day Thanksgiving. It was also the birthday celebration of our Presiding Minsiter, Bro. Eli Soriano. I was supposed to attend at the ADD Convention Center in Pampanga but then decided to just celebrate with our brethren at the local of Visayas Avenue.

April 11, 2017 – Shopping Memo and Urbanize

memo fashion

In preparation to our upcoming roadtrip, I decided to buy some items that I would be needing. It was so timely that Memo let me pull out clothes for their Chasing Summer campaign. I was able to purchase 10 items, a lot for a very minimal amount. And because I also won at the Nuffnang Urbanize promo, I use the portion of it to buy a new Cabin Zero bag. I’ve been wanting to get this since I’ve seen it from my friends. Joel also treated me dinner at Pho Hoa along with his stories about his recent trip to Thailand.

Cabin Zero

  • Highlights – Shopping! 
  • Lowlight – I was too late in shopping at Urbanize that the cashier wasn’t able to use the GC I gave for the main system was probably close already. I return the next day just to get all the items. 

April 13, 2017 – Manila to Cagayan Valley Roadtrip

anguib beach

With Omar, Jeff, Rhea, Ruth, insert Earth. 

Hmmm … There are actually a lot of things to tell about this trip that I really do not know where to start. But to make it short, it was something that I wouldn’t be doing again. Not that I did not enjoy it, but the whole situation was more of a disappointment rather than pleasure. But it was one of those things that it felt satisfying that I was able to survive it!

  • Highlights – I was able to do my very first road trip that lasted for 21 hours. I was able to visit more than a handful of provinces. Stayed in a fancy house in a famous village in Sta. Ana. Visited Anguib beach which was considered the Boracay of the North. 
  • Lowlight – That was 21-hours of butt-hurting travel! Urgh! Plus the 10 peso stop over was epic! Also promises broken, like the cancelled flight back to Manila, making us go home a day earlier, which was another 16 hour trip back. 

Read the full story here – Surviving the 21-hour roadtrip to Cagayan Valley

April 19, 2017 – National Events Day


With Duane, Rod, Camille, and Myke

It was another National Events day for bloggers. I started my day with a crossfit activity at Ape studio sponsored by Uniqlo (Read: 10-minute workout). And because the next activity is at 2pm, I decided to go to Rod’s place to have lunch. After prepping up and decided to leave the house, I jokingly told Rod to let me drive his car to the venue. So I drove his automatic car from Makati Avenue area to Glorietta. I felt that I was just being cool driving his vehicle and felt that driving an automatic car is really easier than the manual. It was funny that some of the vehicles nearby kept on pressing their horns towards me. Rod even says na nanggigigit daw ako, unintentionally. After the nerve cracking Ayala road, I was able to reach Glorietta parking lot, where I was able to park the vehicle as well.


With Deo, Ava, Arnie and Rod

In the area, we attended Row 101 Summer Pop up Bazaar, then I decided to attend the Church Prayer Meeting after visiting Art Exchange event at Greenbelt 5.


I intended to go straight to HOOQ event, but was so pissed off to the event that happened next. It was a mistake for me to follow what Waze have told me for I didn’t know that there are two La Fuerza along Chino Roces. Unfortunately I went at the wrong place add to that the strong rain that happen to flood the streets. I was stranded and learned that the La Fuerza I was looking for was just a few steps away from my previous location. I went to work, tired, pissed and all wet.

  • Highlights – I successfully drove an automatic car within Ayala Avenue and was able to park it perfectly as well. 
  • Lowlight – Lost, all wet and stranded. 

April 20, 2017 – The invitation to Bohol 

play time at ayala malls (23 of 24)

On the next day, I receive a message from a former co-worker. She asked me if I can do a talk to a group of Hotelliers in Bohol and talk about the importance of Wi-Fi connectivity. I was hesitant still at that moment so I’ve tried asking friends to help me decide on it.

On this day, I attended the lunch of Thule Subterra Collection, Ayala Play Time and also Watch Guardians of the Galaxy in Greenbelt 3.

  • Highlights – Receive an invitation to do a speaking engagement in Bohol
  • Lowlight – It was a good problem I was thinking the whole day. 

April 21, 2017 – Svelti/Zero Halliburton


I said yes to the Bohol Gig, giving me just a few days to prepare. Now I felt pressured. On this day, I went to attend a scheduled facial at Svelt-I. After the session, I went straight at S Maison to attend at the launch of Zero Halliburton in Manila.

  • Highlights – Dinner date with Blogger friends at Racks
  • Lowlight – I only got a few days to prepare for my talk

April 22, 2017 –  Home

I went home to see my family.

April 24, 2017 – Talk Bullets

I was feeling the stress and pressure already for up to this day the bullets for the talks is still not yet finalize making it harder for me to prepare the slides. So what I did was to presume a topic and create a slide from it. I decided to talk about me as a travel blogger touching the importance of WiFi connectivity for bloggers.

I also skipped all the events from this day till the day of the trip. Which was a good thing for I was able to focus and practice more. I receive the  bullets from the client in the afternoon making me rewrite everything I’ve started.

April 26, 2017 – The Big day – Trip to Bohol

globe mybusiness in bohol

I woke up at 5 in the morning, giving me 30 minutes or less to prep up so I could be able to be at the airport by 6:30 am. Flight bound to Bohol at 8:55 am. I felt the jitters already as the time pass by and felt that I just want this day to end. Inside the plane, my seat assignment was 2B, premium economy, beside me was Biboy Arcilla, which I met on the plane, who also owns the events organizing company who hired me – Project Duo.

In our conversation, I was able to get the gist of the whole event. It then gave me a clear idea on what my slides should really be. So I said to myself that I would be needing a revamp. We arrive at Bohol by 10 am, head straight to our hotel, giving me less than 2 hours to prep everything. I was soooo stressed! Doing a quick change slides and trying to connect everything to make it fluid. I wasn’t really able to practice as well. I was also told to wear a coat, so I did, and when I came at the venue, I think I was the only one wearing a coat. Lol!

Globe My Business Academy

The time arrived that I would need to go at front and to talk about my slides … I felt nervous at first and talk calmly towards the end. There were times that I was almost loss of words to say, and moments that I keep on saying conjunction words just to gave me enough time to think.

Globe my Business Travel Blogger.png

On my personal observation, I think I was able to deliver what was needed and gave a really meaty plates. But talking about delivery, I felt that I could do more. I wasn’t really connecting with the audience, I was more concerned on thinking what line to say next. It felt scripted. By the way, I tried my best to do straight English, which I think is a challenge for me specially that I’ll be doing a monologue for 30 minutes.

Globe My Business Academy

The same observation was said to me by Biboy, he felt that my slides were meaty and full of information but felt nervous when talking. I was also approached by Ms. Grace from Globe My business and told me that she was happy that our topic was aligned.

But I still feel unsatisfied. Maybe because I know that I could still do more, specially if I was able to prepare on a longer time.

Thank you by the way to Project Duo for tapping me on this project, to Sir. Biboy, to Myka, Sherrald, Bianca, and Mitch. Also to Globe My Business people as well as to all the hoteliers, entrepreneurs and Bohol Tourism board personel who listen to my talk.

loboc river cruise

With Mitch, Sherrald, Biboy and Bianca of Project Duo

I ended up the day still overthinking about what happen.

  • Highlights -First time to talk in front of a crowd that isn’t students. First time in Bohol as well.
  • Lowlight – I felt disspointed that I didnt able to give my all in that talk. But hopefully I would be able to get a repeat. 

April 27, 2017 – Exploring Bohol

chocolate hills bohol (1 of 2)

I think this exploration needs to have a separate post. But just a recap on what happen, We woke up at 7 am, breakfast at 8am, left at 9am and started travelling to different destination in Bohol. We started at the Blood Compact Statue, the Famous Baclayon Church, Tarsier conservation, Bohol Pyton, lunch at Loboc River, visited the famous Loboc Man-Made Forest, Chocolate Hills and finally Alona Beach in Panglao.

  • Highlights – Exploring Bohol 
  • Lowlight – We arrived late in Panglao, we weren’t able to swim at the beach. 

April 28, 2017 – Flight to Manila, Straight to Inflatable Island, Olongapo

inflatable island (1 of 2)

Thank you Vita Coco!

I was already preparing myself to commute from Manila to Olongapo. I was supposed to be back on the 27th from Bohol but re-booking will only cost a lot. So I let it pass and just enjoyed my stay.

inflatable island (2 of 2)

When I arrive in Manila, I called Jaffy and learned that they are still in Manila. So, I hurriedly ride an UBER, took the MRT, then ride a grab to the meet-up place in Balintawak. It took me only an hour to travel from NAIA to Balintawak, which is a bit surprising. When I arrived at 10:30 am, we went straight to Olongapo and just enjoyed the rest of the day. Will upload a Vlog about this trip very soon!

  • Highlights – I was able to get enough energy to go straight to Olongapo. 
  • Lowlight – Tiring day.

inflatable island groupie (1 of 1)

With Rhea, Jeff, Jaffy, Yuki, Charlie, Jaz and Favor

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Until our next discovery in the City!
またね Mata ne! 
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