Globe At Home launches its new GoBIG plans + the launch of Globe Streamfest

A few days ago a friend of mine from Washington sent me a direct message after I posted a IG stories showing how the internet in the Philippines grow over the years. He was too happy to see it while reminiscing how awful the connection was when he visited the country some time ago.

Internet had went up to the ladder as one of the necessities of most people, most specially here in the Philippines. It is a good thing to hear that Globe telecom have laid down bigger plans for each home providing bigger data allocations at affordable rates, and fast and reliable speeds.

Keep reading and be surprise on the affordability of this service.

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Online video content selections​ ​are​ growing so quickly that families can now ​spend an entire weekend just watching the latest movies, TV shows, and viral clips. To showcase how streaming can be a fun bonding pursuit for families, Globe at Home is holding #StreamFest, a weekend of free movies, snacks, and loads of fun activities!

Families can enjoy ​free ​screenings of popular Netflix titles like, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Designated Survivor. HOOQ will also be streaming movies like Amazing Spiderman 1 and 2, and kids will definitely enjoy the ​new Tangled series​ through the Disney Channel Apps.

Globe Streamfest

#StreamFest will also have activities hosted by top local YouTube creators such as beauty Vlogger Anne Clutz, Cosplayer Chris Cantada, and travel Vlogger Patrice Averilla of AVELOVINIT.

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#StreamFest is our way of bringing together the best in entertainment so that more families can experience it first hand. Through the streaming activities, we are able to showcase how much their connected life can be better when they are able to watch their favorite content all together. This is also our way of ​introducing our new GoBIG plans that is part of our mission to connect two million homes around the country with leading edge network technology,” says Senior Vice President of Globe At Home Martha Sazon.

Globe at Home GoBIG Plans

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Every family can continue their ​#StreamFest at home​ by availing of the new Globe at Home GoBIG plans, which come with bigger data allocations at affordable rates, and fast and reliable speeds.

  • Plan 1299, customers can enjoy 300GB of data allocation per month with speeds of up to 5Mbps.

  • Plan 1599, which has a data allowance of 400GB and speeds of up to 10Mbps,

  • Plan 1899, which has 500GB of data and speeds of up to 50Mbps.

All plans come with 100 GB of data exclusive for YouTube, so families can enjoy content from music videos to recipes, DIY clips, and more.

Customers also get​ six months free access to Netflix and Disney Channel apps for award-winning original content and children’s shows, and a two month subscription to HOOQ for a diverse selection of local and foreign titles.

To check the availability of Globe At Home GoBIG plans in your area, visit For more information on the new Globe at Home plans, visit the website at, call the Globe hotline at 730-1010, or visit any Globe Store.

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