Is Asylum Manila really worth it for Php 699?

Asylum Manila broke our newsfeeds and timelines just recently featuring images that are creepy enough to make our senses both afraid and curious. We may already be too familiar with the idea of a horror house, but Asylum Manila still manages to freak out each of the individuals trying the newest attraction.

From its recent opening, people have already been raving about the place. Patiently waiting the long line just to be able to experience the scare tactics. For the price of almost Php 700 per entry, one who haven’t really tried it yet would question, “Is Asylum Manila really worth its current price? Will this be just another fad to talk about? Will it really scare the shit out of its audience?

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Learn How to do First Aid, and Save a Life. Be a Lifesaver!

Accidents happens almost everywhere. While dangers or disasters are somehow unexpected. Being able to know what to do in times of emergencies to either help your self or the others could really be of a great advantage.

This has been a continues advocacy of UNTV, to teach each and everyone who is willing to learn safety and emergency preparedness. I personally had undergone training and actually learn the basics in doing first aid. But due to the lack of practice, some of the steps on tending to someone in need have been forgotten. I think, a refresher course is what I needed.

Good thing, aside from holding seminars, UNTV have made it possible to reach more audiences through television and online.

LIFESAVER, a new and upcoming public service program, aims to help all its viewers become vigilant and well-informed should tragedy strike.

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HOOQ FREEPLAY FESTIVAL: Free Movie Streaming with no sign up required!

HOOQ, Southeast Asia’s leading video-on-demand service, today announced that it is expanding its freemium offering with the launch of HOOQ FREE, enabling direct access to high-quality content without having the need to register. As well as continuing to deliver the best in regional and Hollywood content, HOOQ is committed to bringing the very best in local content, via HOOQ FREE, celebrating the essence of Pinoy pride during the month of Independence and accepting local diversities.

As part of the launch, HOOQ is also introducing the HOOQ FREEPLAY Festival, an innovative streaming festival that will bring a variety of local content from HOOQ’s vast library onto the freemium layer every quarter.

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SBS Inkigayo Sandwich – From Korea to Philippine K-POP scene

I am not really a sandwich kind of guy, but I can definitely say I prefer having sandwich over burgers. That of course still depends on what’s inside as the filling. It might be difficult for me to be please over burgers and sandwiches but once I found something really good I make sure to remember and stick on to it.

And just recently, I’ve tasted this one of a kind sandwich that KPOP stars are raving about in Korea.

SBS Inkigayo sandwich is now available in the Philippines … Where to buy the Inkigayo Sandwich? Continue reading . . .

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Daniel’s Coffee Philippines’ First Café-Broadcast Studio Opens Branch in Pampanga

Daniel’s Coffee Philippines’ Opens a new branch in Pampanga

Filipinos had been drawn to Coffee Shops over the years. Before, coffee would only be prepared in the morning as part of our breakfast, but nowadays, drinking coffee has become a lifestyle. One can already drink coffee anytime of the day. Coffee becomes a common denominator when hanging out with friends, and because most coffee shops do offer free internet access plus a good homey ambiance, studying or working over coffee had become a habit.

And with the high demand for the service, entrepreneurs and businessmen try to make it better and/or innovate.

One notable concept that I’ve been patronizing eversince is Daniel’s Coffee.

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