How to splurge wisely + Rediscovering Newport Mall, Grand Sale and Fantastic Treats!

I had so many stories of shopping splurging specially back in the days. I could personally say that it is a very satisfying habit but got a very devastating end result. Remember those times when you had your very first credit card that you just felt that you got lots of money to spend. Well, that story plot could be the same to many, but we eventually learn from our mistakes. Right?

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When I’ve already learn to manage my finances, I realise that splurging when shopping could be fine as long as you got enough funds to support it. And having a credit card isn’t that bad at all. With the proper usage it could be very useful. As the rule of thumb, do not use your credit card to an amount you cannot pay in cash.

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But for those people who still cannot resist it, here are some tips you can use to prevent overspending.

How to splurge wisely?

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  1. Set a monthly shopping cap – Budgeting is part of adulting. By tracking down your monthly finances you can basically allocate money for different expenses per month. What I did is I created an excel file where I can do my personal daily accounting, jotting down all my expenses and earning to the smallest coin. This helps me tracks how much I am spending and earning each month. More so, I could able to increase or decrease my cap depending on my monthly income. Using Debit card can be useful as well for spending more could be tempting when paying in cash. Also, If you cant control your self in spending, I would highly suggest for you not to own a credit card.
  2. List it down – NEEDS & WANTS – It could be very helpful to have a list of all the things you still need separated to the things you just want. You can also arrange it by priority. With this list, you can eliminate duplication and you can also manage your budget wisely. Also, when tempted to buy a stuff, always ask your self this question “Do I need this?”
  3. On the lookout for Sale! – As much as possible I would suggest for you to not pass by malls for you not to be tempted, but if the right time comes, do the splurging! When would be the best time? Well aside from those moments that you really need to buy the item, the best time to go to malls is when it is on sale! Most usually goes on sale on a monthly basis or on some occasions. Other stores goes on sale when it is time for a season change. What I usually do is to buy items that are not on the season, and use it when the right time comes, with that scheme I could be stylish still while saving more money.

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And because I am an avid fan of SALE! I felt super excited a few days ago shopping at Newport Mall! Newport Mall reopens its doors with a grand sale and other fantastic deals serving as a welcome treat to its loyal patrons.

Rediscovering Newport Mall, Grand Sale and Fantastic Treats!

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Newport Mall could probably one of those nice malls that I rarely visit because of it’s location. Living at the far north of Manila, where malls are overly populated at times, It could be breather for me to be in a nice place like Newport Mall even I would need to travel far south just to shop.

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Speaking of travelling, Here’s how to commute to Newport City (Maxims Hotel, Marriott Hotel, Remington, Belmont, New Port Mall).

And talking about Sales!  Starting this June until July 31, guest can get as much as 70% in discounts from their favorite shopping brands and dining establishments, and enjoy amazing deals such as free parking, movie screening for as low as P150 and live entertainment every evening at Newport Mall’s The Plaza.
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I visited Newport Mall just recently and had fun shopping along with friends from the blogging and media industry. We had sumptuous lunch first at Ichiba and I even had the chance to try and make some California Maki! I super love their servings, as we say it here “Hindi madamot sa laman.
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Ichiba in Newport Mall
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Right after, we roam around and check out each stores. We found great discounts and special offers from brands such as Victoria’s Secret, Tommy Hilfiger, Guess, Puma, Charles & Keith, Hush Puppies, Coalition, Michael Antonio, Call It Spring, La Senza and Bench.

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If you are planning to be with your family, you can get most out of your bonding with discounts or special offers. Participating dining establishments includes Recipes, Naah’m, Red Crab, Mr. Kurosawa, Annam, Italianni’s and many more.

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Pleasure-seekers will also enjoy pamper day offers from Island Spa giving 20% off in all their services, Also up for grab is a diamond peel treatment from Skin Perfection for only P499.

To compliment quality family time or barkada gimik, Newport Mall’s top of the line cinemas will be offering special rates. Every 1PM TO 4PM, children 12 years old and below can enjoy movies for the low price of P150, while adults may enjoy their favorite blockbuster movies for only P170.

I found amazing items at Call it Spring and bought some formal wear from Bench.

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I also enjoy taking OOTD’s at this Las Vegas inspired mall. At 4, we enjoyed having coffee and cakes at Cafe Creole. Starthing this July, you can enjoy having Woodfire oven Pizzas at Cafe Creole at a special promo: Buy 1 and get the 2nd at 50% off! Valid every day of the week.

Cafe Creole in Newport Mall

Also every 7pm, Newport Mall is also making ordinary evenings into exciting musical events with live performances at The Plaza.

For hassle-free shopping experience, guests going to or coming from Newport mall can also get P50 off on Grabcar. Simply using the promo code “newportmall” in their booking transactions.
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Shoppers will also get to enjoy free parking by just presenting a minimum of P500 single or accumulated receipts. Otherwise, a new flat rate parking fee of P50 will apply.

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Newport Mall will also have new operating hours from 12nn to 10 p.m. on weekdays, and 10a.m. to 10p.m. on weekends.

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For more information, call 0917-8380101 or visit 

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Until our next discovery in the City!
またね Mata ne! 
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