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“When will your next travel story come out?”

This is a question people always ask me, and one that I find great joy in answering. I am a frequent traveler and a storyteller, and among the things that give me satisfaction is knowing that people find the things I share with them interesting enough for them to look forward to the next one.


My Solo trip to Oslob

Of course, it’s not easy braving both urban jungles and the countryside—especially so if you’re exploring a city outside of your country. You’ll need loads of courage and patience. But above all, you’ll need to be prepared for anything and everything that may happen. Fortunately, one of my favorite shops, Urbanize, is here to make it easy for urban adventurers like me to explore efficiently and safely no matter where I go.


Instant road trip to Vigan

Here are my top five Urbanize picks:

1. Pacsafe Bags—There is only one way to describe Pacsafe bags: SMART AND RELIABLE. They’re built to make sure all your things are safe from thieves—including your credit card information. Each one is highly sturdy and ergonomic and gives you the assurance that everything you put inside it stays safe and intact. And the best part? It comes in a variety of designs and sizes, so you can switch from one to the other depending on your needs. Aside from my luggage, I usually take a sling or RFID ID body wallet with me, to make sure all my information stays safe wherever I go.

pacsafe store in philippines (37 of 38)

2. Jelt Belts—For those who don’t know, Jelt is an environment-friendly brand that makes fun, stylish belts out of recycled bottle waters (yes, those things you throw away after the gym). What I really like about them is the grippy inner gel that makes sure your pants actually stay on, even during the most active of times. Plus, it has no metal, which means you can keep them on as you pass airport security.

3. Travel Press—Everyone who travels a lot to explore knows that it can be stressing at times, especially if you’re running to catch an awesome sunrise or an early morning flight. Thanks to Travel Press, I can enjoy a good cup of joe anywhere I go, at any time of the day—and I don’t have to pay PhP200 for it.

4. Gadgets Bags from Hellolulu—Of course, to capture my travels, I need to bring my gadgets along with me, especially my camera. And no one else lets me do that in style than Hellolulu. Seriously, they have the cutest camera bags ever. But don’t judge these babies based on their looks alone. They’re also very sturdy.

5. Elecom Phone Accessories—By now, you’ve probably already guessed that I put great value in functionality, which only makes sense that I would include Japanese tech accessory brand, Elecom’s, products in this list. My favorites—the Water and Dust Resistant iPhone Case, Sports Armband for Smartphones (which comes in a variety of sizes!), and the Ultra Slim Shell cover for my iPhone 6S. Honestly, Elecom is one of the few brands I know that really puts end-users as the highest priority when developing their products. It’s just so obvious with their designs and the materials they use.


These brands/products are just some that you can get from the awesomeness that is Urbanize. To know more about them, including where they’re located, you may visit http://www.urbanize.com.ph/.



Until our next discovery in the City!
またね Mata ne! 
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