March 2017 – Improvements

There is a saying “Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection.” And this I think was the highlight of the month of March. The opportunities from last month flourish and become an avenue for me to improve more in different ways this month. This could be very beneficial in the near future so I tried to be busy and kept on finding ways to bring in more knowledge that I can use to produce a better self. And just like everybody says, life is a continuous learning process.

 The month of March includes learning new skills like archery and driving, finding my luck in the production business, expanding my network and adding more memories with my family and friends. Here are some of the highlights of my month of March 2017.

March 01, 2017 – Hitting the target at Archery Academy

Archery Academy

Kicking the first day of the month with a day out with my officemates/friends – Dj Alice of Wish 107.5 and Thalia Javier of Good Morning Kuya. Archery Academy invited me to try the indoor archery for an hour so instead of enjoying it alone, I decided to tag along friends. Per session here costs Php 550 that includes unlimited arrow, protective gear, use of equipment and bows as well as coaching. I like how they manage to encourage and make archery easier to learn; I guess it’s on the way they’re coaching. It wasn’t my first time doing it but I’ve been too rusty that I’ve already forgotten even the simple step of putting an arrow in the bow rightfully.

Archery Academy Archery Academy Jollibee Sundae Jollibee sunday

  • Highlight: Thalia was an archer in the making! lol
  • Best Part: I was able to almost hit the bulls eye! And the Sundae date at Jollibee after the activity was amazing!
  • Worst Part: I keep of wobbling after I release the arrow

Jollibee Sundae

Having my Jollibee Sundae With Presh (DJ Alice) and Thalia Javier

March 02, 2017 – Back-to-Back: New Skin, New Shoes 

Svelti mask

Continuing the word “Improvement” for this month. I attended the Svelt’i  event on this day and was handpicked to take part of the program to try one of their newest product called G Bright. It was a way to improve the glow of your face done in minutes. Find out more about it here –> Svelti EMERGE

foreverchuck converse spring summer 2017 (28 of 28)

Afterwards we went straight at the Converse event  held at Shangri-la Mall. Called as the Philippine Daily Inquirer Lifestyle Face-off OOTD 2017 it showcases different designers creation partnered with a unique converse shoes. Luckilly, I was able to take home a pair of gum sole sneakers after the event. Yay!

  • Highlights: Tried G-Bright at Svelt’i and took home a pair of converse sneakers!
  • Best Part:  Dinner with Loui, Fan Boy SEO, Duane and Ruth. Topic: 90s Anime!
  • Worst Part: Waiting time, long lines and the converse keychain we almost forgetten.

With Louie Magbanua, Ruth Delacruz, Duane Bacon and Andre Tan

March 03, 2017 – Chillax at Azure Beach Resort

Azure Hotel and Resort (2 of 4)

I love Paris! Add to that the beauty of the place, making me really want to see Azure ever since it went to the public a few years back. Thus when my friends suggested it us, I didn’t hesitated to join. Come March 3, when we decided to visit Azure Beach Resort. The call time was supposedly 8 in the morning, but expecting it to happen we almost left around 10am. We rented two fully furnished rooms for only Php 6,000. That includes the used of the amenities and an available parking space for one.  I find the room neat and adequate but not the usual hotel room I’m expecting.

Azure Beach Resort

Azure Hotel and Resort (2 of 4) Azure Beach Resort

With friends – Anne, Joel, Bec, Onats, Sheng, Paeng and Laiza

  • Highlights: Enjoyed an overnight stay at Azure Beach Resort
  • Best Part: The Food!!! And the early morning video documentation of “Sidekick by Dawin” dance routine held at the Rooftop which I wasn’t able to follow properly. (No. I am not going to post here the dance video!)
  • Worst Part: We weren’t able to enjoy the man-made beach.

March 04, 2017 – UNTV 13th Anniversary Kick Off 


Time goes by so fast that I didn’t realised that I’m already getting old along with my the company I’m working with, UNTV. It was more than ten years already and I’m still trying to hold on and stay. Why? I guess I just felt home and contented with whatever I’m doing. To start of the year, UNTV presented some of its future plans to all of its employees at an event held at Centris in Quezon City. 


Test shot with DJ Alice and DJ Faye

  • Highlights: UNTV kicks off the year with 13 projects planned to be achieve in the near future
  • Best Part: I was awarded as one of the loyal employees and took home a Plaque of Appreciation and Php 10,000! WOW!
  • Worst Part: I was trying to be invincible and sporting an anti-social act.


March 08, 2017 – First production shoot for the Month + Back-to-back dinner


Thank God, a friend contacted me for my very first project for this month! I guess this could really be a sign for me to truly continue and make it for a living.  The shoot was for the brand Zenoti and Bioessence. Hopefully, they would love it and would create more jobs for my team.

After the shoot, I went straight to a back-to-back diinner at Soi & Mangan held in Glorietta.

Soi Eat Thai Love Thai Restaurant (20 of 25)

  • Highlights: First shooting project with Zenoti! Kaching!
  • Best Part: We won the contest at the dinner in Soi.
  • Worst Part: Problems encountered regarding the audio system for the Zenoti shoot

March 10, 2017 – Another project in the making!

Antonette taus

Thank God for another one! Now its for the  brand Levi’s. For this one, I was tasked to shoot two of their ambassadors, Make up artist Pong Niu and celebrity Antonette Taus.

  • Highlight: Shot the high-end brand ‘Levi’s’ for their Women’s Month campaign
  • Best Part: Client loved our team. Yass!
  • Worst Part: The waiting game. 

March 11, 2017 – Time to add up some Motor skills


I was planning to borrow the motorbike at home and bring it here in Quezon City. Supposedly this will serve as my service going to and fro work. But my father hesitated to let me bring it not until I showed them that I know how to use it. So, I dedicated the whole day today to practice and used the bike through the guidance of my brother lucky.

Unfortunately, after learning and letting me borrow the bike and bring it here in QC. My landlady told me that it is prohibited of us to use the parking space not unless we are willing to pay for an extra fee.

  • Highlight: Tried learning to ride the Motorbike
  • Best Part: I did learn and drove all the way from our house in Sta. Lucia to Dalandanan in Valenzuela City.
  • Worst Part: I was night driving and totally forgot to swift the stand of the motor. Good thing the other driver notice if not this could have cause unexpected crash.

March 14, 2017 – Back to my Driving Class + #RuRoRo Dinner Date 


Sir. Mar Yacat of Xcel Driving School was too generous to let me do a refreshers course for free.  It has been a long time since I drove a car making me a bit rusty with what I’ve learned before. Starting it again could really help me get back on track. Check out the image below where I did my very first car parking.


  • Highlight: Driving lessons for today + Dinner date with Ruth and Rod
  • Best Part: Drove from QC Ave to Del monte, Quezon City Circle, EDSA then back to Q. Ave.
  • Worst Part: Afraid to be driving in EDSA! I still need a lot to learn.


March 16, 2017 – That purple luggage I carried from noon till midnight, and I’m not complaining.


  • Highlights: Citibank gave us a luggage. Which we drag fro Thailand Street to Greenbelt 1,  brought to our next event for Penshoppe, and to party event by Sureseats in the evening. We even watch a movie with our luggage on our side. 
  • Best Part: Beauty and the Beast in 4DX. We were making fun by telling our friends that we came all the way from the airport. Saw David, Vina, Kath and Hezron o a secret yet popular OOTD hideout of bloggers.
  • Worst Part: Commuting the luggage and bringing it along with us while we attended different events. Presenting, The purple luggage. 

Apply online get digitized reward from citi (5 of 5)

March 18, 2017 – From Venice Piazza to Doc Martens to Philippines Next Top Model

Venice Cineplex Venice Grand Canal mckinley hill (2 of 4)

  • Highlights: Brought my friend Rhodney to watch Beauty and the Beast at Venice Grand Canal Cinema; Reunited with Will and Haley at the Philippines Next Top Model Launch; Unexpectedly saw my old friend Stephen of 2Go Travel at Unit 27.
  • Best Part: Movie date at Venice; Celebrated MJ’s Birthday and dinner with the gang at Unit 27
  • Worst Part: I spent almost Php 600 for a dinner! Thats way too much for my budget lol!


March 21, 2017 – Booked “Get Out” via SureSeats + Tasted the new Magnum Flavor at Manila House


We were enticed to watch the film “Get Out” because of the comment made by Rod Magaru in one of his posts. Via Sureseats, I booked two tickets at Greenbelt 3 cinema with the hassle free booking that I even did at home. “Get Out” is a suspense/horror movie that felt believable and is something that could really happen in real life. I gave it a 7/10.

magnum red velvet flavor (14 of 16)

Afterwards, Ruth and I went to witness the Magnum launch held at Manila House.

  • Highlights: Magnum x Movies x Tim Hortons box of donuts
  • Best Part: Unlimited ice cream from Magnum and the Spam Fries!
  • Worst Part: Tried achieving the 7500 steps today but failed! (Read: PhilAm Vitality App)

March 25, 2017 – Driving Lessons Part 3

Flordeliz Family

  • Highlights: Overnight stay at my brothers house in Bulacan with Mom and Dad
  • Best Part: I tried driving our car along McArthur Highway in Bulacan under my brother and dad’s guidance. The assessment – Knows the basic but need to practice more to make driving part of my system
  • Worst Part: Woke up very late today

March 26, 2017 – King Gzul Arrived in Manila. 1/3 of Filipino Trip of Wonders delegates invited the King to a dinner. 


The Trip of Wonders has been very memorable to each of us. There, we learned about the culture of Indonesia and met new friends in different southeast asian countries. Gzul from Brunei and I met there and became friends just like the other delegates ever-since. Last March 25, Gzul along with his friends arrived in Manila. I decided to help them by lending an itinerary and giving them some ideas where and what to do here in Manila. On the second day of their tour, I, along with some of the Trip of Wonders Filipino delegates, Ruth, Ate Liliane, Kirk and Atty. Julius decided to invite Gzul for a dinner at M Café in Makati.

  • Highlights: Reunited with Trip of Wonders friends.  Dinner with King Gzul here in Manila
  • Best Part: Planning of our Brunei trip this year!
  • Worst Part: The food was amazing at M Café but a bit pricy for me

March 28, 2017 –Spotify Influencer Session


I decided to drop by at Century City Mall today to picked up a new scent from Fresh – Hollister Wave. I was very happy to receive this new gift and will make sure to share with you what I felt about this new scent. Keep posted, subscribe to my blog and/or follow me on my social media accounts.

Later, I attended the Spotify Influencer Session, which was an intimate meeting with other influencers and Spotify representatives. I wasn’t really planning to attend but because I love Spotify so much, I decided to drop by this time. Good to know that some of my friends were also there at the event. The campaign was created for us (influencers) to compete with other  by creating our very own playlists and promoting it on our social media accounts. Within a span of three months, the playlist with the most numbers of followers will win the competition.

If you do love travelling please do follow my newly created playlist I called “SOLO TRAVELLING”.

  • Highlight – Hollister Wave! Dinner with Spotify Family
  • Best Part – A free premium account for a year for Spotify.
  • Worst Part –Right after receiving a code from Spotify, Globe texted me telling that my plan was qualified for a premium Spotify account.

March 30, 2017 – The kids are out! Ready to ride the AGILA in Enchanted Kingdom

Enchanted Kingdom

The kids are out today for we are headed to Enchanted Kingdom in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. It wasn’t my first time going here but I super enjoyed it for it was the first time to be able to try as much rides as we wanted to for there ain’t much people at the vicinity. I was suppose to go with my family, but unfortunately my Mom got an emergency and needed to go to the province. Nevertheless, I was fun being with Joel, Ruth, John and Gus.

Aside from the usual rides, we were able to try the Enchanted Kingdom’s newly-opened flying attraction AGILA: The EKsperience, and that is, its adjoining retail concept store aptly named “Pugad.”

agila at Enchanted Kingdom

  • Highlight – The newest attraction at EK called AGILA
  • Best Part – Riding Space Shuttle was Awesome and Anchors Away was fun!
  • Worst Part – Gus forgot his Key right after he locked the doors of his car.

Agila at Enchanted Kingdom (2 of 3)

Enchanted Kingdom (3 of 3)

Enchanted Kingdom (1 of 3)

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Until our next discovery in the City!
またね Mata ne! 
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