7 sets of Push-ups, sit-ups and air-squats in 10 minutes! Beat that!

Not that I’m bragging – I am just proud of my self that I could still keep up in the game even I’ve been stale in doing exercises. It’s been months since the last time I visited the gym and my kettle bells and dumbbells was eventually been change to lifting rice bowls and pots.

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The 7 sets I did was still an easy pace compare from my previous experiences I had but I do not want to really force my self on doing more. It was a routine of 5 push-ups, 10 sit-ups and 15 air squats. It was the warm up work out of the day and can be considered really light for those who have been doing this for quite sometime. I was able to do this when UNIQLO invited me to join them on a crossfit session at Primal Ape in Makati City. I was hesitant at first but the thought of challenging myself and doing better made me reconsider plus of course, It’s a free workout with a free wear.

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Along with blogger friends and other media people, we started with a short briefing and introduction of the activity. Followed by  a 2 Kilometer run, then a series of warm-up exercises which felt tiring already. After a quick water break, the main workout for the team started.

group shot at primal ape

primal ape uniqlo sportswear (14 of 17) (1) With Duane, Rod, Camille and Myke (2) Trying to make an impression with Duane and Myke

I actually like the idea of doing CrossFit for it uses high-intensity, form-focused workouts, where I could be able to improve my speed, power and agility. It is all about functional fitness, which means, mimicking the body’s capability to do things like sprinting towards the elevator, climbing the stairs, lifting groceries which when continuously done can make one leaner, stronger and even faster.

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The workout was tiring yet fun. I was worrying at first that I might get dizzy if I pushed it too much. Good thing I didn’t make any scene. The UNIQLO Sportswear I got is amazing.  Even after the series of exercises we did, the clothes still felt light and comfy. As I was told, the ones I wore got this Dry-EX fabric with an enhance perspiration-releasing fibers. The materials easily absorbs sweat and releases it quickly making it dry rapidly compared with conventional “dry” fabric.

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What I am wearing is part of the expanded UNIQLO Sport collection, incorporating sportswear features into everyday apparel. Will try to hoard a few more of these, who knows, I might be a frequent client of cross-fit in the near future.

How about you, how many sets can you do in 10 minutes?

Until our next discovery in the City!
またね Mata ne! 
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