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I still cannot believe it! In this month, I bought a car! Weeks have past already but I still cannot believe I own one. It may sound a bit “mababaw” for some but I can’t help myself feeling proud of what I did. After years of hesitation, I finally did it. It was a really big decision (specially if it involves a huge amount of money) that somehow made me feel that I am moving up to the next level of life. Now, I got a new responsibility I need to deal with everyday. It may not be a brand new car but either way it is still something I finally own.

For the record, this month was the most costly month I had for this year already. OMJune it is!

Day 01: SM Sprint Shoe Shopping & BLK 513 with Mom

First day of the month falls on a Friday and looking at my calendar, I realize that I wouldn’t be able to go home on the following weeks, so I ask mom to go out on a date instead. We met up at SM North EDSA, and bought her, dad and my brother new shoes. It was actually my early Birthday Gift for them on this month. Afterwards, I let my Mom taste the yummy black yogurt at BLK 513.

180601 Date with Mom / Fam Trip in Baguio City

Day 04 – Chubs Chaser

Still injured from last weeks Tough Mudder training, I decided to stay around QC. My finger still hurts from my previous injury that I wasn’t really able to do a lot today. In the evening, Faye invited me over to have dinner with them as an early celebration for her birthday. We had dinner at Chubs Chasers, SM North the Block. Right after, I went straight home in Valenzuela.

Chubs Chaser Sm North the block

Day 05 – Baguio Trip with Flordeliz Family

We left Manila around 5:30 in the morning and arrived in Baguio before lunch time. Riding in 3 different vehicles the whole Flordeliz family was again reunited for a very long time. My elder brother was the one financing this trip. He came all the way from Singapore and visited Manila along with his family. It was there first time visiting Baguio so I help them laying out the itinerary as well as fixing the accommodation. The weather isn’t really participating well when we visited, nevertheless, I bet that everyone specially the kids had fun.

180601 Date with Mom / Fam Trip in Baguio City

Day 06 – From Baguio to Manila via JoyBus

And because I did not file a leave at the office, I decided to go back to Manila on the second day in Baguio City. Just right in time, a Premier Joy Bus was about to leave at around 6 in the evening. I booked and ride the Joy Bus for the very first time.  Continue reading here: 

Joy Bus from Baguio to Cubao / Mitsubishi Gallant 1994

Day 07 – Was I on a Rush? NO. 

Life level up! While I was in Baguio, a friend of mine message me and told me that a friend of his is selling a second hand car. It was a Mitsubishi Gallant 1994 and is priced for Php 75k. I thought, that isn’t too bad, that having a car is already as expensive as just buying a laptop or a camera or even a phone. So, I said, why not. The car looks pretty decent and my friend have told me that it works perfectly fine (I just need to do some oil change and register the car as well, which would entail additional expenses of course).

After handling the money, and giving me the key. The idea of having a car still didn’t sink in to me. Actually up to this moment. I consider it life changing I supposed, for now, I would need to think of my itinerary everyday or would need to be cautious every time I handle the wheel. I am still an amateur driver so I guess having a second hand car instead of a new one is a better decision I’ve made.

Now hopefully, I would not bump into some one else’s vehicle. Unfortunately . . .

Joy Bus from Baguio to Cubao / Mitsubishi Gallant 1994

Day 08 – From North To South

Right after the BUM event in TriNoma, Ruth, Duane and I brave the storm and went straight to Alabang to attend our friends invitation. It was Akrotiri’s grand opening and John invited a few friends and media to celebrate it. It was a struggle going from North to South on a rainy Friday night. Just imagine the traffic, the rain and the line we need to conquer on that day. Nevertheless, we were able to arrive an hour before the closing time, which is kind of still okay.


Day 10 – Chill Time

It was raining so hard on this day. The weather forecast said that Manila is on an Orange alert. And because of the weather condition, a schedule shift happen. I was not able to attend two of my events today. In the evening, a friend of mine, Jerico Ponce, invited me to grab some Ramen. And because he said the magic word – FREE, I said yes on his invitation.

180610 Ramenagi with Jerico

It was the 20th year reunion as well of MC Batch 1998. My mom was telling me that it will be hard to commute going in our venue. I try asking some of my classmates to fetch me up but it was too late to do so. It could have been nice to see all there faces again after 20 years!

061018 20th year Reunion

Day 11 – Tough Mudder! I’m back.

After my last week’s absence, I was happy again to be back at the Tough Mudder training. Friends Nick and Lharby was also present.

061118 Tough Mudder Training in Obstacle Factory

Day 12 – Blogger Mails

Another chill day, opening up a few Blogger mails and catching up with Japanese friend, Akioh, who came all the way from Makati to QC to meet up.

061218 Araw ng Kalayaan / CBTL / SEBAGO / Palmolive / Akioh

Day 15 –  Puning Hot Spring in Pampanga

180615 Puning Hot Spring and Spa / Pampanga

180615 Puning Spa

Day 16 – From Lubao to Apalit, Pampanga

I decided to leave Lubao earlier than the rest of the team. A company mid-year conference was set in Apalit, Pampanga and I was already late. A few officemates told me that our CEO was already looking for me, while I was still on the road figuring out how to commute from Lubao to Apalit. My commuting journey took me from riding a bus and two jeepney transfer before reaching our convention venue.

When I arrive, activity 1 was already starting. Our first task was to build a tower just by using a broom. It was followed by a presentation, which we prepared for only 2 hours.


Day 17 – Shoot and Scratch

I missed the shoot last week, good thing, Anthony Falcon was able to squeeze me in a slot in the morning. It was the quickest shoot I got lasting for only 10 minutes (i guess). I arrive, fix a few and went straight in front of the camera for the shoot. Said hi and bye to Niccolo and went out with Rod to eat lunch in Glorieta.

I decided to bring my car. Parked at Glorieta. When it was time for me to leave, my first car incident happen. I panicked. When I ride my car, two cars was waiting for my slot at the back. It made me a bit stress with the situation. I hate parking situations, for I still trying to master that skill. When the two cars wasn’t really moving at all, I realized they are both waiting for me to leave the vicinity. So I decided to do a reverse drive, while turning, the front of my car bumped into the pickup beside me. Stunned and didn’t know what to do, I was thinking to either go straight or go back. I panicked and push it through. I heard a long streak, creating a long scratch to the other vehicle. The two drivers at my back were laughing, while I was stop on the side. For a moment, I was assessing what to do; Should I wait for the driver of the vehicle to arrive or just drive and move out. I did the latter. That is after one of the driver honk on to me, and I realized I was out of the way.

I drove the car and reaches Cubao still cannot believe what I did. I even forgot to press down the hand brake because of the tension i’ve felt. It was crazy and I hope this scenario would not happen again.

180617 Headshot Clinic at LRI / I scratch someones car and I am sorry.

180617 Headshot Clinic at LRI / I scratch someones car and I am sorry.

Day 22 – Hereditary / Oceans 8

Attended Aquafina‘s event and was able to catch up with Yuki, Michael, Cha and Lance. After we had dinner at Fat Burger. We decided to watch two movies afterwards, Oceans 8 and Hereditary. It was also the first time I parked at 6750 and my parking bill is at its highest for Php 450.

180625 Tough Mudder / Aquafina event

Day 24 – Overnight Stay at Cirque Service Residences

Stayed overnight at Cirque Service Residences in Circulo Verde with Rod Magaru and Ruth Dela Cruz.

180629 Florsheim event and Cirque Serviced

Day 25 – Tough Session 

It was raining really hard on a Monday afternoon, Grab charges surges up to Php 400 from QC to Guadalupe. I was already late for our training. Nevertheless, it was worth it. I had fun on this one.

180625 Tough Mudder / Aquafina event

Day 27 – Chubs Chaser Launch / Monster Milkshake Pre-Anniversary

I was problematic for a few days before this day happen. That is because I was setting up an event for Monster Milkshakes Pre-Anniversary party in Vertis North.  I was glad that Janeena Chan and Mikyle Quizon agreed with my offer. Aside from that, I was also happy that I my client were also happy with the result of the event.

180627 Monster Milkshake and Chubs Chaser launch

180627 Monster Milkshake and Chubs Chaser launch
June 2018 - Tough Mudder Philippines / Date with Mom / Monster Milkshake events

180627 Monster Milkshake and Chubs Chaser launch

Day 29 – Florsheim Event 

180629 Florsheim event and Cirque Serviced

Day 30 – Super Show 7

I spent almost 2 hours in the road from home to SM MOA Arena on a Saturday night. It was hell crazy; the traffic and the rain combined. I was given a VIP pass for SUPER SHOW 7 a few days ago but felt both agitated and excited. Agitated for I personally do not know the songs of the band but excited as well to be immerse in this kind of sound.

June 2018 - Tough Mudder Philippines / Date with Mom / Monster Milkshake events

Braving the traffic on a Saturday night was somehow a learning for me as well to not do it again next time.

I arrive in MOA Arena past 8pm, and the part 1 of the concert have already started. The 7-man Korean Boyband Super Junior was already introducing themselves 1 by 1, trying their best to speak in our language to be understood by the crowd.

From zero knowledge, I eventually learn how to love them and left the concert fanning. Now SUJU as they were known, is on repeat in my playlist.


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