4 things I consider when choosing a travel luggage

I only became picky about buying luggage just recently. That is after I was able to travel and experience different kinds of traveling. I realize, having a really dependable companion (luggage) on your trips is really an important matter. I guess, it is true after all;

Experience is the best teacher, and the worst experiences teach the best lessons.

But luckily, I really do not have the worst luggage experiences to share. I may have a few but it is totally incomparable to what my friends had. It was a learning experience for both myself and the other travelers freinds. And I guess, I am just really lucky on owning a very tough one.

Continue reading and will tell you more about my recent luggage discovery.

Heys Luggage EOS lightweight Spinner (12 of 39)

After booking a flight, fixing the itinerary and saving the much-needed pocket money, comes your next sweet problem; fixing the clothes and packing it in. I always make sure to at least have a day reserved just for packing my stuff. All clothes should be in unison, so it would be easier to mix and match everything. My go-to outfit when traveling is always black, then I mix it with some earth-tones colored clothes. And remember, always style yourself from the feet up. It means clothes should go along with the shoes you would be bringing.

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Depending on your baggage allowances, luggage you should be bringing must be equivalent or less to what is required. I always make sure to leave extra space, you know, for shopping. You should also consider the weather of the country or city you would be visiting. The colder it is the more space you needed.

Heys Luggage EOS lightweight Spinner (25 of 39) How my luggage looks like in my recent Athens, Greece trip

But how do I pick the right luggage for my trip? There are many choices in the market and it is really hard to find a luggage that will really give you the most out of your hard-earned money. A good luggage is an investment, as I describe it, f0r it is not just something you would be using once but should be built to use for a lifetime (or more than enough years). Well, I am not that experienced about the differences and the variety of luggages but I can honestly share my personal checklist on how I decide to choose the right travel luggage for myself.

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How I choose my travel luggage?

  • Get a luggage align to your style – This, I think, is, of course, the first thing that will capture your attention whenever you went to the luggage section of a store. Pick something that attracts you the most. Picture your self on a trip, with the luggage you saw. Does it complement your style? Does it look good beside you?  Aesthetics will depend on your style and what you are looking for. Most colors that I am attracted to are either Red, Yellow or Black. Though there are many choices in the market I prefer to get the standards to easily go with my style.

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  • The lighter the better – There are 4 standard sizes for a luggage (Large, Medium, Compact, Cabin) though each dimension differ depending on the brand. For a 3-day trip getting a backpack or cabin size luggage would be ideal. For more than that, a compact or medium would do. But for longer days, like a week or two, large luggage would be better. If you’re getting the largest, standard weight when empty would be around 6-7 kg. That is a big portion already of your baggage allowance so pick wisely. The lighter the better.

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  • Quality over Affordability – As I said a while ago, getting a luggage is an investment to consider. Before I get one, I make sure I got just enough money to what I am aiming to get. Good luggage isn’t that cheap, most brands ranges from Php 4,000 and up. The more popular brands can go up to Php 10,000 and up for a small cabin size luggage. There are lots of affordable luggage but be picky for some are not really that dependable. Pick something that matches your budget with the best quality they can offer.

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  • Other features? Extended Warranty? – Next, scrutinize the luggage. Does it have extra pockets? Is it expandable? Is the materials used a good quality? Does it have extra features? Can it withstand pressure and is scratch proof? Is it TSA ready? And a lot more. Get to know more about the luggage of your choosing. For me, it is not enough to just go and buy. What I do is window shop, pick and list, research then decideI always see to it that I got enough reasons to be convinced before getting an item. It is important, after all, you are going to spend your money for it.

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Why I picked a Heys Luggage recently?

Heys Luggage EOS lightweight Spinner (6 of 39) Heys Luggage EOS Lightweight Spinner

I first heard about Heys Luggage from a friend. I was a bit hesitant at first but was convinced to get one when I finally research the product.

Heys Luggage (Heys International) is a Canadian brand that is hail in the suburbs of Toronto in 1986. Heys has been known for creating many first in the industry, including the first fashion printed hard-side luggage and the world first lightweight hard side carry-on luggage. The brand is synonymous with luxurious, fashionable, lightweight luggage with a high standard of excellence in workmanship and quality.

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Picking a Heys Luggage has been an effort for there are really a lot to choose from. Initially, I was able to trim down my likings to 5 designs. But considering my budget, I got my eyes on the Heys EOS lightweight Spinner .

A closer look at EOS Lightweight Spinner (Heys Luggage)

Heys Luggage EOS lightweight Spinner

EOS Lightweight Spinner by Heys Luggage is one of their newest luggage release and is available in 3 different sizes;

  • 30″ – 9.8 lbs – 4.4 kg
  • 26″ – 8.2 lbs – 3.7 kg
  • 21″ – 6.2 lbs – 2.8 kg

I got the largest (30″) for I would be bringing it on a week-long trip. EOS Lightweight Spinner is available in 4 different colors (Red, Black, Blue, and Grey)  but I got my eyes on the Red. I was torn between Black, Blue and Red. The Red would be easier to see whenever it would be coming out of the airport belt.  On the other hand, there are too many people who already own a black or blue luggages so crossing those two out. Also, picking a uniquely colored luggage would take away the hassle of mistakenly taking someone else’s or vice versa.

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EOS 30″ Lightweight Spinner only weights 4.4 kg., that is very light especially when compared it from other brands. It features a lightweight design and a fully-lined interior, large zippered pocket and a compression strap, for compact, organized packing.

Heys Luggage EOS lightweight Spinner (21 of 39)

EOS Lightweight Spinner also got a zipper-released expansion system that allows me to an extra 20% in packing capacity. This came in handy especially when I did my shopping in Greece.

Heys Luggage EOS lightweight Spinner (27 of 39)

Travelling to and fro has even made easier with EOS Lightweight Spinner with it’s 4 – 360° spinner wheels that allow me to effortlessly move in different terrains. It also got a lightweight aluminum push-button telescopic trolley handle system for easier transportation.

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But one amazing feature that really made me say this is it, is when I’ve learned that I can even sit on it or even put heavy materials on top of it, without breaking the luggage! That was just crazy! This was made possible with the use of 100% Duraflex,  which is a durable dual-textured material that offers incredible strength and flexibility. With it, EOS Lightweight Spinner can withstand impacts of up to 750 pounds without breaking! Whooahhh!

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Also, the luggage I got already includes a built-in TSA™ lock that only allows certified TSA™ officials to open, inspect and re-lock my luggage if necessary. Each luggage purchases also includes a 5 year warranty, that gives me an assurance that my luggage could be of service for a longer period of time.

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Heys Luggage is now available in the Philippines via different fashion rack outlets  (NAIA 3, Puregold Clark, Shell-Mexico NLEX, Baguio, Shell-Mamplasan SLEX, Pueblo Verde Cebu)  and can also be purchase via ZaloraEOS 30″ Lightweight Spinner is priced at P 7,190. (Soon to open at Dutyfree Fiesta Mall)

Heys Luggage EOS lightweight Spinner (39 of 39)

Do you have any tips to share about packing light or maybe choosing a luggage? Do share it to me by messaging me at the box below. For more reviews, click here.

Until our next discovery in the City!
またね Mata ne! 
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