My Bad Sleeping Habits + Sleeping Hacks at the Uratex U + 1 Sleep Workshop

When you thought you’re already a sleeping expert and realises you were not; This is what I’ve felt when I attended the recent Uratex U + 1 event. Most of us would probably be feeling the same for as we all know we’ve been sleeping for almost half of our lives. Making each of us an expert in this field already. But little do I know, there are still a lot of sleeping hacks that i’ve needed to know.

Continue reading, will share to you what I have learn from the event. 

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Uratex U + 1 Sleep Workshop

It was a Wednesday morning, I planned a whole day activity for today and met mom at North EDSA. I decided to bring her at the Uratex event for I was asked to bring a plus 1. Thou I still do not know what’s gonna happen, I realise it would be a good time to introduce her to my friends as well. 

Uratex Premium Mattresses & Sleeping hacks (13 of 29) My mom sitting comfortably in this huge bed. 

URATEX U + 1 SLEEP WORKSHOP was held last November 29, 2017 (Wednesday) at the Ronac Lifestyle Center, Magallanes, Makati City. During the event, superior sleep innovation and technologies unique to each of the Uratex Orthocare Mattresses Collection and the Uratex Premium line was featured. Different topics about wellness, stress management and sleep course brought by a Uratex Sleep and Wellness keynote speaker was also discussed.

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We arrived just in time before the event started and as foreseen it I was the only one who brought a plus 1 haha (well some celebrities do have plus 1 as well). Nevertheless, hope mom will be happy this day for it will be her very first bloggers event.

Uratex Premium Matresses & Sleeping hacks (10 of 29) Actor Dominic Roque trying out some of the beds

Before the main program even started, mom and I did a quick tour at Ronac Lifestyle Center to learn more about the latest collection.

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Uratex Premium came up with its line of Orthopaedic Premium Mattresses which includes the Premium Touch, Senso Memory, and Orthocare collection. The product lineup is the sole collection in the country  that bears the seal of approval of the Philippines Orthopaedic Association.

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Orthopaedic Premium Mattresses 

Premium Touch Collection

The Premium Touch Collection is created to cleverly adjust to the body with help from its pocket spring system. These Smart Reflex springs respond to movements by cushioning the user, while resisting deformation even with constant use. One can choose the firmness of their mattress from 3 models namely:

  • Sublime with body-molding Senso Memory foam and natural latex foam with 2 layers of pocket springs
  • Cozy Latex with natural latex foam
  • Viscoluxe which comes with a memory foam

There is also the Premium Touch Romance mattress which features a cover suffused with ginseng, ylang-ylang, and cinnamon essences making it the ideal setting for amorous nights.

Senso Memory Line

Uratex Premium Matresses & Sleeping hacks (6 of 29) The default scrutinising face of Rod Magaru (lol)

The Senso Memory Line, on the other hand, offers plush comfort and a special cooling quality that makes it perfect for people wanting to enjoy deep sleep during warmer temperatures. This collection is designed to comfortably cradle the body for better relaxation. The Senso Memory Ultima and the Ultima Plus offer enhanced cooling through heat-absorbing Hydragel beads incorporated in the memory foam. The Ultima Plus, in particular, has the Cooler knit fabric as mattress cover for an added cooling effect. The technology lowers the skin temperature by 2 degrees Celsius, to provide better comfort to its users.

Uratex Premium Matresses & Sleeping hacks (4 of 29) Pointing out the Hydragel 

Othrocare Collection 

The Othrocare Collection is designed to offer relief to people dealing with aches and pains. The mattresses has a steady foam created to provide both balance and support, and a breathable Tencel fabric covering for a soft and cool top layer.  Othrocare mattresses includes the following;

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  • Harmony, with natural latex and durable Vital foam to provide better air ciculatoin
  • Symmetry, with a Therapoint foam that helps releive pressure points;
  • Balance, which comes with an Orthofirm foam for better back support
  • Biorytmic, which is the newest and has 20 rejuvenating minerals that helps promote energy and regulates the body’s biorhythm.

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My Bad Sleeping Habits

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I consider myself as someone who have a deficiency in sleeping. Ever since I started working in a production company, sleep has become a lesser priority even though we all know for a fact that enough sleep is a necessity. It is free and accessible but still people choose to prioritise other things (that includes me). There was a situation before that I tend to not sleep at all just to finish deadlines (not good!). If there is an opportunity to sleep, I tend to just look for a place (within the office) and try to snatch a moment. So that when needed I could be able to easily get up and work again.

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My kind of sleep deprivation was a bad habit and I am the only one to blame for it. Because of the lack of sleep (coupled with stress), my body develops different complication over the years, add to that some immediate effect like headache, palpitation (because of taking too much coffee) and lack of sleep also makes me a bit grumpy. (We do not like that right?)

Over the years, I was able to educate my self about the importance of sleep and currently tries to at least have a 6-8 hours per day. (According to experts we should sleep at least 7-9 hours).  I considered sleep now as a luxury, for aside that sleeping can give us great comfort not everyone could be able to rest the way we do. Good thing I do not like partying (Tito feels), but sleeping up too late is a bit unavoidable.

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Sleeping Hacks

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At the Uratex U + 1 sleep workshop I was able to learn a few tricks on how I could be able to rest and sleep better, here are some of the things I’ve learned.

  1. Setting the alarm (not to wake up) to remind you it is time to sleep – This is a very witty idea to do. Most of us probably set the alarm to wake up but not when we are about to sleep. Setting an alarm for sleeping shows how important sleeping for an individual. This would also let us have enough sleep everyday.
  2. Use Aroma oils or candles – Lavender oil has been known as a scent for a goodnight sleep. Though it isn’t one of my favorite, one could also consider using Ylang-ylang or Cedarwood oil as an alternative.
  3. Dim the lights to set the ambiance – Dimming the lights is really important to let encourage your body to begin its physiological progression toward sleep. I think I could only sleep with the lights on when I am very very tired.
  4. Avoid caffeine before bedtime – I am guilty of it but I tried to lessen it up lately. And by the way, it is not just coffee that you should be avoiding, this includes other caffeinated drinks like tea or soft drinks.
  5. Be not a Worrier – This is another problem that I usually encounter. Getting in to bed usually makes me think of a lot of things, like ideas overflowing. If you are one of those people who always have a nice idea popping in before sleeping, I suggest for you to always have a pen and notebook beside your bed.
  6. Keep bed and bedsheets clean – To make your sleep even more luxurious, keep your bed and bedsheets always new and clean.

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Uratex Premium Matresses & Sleeping hacks (17 of 29) (1) Presenter Lourd Ramos (2) Ruth’s seatmate JC Santos (3) Dominic and Pat attentively listening (4) My Mom enjoying the Uratex store tour (5) My bed. (joke!)

 Any hacks you would want to share? Do tell me by putting it on the box below.

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Until our next discovery in the City!
またね Mata ne! 
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