A more convenient movie experience via SureSeats + M-Pass Card


Convenience on its finest when you book via www.sureseats.com a movie at any Ayala Mall establishments. Plus you can even check what’s showing, on schedule or just purchase your ticket right away!

I still remember those times when I would need to fall in a long line just to get tickets for a movie I wanted to watch. It was a gamble before not knowing if there would still be a nice seat available when you finally arrived at the counter. But things already change. Nowadays, booking a movie could be as easy as browsing, clicking and paying all done online.


I was invited recently to watch the movie “Beauty and the Beast” and to try booking it via Sureseats. I was given an M-Pass card for my unique number. The booking was flawless, no need to claim the movie tickets at the ticket booth, all you need to do is to just go to the cinema!

Other benefits one can get includes VIP treatment from your favorite snack store, and a chance to get invited to special screenings and exclusive promos.

It was my first time watching at 4DX cinema. At first, I was hesitant but eventually appreciated every bits of that unique movie experience. There was light flashes, mists, smoke effect and the closest I could relate to is the Rialto motion simulator theater in Enchanted Kingdom thou 4DX is a full length film.


Getting ready for our 4DX experience

I had fun! I even booked my friends via SureSeats and recommended for them to watch “Beauty and the Beast” at Trinoma mall.

I’m excited to book another one! Any suggestion? Visit www.sureseats.com.


Find out more about the M-Pass Card HERE.

Until our next discovery in the City!
またね Mata ne! 
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