February 2017: Opportunity

The month of February has been so good to me. It was a month full of opportunities. I was able to book a few projects, given a chance to be main casted in a TVC. I got a chance to climb Masungi Georeserve,  flew from Manila to Davao City for the very first time and had an amazing stay-cation in a four-star hotel with the whole family.

But aside from that I also did missed some opportunities this month. One of which was an offer to attend a casting for a TV show over Lifestyle Network.

When opportunity knocks, Don’t let fear hold you back. open the door and embrace the opportunity that has come forth.

02-01-17 Masungi GeoReserve

I’ve been hearing about this place since last year. And since then, I felt the need to visit the place. A lot of my friends are telling me that its a bit hard to book a schedule in Masungi Georeserve. Good thing my blogger friend Earth was able to book an early date and invited us to try it.

Day 1 of February 2017 was our time to visit the place. It was a whole day of fun, excitement, exploration and pondering. The place is definitely worth visiting for aside from you enjoying it, the amount you paid will also help preserve the place and create jobs for the people within the area. Will create a separate post about Masungi Georeserve and will tell you more about our adventure.

masungi georeserve

masungi georeserve ropes (1 of 1)

02-02-17 TVC Shoot for RCBC

I was surprised to be casted in an RCBC online TVC this month. And I’m not just getting any role but instead will be the main man of this commercial! I was super happy when I received a message telling me that I was picked by the client. Making me remember those years before that I felt unlucky of not getting even a small role, trying my luck making my way from north to south just to attend go-see and castings. But thank God, I never had to go on final casting for this one. I can’t wait to view and see the final video.

And by the way, my friend Denisse was also part of the TVC.

buhay model buhay model

denise villanueva

02-03-17 Wicked Manila

wicked manila wardrobe village

wicked manila wardrobe village

It is not everyday that we witness a world-class performance that is highly acclaimed across the globe. And it is not everyday for me as well to be up close and personal with the casts of Wicked and get an exclusive back stage pass and see their ‘Wardrobe Village’. There I was able to have an up close at their intricate costumes and props, which plays a big role in making the play more interesting and entertaining.

wicked manila wardrobe village

wicked manila wardrobe village

wicked manila wardrobe village

wicked manila wardrobe village

wicked manila wicked manila wardrobe village

You can still have a chance to witness Wicked at The Theater at Solaire until March 12, 2017. Thank you Globe live for the opportunity.

wicked manila wardrobe village

02-04-17 UNTV AVP Shoot / HOOQ Hangouts / Hangout with Friends

gimik with barkada (2 of 3)

In preparation for UNTV’s 13th Anniversary/Kick Off party, the production team was tasked to do a history AVP where I was asked to present it.  In this day we did the initial shooting of the AVP and visited the former studios of UNTV. It was a whole day activity that we finished most of it almost 6 in the evening.

untv studio

Knowing that I was already running late, I hurriedly took the train and went straight to BGC to attend HOOQ Hangouts. Right after, Earth asked the gang to have dinner. Then to kill time, Gus ask to drop by visit Unit 27 but we ended up having fruit shakes at Mercato.

untv 27

With Rod, Mj and Duane

02-05-17 First Sunday work schedule / Nesi’s Birthday Salubong

On the 5th of February, I was able to booked a video coverage project for Cat Arambulo’s daughter, Alana. I manage to send one of my videographer to do the coverage. I also followed and arrive a bit late at the event. There I saw Yuki and Jackie with her whole family. I love the setup and the motif and the kids are really enjoying every bits of it.

yuki tansengco

After the coverage, my cameraman, Wisdom Ison, invited me to visit his sisters burger joints in Pasig City. Called El Hombre, this restaurant serves Filipino-Mexican cuisine that ranges from comfort meals to tacos and burgers.

el hombre fil mexican el hombre fil mexican

With the owners of El Hombre

And before the clock hits 12, Nesi celebrated her birthday held at a secret venue in Pasig City. I felt a bit off and shy to most of Nesi’s friend. Trigging my introverted side, I was actually at the point of asking my self what am I doing at this place. It took me time before I became comfortable and socialise with the others. At the end of the day, I just hope that being there and for me to be able to great Nesi in person before her birthday was already enough. I actually felt lucky to be even be invited. Happy Birthday Nesi!

nesi villanueva

02-06-17 Voice Over at Rebel Studio

Early call time for today at Rebel Studio. It’s my schedule to do the dubbing of the commercial I did a few days ago. The whole video was two minutes in total and I need to re-voice and re-enact (voice) the lines I did in the actual shoot. I didn’t realise this would be tiring and hard as well. It took us more than 3 hours to finish everything. I had fun!

Right after I head straight to Luminisce for my skin care consultation session with Dr. Kaycee.

voice over at rebel studio

02-09-17 Penshoppe UP Town Mall

A day before my trip to Davao City, I attended the grand opening of Penshoppe UP town  Center. It was the biggest store of Penshoppe and I was able to shop a lot of clothes to be brought on my trip to Davao City.

Penshoppe Capitol opens in UP Town Center (7 of 20) With Penshoppe’s Brand Director, Jeff Bascon and Duane Bacon

02-10-17 Traveling to Davao City

It’s my first time in Davao City and I’m super excited to explore the place. I got a lot of stories to tell about this place that is why I created a separate blog posts for my Davao City trip. You can check out the following link:

malagos davao city (1 of 9) malagos davao city (2 of 9)

The Davao City trip was also the time where I missed an opportunity to attend a casting session for a TV show over Lifestyle Network. I regret not to be able to attend it but my trip schedule came in first. I did try to send some videos but after following it up, I  never heard from them again. Well hopefully another one would come in soon.

to samal island

02-16-17 Scizer + Luxury Facial at Luminisce

I intentionally cancelled my previous schedule with Lumisnce and re-schedule it after my Davao City trip. I think I did the right decision for the trip will make me a bit darker and “fatter” lol! What happen at my session? Check out this Vlog for the full story.

02-24-17 Tim Hortons / 80’s Queens / I’m Drunk I love you

Tim Horton opens in Manila and it’s first branch can be found at Uptown Mall, Uptown Bonifacio. After the event, Ruth and I decided to go to Eastwood to meet her college friends . On our way we remembered that we missed the 80’s Queens opening so we decided to include it in our activity for the day.

tim hortons in Uptown Bonifacio Taguig City (24 of 24)

We had black nachos with matcha salt + jalapeño dip, and beetroot fries with cheese sauce and bacon bits. 

80s queens and blk 513 80s queens and blk 513

After meeting Ruth’s friends we scheduled to watch the indie film “I’m Drunk I love you” that stars Maja Salvador and Paulo Avelino. The movie is nice and relatable! It is true that it is something worth supporting. I wish more Filipino movies like this are created in the future.

eastwood mall

02-26-17 Staycation at Belmont Hotel 

Finally it happen! I finally able to bring my family and enjoy a night stay at Belmont Hotel in Pasay City. I rented two interconnecting rooms for the whole family in twin and King size bed. Though I felt that the rooms are a bit small still staying at this prime hotel made us feel special even for a night. The kids super enjoyed our stay specially their time at the pool.

flordeliz family at blemont hotel

On the other hand, my hands are full of backlogs so I decided to just stay in the room and chill. I was planning also to bring the whole family at Venice Piazza but our schedule did not permit us to do so. Maybe next time. Again thank you very much Belmont Hotel!

belmont hotel

belmont hotel

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Until our next discovery in the City!
またね Mata ne! 
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