Day 1: Nognog in Davao City + People’s Park + My First Impression of Davao City

Nognog in Davao City, People’s Park and my first impression of  Davao City

I could say that I’m a semi-Intrepid Explorer. Well, I like to be on the move and usually seek for some adventure. I may have a few restrictions but I always make sure to have that authentic travel experience. I’m a bucket list keeper and would want to pack as many destinations, sights and cultural experiences in the trip as time and energy allows.

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My friends could attest to that. But that didn’t happen on my recent trip in Davao City. As much as I wanted to explore, I believe that my friends and the situation overpowered me on this trip.

Peoples Park Davao City (4 of 18)

“Chill” could be the best word to describe our stay here on our current Philippine President’s – Rodrigo Duterte, hometown, Davao City. That could be applied literally as well as the temperature drops and I felt the chilly weather mostly at nighttime. I actually felt like I was in another country during our 4-day trip specially that almost all of the people around us speak another dialect – Cebuano. I felt that the streets where like a place somewhere in Thailand or Cambodia or maybe Vietnam. Luckily, I don’t need to convert my peso to another currency.

Peoples Park Davao City (14 of 18)

Davaoeno’s are so disciplined and I’ve learned that Curfew to minors are strictly imposed (10:00 pm), liquor ban is on 1:00 in the morning, pedestrian crosses the streets properly, 711 don’t sell cigarettes and smoking cannot be done just anywhere. And the traffic, well Manileños who are a frequent EDSA commuter would simply shrug their shoulders.

Day One of our stay in Davao City didn’t go through as planned. Yes we did have a prepared itinerary, which you can check on my Day Zero post, but then again I don’t know what just happened.

Maybe we became too lazy to do things and just wanted to stay in bed. We got up 9ish. Had breakfast and then decided to just head straight to the nearest park in our dormitel just so we could do something in that day – Davao City People’s Park.

Davao City People’s Park

Peoples Park Davao City (7 of 18)

I wasn’t really expecting much from this park; googling the park would simply show you already the four corners of the vicinity. Continuing our bad luck, we arrived at at People’s Park at a wrong time. It usually opens at 5 in the morning to accommodate joggers and early risers. The park closes at 11 am for maintenance and resumes 1pm. And guess what, we arrive at 11am. Good thing the security allows us to go inside for we are “Manila” tourist.

Peoples Park Davao City (9 of 18)

Peoples Park Davao City (2 of 18)

Peoples Park Davao City (1 of 18)

Peoples Park Davao City (3 of 18)

Peoples Park Davao City (15 of 18)

People’s park got a nice greeneries, colorful roads, and bird feeding areas. There’s a playground for the kids, a bridge, benches to chill and a Durian-like stage, which is probably the iconic establishment of the park. We spent more than an hour just to do photoshoots at the park. Which actually turn out pretty amazing.

Peoples Park Davao City (11 of 18) Peoples Park Davao City (11 of 18) Peoples Park Davao City (11 of 18) Peoples Park Davao City (11 of 18) Peoples Park Davao City (11 of 18) Peoples Park Davao City (11 of 18)

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Coming up:  D’Bone Collector Musuem | Suggested Places to eat in Davao

Until our next discovery in the City!
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