My Fitness Journey at The Foundry Fitness & Athletics

I’ve been dreaming and wanting to have that (pa-yummy) hard bod! And I know it isn’t that easy to achieve specially if your above 25 already. I’ve been working out for almost 5 years now, but I guess my hard-work still didn’t paid off. Maybe I’m doing something that isn’t right or my time spent at the gym is not enough or maybe I’ve been eating the wrong foods.

I’ve been spending almost Php 1,500 per month just to get access to the gym facilities and been trying to visit as much as I could. Maybe I’m doing something wrong? Or I just need a certain push and the right execution to attain my goals.  I know a lot of you can relate to what I’m saying, so keep on reading you might get something good from my recent discovery.

The foundry fitness

I learned about The Foundry, when Kyle (one of the trainers/owners) email me and invited me over to try their services. I was a bit hesitant at first, calculating the expenses I would be shouldering and the time that I would be spending plus the location is a bit off to my place. But then again, for the sake of achieving my goals, I’ll do it!  


I readied my self and started my first day. The Foundry is a newly open establishment located at EWell Square 128 Del Monte Avenue corner Biak na Bato street, Quezon City. The Foundry don’t only focus on fitness but it’s main goal is to help one discover ones strengths and combat ones weaknesses. I actually like the idea of someone helping me train in doing every technique correct.

  The foundry fitness The foundry fitness

The Foundry currently offers seven classes which includes,  Bar Benders, Lean Machine, Flight School, Foundry OLY Club, F.K.C. (Foundry Kettlebell Club) , MMA Cons & MMA Tech. Here’s the complete schedule;

the foundry schedule

Coach Richmond Sia will be the one to handle me. With the goals that I want to achieve, he suggested that I go to Bar Benders & lean Machine Classes. Coach Rich will be doing a series of routines that I’ll be doing to achieve our goals. As to what he said, what he aim first is to improve my body strength before we build it up. And his goal, is at the end of the month I would be able to squat lifting twice my own weight (or more).

The foundry fitnessMy first day of training includes Four sets of Squats in Ten repetitions, four sets of Leg Curls in 12 reps, four sets of Glute Bridges in 12 reps and lastly split squats. Seems very simple but hell no! 

  #BarBenders with @rodelflordeliz and Coach @richmond_sia, and they look like they’re only hanging out. #TheFoundryPH   A photo posted by The Foundry PH (@thefoundryfitnessph) on

This has been my comeback, that is why on the evening of that day I already felt the swelling of my arms. I can’t hardly move it straight and my shoulders, back, and legs are all aching! I  can’t feel my legs!!! (Kidding) I guess its a natural thing. I’m skipping the next session not until all the aches are gone!

Here’s what Coach Rich usually do to the new recruits! Power!!!

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When was the last time you hit the gym?

Until our next discovery in the City!
またね Mata ne! 
Be awesome and stay connnected
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