My Fortune and Misfortune Wake Boarding Experience at Cebu Wake Park

Before even docking in Cebu City, I have already arranged and lined up activities I could probably do to make my short trip in Cebu worth it. It’s my first time to visit the city and I am not aware of what to expect in the place. I wasn’t able to do a research due to time constraint. Good thing I got friends in Cebu that could help me make most out of the time I’d spent in the city.

A day before our sea travel, I already had a conversation with my blogger friend June (ThebeachBumBaby) and she said that there are two sides you can choose to do in Cebu, one could be the laid-back-beach-type of fun or second, is the adventurous-wild side of Cebu, I prefer the second one. Thus she introduced me to wake boarding in Cebu Wake Park. I didn’t actually know that there is this kind of place here in Cebu. I’m just hearing the popularity of it from CamSur and Nuvali. (Also Check out: Pradera Verde Wake Board)

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So I hurriedly said a big YES to it! Because aside from the new experience I could gain I can also try the facility for free! Woot! Woot! Thanks June!

After checking in and having a nice breakfast at Summit Circle Hotel, June and I meet at around 1:00 pm. It will take us about an hour ride (taxi) to reach our destination. From the main city, we pass by two towns, Mactan and Liloan.

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Cebu Wake Park is the 1st wake cable park in the Cebu city vicinity, conveniently located inside Papa kits in Silot Bay, Liloan. Inside Papa Kits are different recreational activities all family members can do like fishing, camping, swimming and off-course the thing we are about to do – wake boarding.

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Cebu Wake Park or CWP is fully equipped to provide the necessary tools for you to have a solid wake-boarding foundation. It has this two-tower system which is excellent for teaching new riders the basics, like me! There are also ramps and other advance features I could probably use someday if ever I reach the level of a more experienced rider, hahaha! but that seems a bit far from now.

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Upon arrival, we go straight ahead at the nearby water sports store where me and june register for an hour of fun. We are set to start at 3pm, so while waiting we decided to first roam around and take some selfie!

rodel flordeliz at cebu wake park

You can also do shopping for some gears which are available at the store if ever you would make wake boarding a regular hobby or career. By the way, an hour of wake boarding on weekdays will cost you Php 400.00 while Php 500.00 per head over weekends. You also have the option to ride unlimited on weekdays for only Php 5,999.00 or Php 8,999.00 for unlimited weekday and weekends.

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It’s now my time to ride! I’ll be riding alternately with 5 other players 2 of which are newbies just like me. At least I’m not alone as a first timer. I was like being competitive among with the other newbies hahaha! Okay lang na medyo fail sa una as long as hindi ako kulelet, will see!

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First round, a bit difficult to stand, balance and control. I only reach half of the track and was fetch by the coach right after. Super fail moment!

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Second round was a bit better, after studying how the others do it, I finally got to stand for a few seconds reaching almost three-fourths of the track and back to the base. I fall for at least 3-4 times and didn’t really want to give up. I think I almost drowned and drunk a lot of salt water. It was too difficult to wear the board whenever it was loosen out of my feet.

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Third attempt, I can feel that this could be my moment! And yes it was, I finally got a grip on how to control everything, thou still not enough, but at least I got to reach the end of the track. And then an unfortunate thing happen …

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I fall, stepped on a cracked-sea shell then bang! Got a big slice down on my feet.Thou I just ignore it and finished the track, just to reach my goal to at least return back to the starting point. Ouch!

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The cut was bleeding and I’ve hurriedly given first aid by the staff of the store. It actually didn’t hurt that much, but the cut is too big not to ignore. I was told that they are cleaning off all the shells in the track but because of the difficulty to see it and because its a live salt water, filtering would really be difficult. I’m still eager to ride more, but the circumstances make me decide to stop and take some rest.

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It was a fortunate and unfortunate moment for me I guess. But if given an opportunity to ride back, I would definitely do it again, maybe next time, I’d be a better rider.

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I was hoping to do the zipline pero kinulang na kami ng oras, maybe next time!

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There are still a lot of things to do and I hope to be back here at the “Queen City of the South”, Cebu.

Cebu Wake Park

6002 Cebu City
+63 933 549 1086
Weekdays: 9AM – 5PM| Weekends: 8AM – 5PM

Until our next discovery in the City!
またね Mata ne! 
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