Wakeboarding at Pradera Verde + Things you need to know

They say that Wakeboarding is like riding a bike, once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to drive it perfectly.

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I still remember how my first wake boarding experience had happen. It was a year when only a handful wake parks operates in Manila and nearby provinces, and I was only able to experience it when I visited Cebu.  My first time was partly exhilarating and troublesome, for I ended up having a huge cut on my feet. It was a situation I can’t really forget. To know what happen read it here: Papa Kits Wake Park.

My second time was a very different story and it happened just a few weeks ago. Me and my blogger friends visited Pradera Verde in Lubao, Pampanga to try the amenities of the place specially the wakeboarding. Pradera Verde is becoming a popular one-stop recreational facility in the North catering to individuals, family or group of friends, who are looking for a fun getaway near Manila.

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The place is truly accessible for it only took us two hours to travel from Manila to Lubao. Commuting isn’t a problem as well, Here’s how: Commuting Guide – How to go to Pradera Verde, Lubao Pampanga

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Wakeboarding at Pradera Verde

There are two areas where you can try wake boarding  in Pradera Verde; One huge wake park for the Pro and a few shorter wake parks for the newbies. Of course, as starters we were assigned at the shorter one. It is like a warm-up area before heading to the ‘pro’ park. Lol!

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But before heading to the park, do prepare your self with the following:

  1. Make sure to wear appropriate swim wear
  2. Be mentally and physically prepared. Wakeboarding is unnoticeably stressful to some parts of the body and can be a bit frustrating as well. Specially if you fall more frequently.
  3. No. swimming skills isn’t a requirement for a life vest is provided and is needed to be worn the whole duration of the activity
  4. Prepare to enjoy and have fun!

Before riding the board, we were first asked to wear the necessary gears; Helmet and a Life vest. And because not all of us knows how to swim, we were then first instructed on how to swim with our life vest whenever we fall. The water by the way is 10 feet deep and is I guess deeper at the far end. I think this is way better than my first experience for I got my injury back then from a coral I mistakenly stepped when I fall off the board.

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First timers actually no need to worry for the instructors at the park will definitely guide you on the step by step process on how to do it.
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I volunteered to be the first one to try in the group after feeling that nobody wanted to go first. Even though I had tried it before, I am not really sure that I can manoeuvre it on the first ride so I just followed as instructed.

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Few tips to properly manoeuvre the board;

  1. Do the proper position before you even start; bend the knee slightly, point the toes up.
  2. Hold the handle with two hands with elbows in-tack near to your chest.
  3. Let the machine drag you while you hold that position

It is actually a bit hard explaining everything in writing but once you tried it, you will know what I an saying. My first try was a disaster that I only manage to stand for a few meters.

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But I made sure that I will not stop until I was able to master it that day.

So I did. On my 3rd attempt, I was able to manoeuvre the board up to the other side. It was awesome feeling that I wanted to do it again, and again. Even though most of my group mates were already accepting defeat, I decided to do another round and claim a victorious atempt of doing a home run. Watch the full video, thanks Ruth for documenting everything.

Coach recommended that I could already try the bigger wakeboard park for the pro. Though still hesitant that I might fall a few meters away from the starting point, I am still considering to try it next time.

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The whole wakeboard experience was too awesome that we want to do it again. Unfortunately, we only have a day to spent and we still got a lot of things to do here in Pradera.

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If you wanted to try it, an hour will only cost you Php250. That is one of the lowest rate I’ve encountered. Check out the different rates they offer:

  • 1 Hour – Php 250
  • 2 Hours – Php 475
  • 4 Hours – Php595
  • 8 hours – Php 1000

Rate is inclusive of vest, helmet and slip-on board. With instructors at each dock. They also offer board rentals. For non rider rate starts at Pho50 for kids and Php100 for adults.

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The best thing here is the rate is consumable of food and beverages at the Viewdeck Restaurant.

Coming up! My first impression about Golf & Inside Room 154.

Until our next discovery in the City!
またね Mata ne! 
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