3 Tips to achieve faster weight loss + Meal plan made easy

An online video caught my attention a few days ago where a doctor was discussing about Post Holiday Fitness. It was a perfect timing for me for I told my self that this January, I would begin a lifestyle modification. Specially now that the holiday celebrations had ended and theres buffet table no more, making it the best time for me to do it.

The video was part of the TV show Doctors on TV which aired over UNTV 37 and can also be viewed via www.untvweb.com or via youtube. In the video, the doctor gave me an affirmation that I’m on the right track and aside from that I’ve learned new ways that could help me get back in shape.

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3 Tips to Achieve faster weight loss

  1. Cut off cooking oil – Let’s face it, fat is longer to burn than carbohydrates. (Did you know that you only burn carbohydrates on the first 30 minutes of your exercise, beyond 30 minutes that is when you start burning fats!) Besides weight loss,  cutting down cooking oil in y0ur diet can decrease cholesterol and can lessen the chances of having coronary diseases. And there are a lot of recipe that you can do without cooking oil. Once you took it off to your system, weight loss could be achieve easier.
  2. Avoid Soda drinks, Simple Sugar and powdered juices! Doing so can have you more room for eating other things you like the most, like desserts!
  3. Hot Tea or Warm Water – One trick that I can recommend to stop craving for more food is to drink warm water with a meal or a room temperature water throughout the day. Just imagine cooking oil in Tagaytay or Baguio or other cold places, oil solidifies! During a fatty meal if you drink warm water, it will help increase metabolism, for it will not solidify,  burn faster and will not stay long in your system.

Diet modification is really something one can do. But having a specific meal plan could be devastating for people on the go. The preparation, the sourcing, even on transporting your prepared food to work, It is difficult. That is why we need to adjust in the kind of lifestyle we have. We could apply some of the tips that i’ve learned/shared as well add to that your perseverance to decrease your food intake.

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Fit Kitchen Ph – Meal Planning made easy! 

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Another thing that I did was to get someone to cook and prepare healthy food for me in a very minimal cost. It is like hiring a personal chef  who prepares food and surprises me everyday with different dishes (ang sosyal diba!). A few days ago they delivered Chicken Adobo Pandesal with Egg for Breakfast, Sinampalukang Manok with Rice for Lunch, Calamansi Muffin & House Tea for Snack and for dinner, Bangus Kare-Kare with Rice! Panalo! It was super delicious! And guess what, all of these delicious meals I took for a day is only 1500 calories in total.

There menu changes on a weekly basis with meals served on at least a 30day rotation. I also love the varied choices of international themed cuisines that includes (of course) the all-time classic Filipino fare.

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To sum up everything why choose Fit Kitchen Ph;

  • Just eat the food and achieve your health & fitness goals
  • Satisfying portions, fewer calories
  • No shopping, no cooking, no clean up
  • Choice and variety will keep you motivated
  • And ultimately, it’s delicious!

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Monday to Friday meals
Available in 1,200 1,500 and 1,800 kcal per day
Daily set includes breakfast, lunch, snack, house tea & dinner
Delivered daily from Sunday to Thursday, 5pm to 10pm
Price starts Php 420 for a full day of meals
visit www.fitkitchenph.com for more information


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