The perfect accent wall using Mural Wallpaper

I am currently obsessed in finding the perfect design for my (future) room. Upon writing this article, I think 90% of my room is still undone.  I still got a long way to finally witness the end result of my hard work and I can’t wait to witness it.

What I really wanted was a minimalist look which is mostly comprise of  whites, blacks, greens and probably some dark browns and woods. I think its easier to change the mood of the room if I will set most of the furniture to white instead of getting colored ones. Plus having a minimalist room can be easily turned into a thematic one by just adding accents and accessories. Here is one of the pegs I’m eyeing on how I wanted my room to look like. Crossing my fingers that I could achieve it.


Will create a separate post about my room design discoveries or pegs but for now lets focus on the accent wall.


Having an accent wall can give that right strength and vibrant to your room. Choosing it correctly can really affect the mood you wanted your room to project. I personally like green walls or bricks and i consider it always an eye-catcher when placed in between whites. Most of the restaurants do accentuate a corner to not just make it look nice but to encourage visitors or guess to take photos of it and upload it online. A form of advertisement, as you can say.

But filling up real brinks or planting real plants is expensive and really hard to do. Good thing there is Mural Wallpaper.

I consider it an amazing invention to make our home ambiance better at a much affordable price! Mural wallpaper is designed for easy application and removal. Mural Wallpaper Designs varies from different natural scenic backdrops, animal murals, city landscapes, natural landscapes, flower garden wall murals and many more. Some online stores can even create a customize design from your photo or artwork. The good thing about this is that whenever you feel the need to change the mood of your room, changing the accent wall could be easier to do.

Here are some of the Mural wallpapers I found online that I think is perfect for a lay back, minimalist person with a hint of adventure.




Source: Scientific Chalkboard


Source: Vintage Blue Map


Source: Black and Red Aged Brick Wall


Source: Winter Frost Forest


Source: White Slats Wall Mural


Source: Liam Gallagher Wallpaper Mural


Source: Into the Wood lands


Source: Misty Rain Forest


Source: Urban Bedroom with Cloud Mural


Source: Bedroom with bright blue mural

I personally love the Urban Bedroom with Cloud Mural (2nd to the last pic) but I guess this wallpaper would be perfect to a room with high ceiling. Nevertheless it still looks amazing. Now Where could I possibly purchase these mural wallpaper?

How about you whats you favorite?

Until our next discovery in the City!
またね Mata ne! 
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