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Over the years, one of the most important things I’ve learned about choosing scent is that the perfume you should be picking should blend in harmoniously with your natural body scent. There should be a unison in to it for it not to collide and result into something more than what you are expecting.

There is a science into it, and picking the one is not just on how you smelled it, but once you spread it to your body, chemistry should kicked in creating a scent that could be perfect or not for you.

Recently, I’ve discovered this perfumery that not just give us a lot of variety but also gives us freedom to freely customize our scent. Continue reading and will tell you more about it.

“Scents actually have the power to evoke emotions and moments based on our individual experiences. Just like how fresh linen sheets smells of home or how wood is more masculine, every scent has a meaning for us. And that is what we want to bring through Scentsmith – an experience that goes beyond their sense of smell,” said Kristine Torres, brand manager of Scentsmith Perfumery.

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Scentsmith Perfumery, which means an expert on scents, offers the public just that – an unparalleled knowledge and leadership on the art of scents.

True to the origin of scenting, Scentsmith maintains a very transparent approach with its product line in simple, straightforward packaging, a clear list of its non-toxic ingredients, and basic no-frills bottles. The personal and homecare products of Scentsmith are formulated without parabens, SLES, phthalate, mineral oil, petroleum, paraffin, and DEA.

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I was able to pick my very own scent when Scentsmith Perfumery opens its newest store located in Greenbelt 5. Different scents from different origins are lined up ready for sniffing. I was having a hard time at that moment, but learning about my body chemistry, I decided to go with the citrus and woody scent.

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“Consumers these days are very conscious of what goes inside the products they use. But there are still a lot of people who do not understand how to get the proper scent that would suit their lifestyles best – a person who is exposed to high humidity cannot use the same perfume as someone who stays indoors the whole day,” said Abdon.

The good thing about Scentsmith Perfumery is that it does not end with the body perfume, scents play an equally important role in making spaces more livable – home become more homey, offices can become more professional or less intimidating, and beds can become more inviting. One of the quirkier products of Scentsmith Perfumery are the Loo Drops, primarily used to keep the bathroom smelling fresh despite the incidents that may have occurred.

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Inspired by how perfumeries were established in early times, Scentsmith uses amber-toned bottles to store its various product lines that ranges from fragrances, body care, hair care, and home products. In development are travel, skin care, and fragrances for the car.

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And oh one last thing that I love is that they can customize the bottle where one can put your name on to it. This could be perfect specially if you are planning to gift a bottle or two to someone else.

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Go ahead and try it for your self, visit Scentsmith Perfumery at Glorietta 5 now. 

Until our next discovery in the City!
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