Easy Holiday Gift Shopping Tips + 11.11 Singles Day & Black Friday

The holiday season is one of the best time to shop. Not just because most of the stores are on sale, it is also the time of the season where some new items are being made available. Most of the people at this time of the year also got the will to spend and surprisingly it seems like everybody got money to splurge buying new stuff here and there.

I can honestly say that I’m guilty of it sometimes. But taking in control of your self should always be on top of the situation. Especially when purchasing gifts, where you would find your self-buying gifts for yourself first before doing the priority.

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I find gift hunting every year a bit challenging. I felt that I always needed to find something new and fresh. Something that would really impress the recipient. Aside from that, I also consider the budget, the situation and of course the most important one, the recipient. Will the gift be impressive? Can it be useful? Where to source it out? How should it be presented? It isn’t that simple especially if the recipient is someone who looks like he/she have it all. If you are having the same problem that I do, maybe the following tips could be helpful.

Here are some tips that I personally do to make gift haunting much easier.

Do an early research: Research could either be done off or online. One of the best venue to research interesting gift items is on Instagram. Most of the time, you’ll find me browsing through different shops, checking items that could be so interesting to give. Some online stores could even give an item a bit cheaper than buying the same item in a physical store.  On the other hand window shopping could also be one of the best time to do a research. Whenever I am killing time, I try to visit new shops or stalls in my area and check out what they offer. I list down interesting shops or items and even get the shops numbers or social media accounts for me to be able to reach them when the right time comes. At least when needed,  I would not be cramming into thinking where to find an item to give. (Check out these shops on IG: @shopstylecat, @byaheroshub, @twenteeyet)

Don’t go with the flow – As always malls could be a bit crowded in this season and if you do not want to see yourself lining up in a long queue, better do an early gift shopping. If you are not really waiting for the items you supposed to buy be on sale, well buying it on early ‘Ber’ months would be very suitable.

Customization: One way to make your gift item interesting is by customizing it. People who offer their talents and skills are really accessible nowadays. Some of my friends do this for a living, Painting portraits, doing clay caricatures, twisting wires or doing paper cutouts and making it as a wall display to name a few.   You can tap these people to make a very interesting personalize gift item. (Try checking on IG – @thecraftcentral, @kenjinunez, @karvic, @googlygooeys)

Set a Budget: This is really important especially if you are buying and giving a lot for the holiday. Preparing and knowing your limit should always be considered. Do a price check and make a list of all the items you would be getting before even going to the market. You do not want to buy excessive items right? With a list, it would be easier for you to know which one to prioritize and which one to change.

Watch out for sale: We all love the sale! And as I said a while ago, this season is one of the best time to shop because of this four letter word – SALE! Shopping stores are extending hours because they know people would flock to their shelves. So expect the bulk numbers of people and the mall could be a bit crowded. Best time to visit is usually when the mall opens,  after lunch and before office hours end. If you do not like crowds but do love the sale, watch out for some online sales instead. It would be more convenient especially if you do not have enough time to go to the mall. One of the most awaited sales is the 11.11 Sale and the Best Black Friday Sale

This coming 11/11, ShopBack Philippines prepares tremendous 11/11 offers and November sales. Merchants like Adidas, Levi’s, Asus, Xiaomi and a lot more are participating this year. Expect fashion bargain as well coming from Zalora or shop a good pair of Nike Air Max as a gift via AliExpress. There are just a lot of items to choose from Dresses, T-shirts, Skirts, Blazers, even snacks and so much more are available for sale so better check it out. And here is the best thing about it all, we can definitely be saving up tremendous amounts of money too with ShopBack Philippines cashback rebates.  So better mark the calendar and get the 11.11 cashback goodness flowing in with ShopBack today!

Any tips you wanted to share? Do tell me your easy Holiday Gift Shopping Tips by commenting on the box below.

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