The Solution for Dry and Flaky skin (Fernberry Skin Care products)

We all know that most of the guys don’t really think about much of their personal skincare routine. Most of the people I know is contented with having a facial wash and a moisturizer; others used only soap and their routine only takes 5-10 minutes, that includes taking a bath already. There are also a set of people that I know that takes time for their skincare needs, which includes numbers of items lined up to be applied on a certain number of minutes. It could be strenuous as how we see it but for those who are already comfortable of doing the routine doesn’t see it that way.

A portion of the guys I think are like me, those that are a bit inconsistent. Why I say so? I guess I do my skincare routine depending on the time I got for a day. If my day is full packed I usually just apply 2-3 products. But if my day were very light, then there would be no problems even if I applied most of the skincare products I have (but of course no duplication of purpose and as always not over doing it).

We all have our on ways of taking care of our skin, how ever you do it, the important thing about this is we can allocate time to make sure our skin is healthy and glowing. After all, our skin is going to be with us like forever so better take good care of it properly. There might be some products that is good for you and not fitted to mine, and vice versa, but trying a new brand isn’t bad at all. It is actually like looking for that perfect pair for you. Like when you match everything would be like awesome!

I think I found a perfect match just recently. Continue reading.

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Having a dry and flaky skin has always been my lifetime problem. Thus when I grew up and learn the importance of skincare habits, I made sure to choose products that alleviate the problem. I may have found my perfect matches but I am still trying to look for new ones that can make it even better.

Recently, I was introduced to this brand called Fernberry. What I love about this brand is how they have manage to include the “super-moisture” ingredient, Sodium Hyaluronate Crosspolymer, in all of their products. By having that, it enables Fernberry’s antioxidant and vitamin-rich products to deliver instant results in keeping skin hydrated, youthful and radiant.

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Fernberry products are produced in Japan’s Okayama Prefecture, where spring water sources have been ranked as “Japan’s 100 Best Waters”. The excellent mineral composition coupled with the region’s mild climate are an ideal environment for the development and production of skincare products. Interesting right? No wonder how Japanese and/or even Korean’s got this no-pores kind-of-skin.

By combining science with nature, Fernberry creates formulations with minimal preservatives, fragrance and colors that are high-quality and results-oriented. Fernberry introduces four products that we can add up in our skincare routine;

  1. Petals & Cream | Softening Hand Cream
  2. Mochi Lips Nourishing Lip Conditioner
  3. Replenishing Smoothie | Conditioning Foot Cream
  4. Moisturizing Mousse | Ultra-Fine Daily Body Scrub

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Fernberry Petals & Cream | Softening Hand Cream

Special Price $24.70 Size: 1.76 oz (50 g) ℮

Bringing me closer to Japan while I squeeze in a pinch of Petals & Cream to my hand. Petals & Cream contains cherry blossom extract, which retains moisture to give your skin a soft, dreamy glow. It is also enhanced with Japanese plum and yuzu, the fast-absorbing hand cream is packed with vitamins and antioxidants that smooth and balance skin tone for more youthful and elastic skin. And guess what, it also have Tsubaki oil that softens cuticles, while shea butter restores nutrients and vitality in nails.

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Mochi Lips Nourishing Lip Conditioner

Special Price $23.00

This is one of my favorites. I have this wind burn occasionally and I just found this Mochie Lip Nourishing Lip Conditioner really helpful. Now I can kiss dry lips goodbye! Mochi Lips contains a luscious blend of yuzu, tsubaki flower, sweet almond and sunflower seed oils to immediately soften & condition my lips. Now I know now how moist-kissable lips are created. J

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Replenishing Smoothie | Conditioning Foot Cream

Special Price $30.70

Another problem that most of the guys have are these dry feet. I really do not know how mine started but having dry feet really is a flaw I need to fix and Fernberry’s Replenishing Smoothie is so very helpful.

Replenishing Smoothie is a creamy and lightweight concoction that leaves heels hydrated and piggies pampered. Rice bran oil and shea butter offer just the right amount of moisture, keeping feet silky, not sticky. Algae extract, a deep sea secret for rejuvenation, boosts elasticity and allows more time between pedicures. Lavender oil evokes sweet dreams through its soothing aroma while marshmallow root extract conditions skin to unimaginable softness! An absolute must for sandal season, but equally effective when you’re snug in your shoes.

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Moisturizing Mousse | Ultra-Fine Daily Body Scrub

Special Price $35.80

One of the products that surprise me the most for I could really feel the difference instantly! Moisturizing Mousse contains ultra-fine sea salt that scrubs away dull skin and cleanses pores, leaving with revitalized skin. It got this light, fluffy exfoliator and is gentle enough for everyday use. Chamomile flower soothes the skin, while argan and jojoba oils deliver silky softness. The restorative benefits of blueberry and yuzu also melt away stress and fight off pesky free radicals.

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It is not actually bad adding a few more in your daily routine specially if it helps you become a better person everyday. Yes using soap could be very effective specially for fighting germs, but addressing to some other needs of your body is needed especially with the kind of pollution we are encountering today. Soap for skincare needs wouldn’t be enough. Adding a few more targeting what you really need could be very efficient.

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All Fernberry products hydrate deeply and show instant results. It also got this delicate blend of technology and ingredients that ensures soft, healthy skin that can be achieved safely. And applying it doesn’t really consume time that much. Why not try it? You can check out the website to know more about the brand.

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P.S. Animal testing is a BIG no-no at Fernberry and is strictly prohibited. 

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