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Having impeccable style is something that I admire in others and aspire for myself. Shopping has become one of my favorite ways to spend my #PiattosTime! I’m learning, however, that I don’t have to spend so much or buy a lot of clothes to level it up. I’ve read a lot about having a capsule wardrobe with a few but carefully selected items that I can easily mix and match.

I think it’s a great idea! Shopping can be an irresistible #PiattosTime for me, but leveling up my style doesn’t have to be that hard (or that pricey!) with these tips:

  1. Pick light, casual shirts, mostly cotton and fabrics that do not necessarily need to be ironed. I like V-necks shirts and those with low neckline in earth colors like moss green, mustard, maroon, and shades of grey, white and black. This set, I think, is perfect for adventurers and people who are not fans of layering because they sweat a lot (like me, lols)! And because I super love to travel, bringing clothes that don’t need to be ironed is very helpful.

how to level up your style (1 of 3)#NognogWears: H&M (Top); Memo (Shorts); Timex (Watch)

2. Give your wardrobe a good cleanout. –I’ve done this a few times, go through all the clothes that I have. I dedicate two to three hours for this, armed with a big bowl of my all-time favorite Piattos and an ice-cold drink. I sort through my clothes and ask myself why I like a certain style. Was it the style, the fabric or color? Once you already determine you standard style, then it’s time to ditch the old unused clothes and keep the ones that you really like.

how to level up your style (3 of 3)

#NognogWears: Memo (Top and Bottom)

  1. Always prefer the basics -The basics are life forever! When adding clothes to your capsule wardrobe, always think of the basics. What I usually do is to buy shirts in plain colors for it is easier to mix and match with other accessories or by adding jackets or scarf to make the look different.

Basic Shirt from memo

  1. Be picky when getting accent pieces– When deciding to pick accent pieces, always think if it goes with the items in the capsule wardrobe you envisioned. Will it goes well with your other clothes? Do you have particular accessories to go with it? Will you be using it frequently?

accent pieces#NognogWears: MetroJuan (Polo); UNIQLO (Innerwear); UNIQLO (Pants)

  1. Invest in jackets and cardigans– These are essential pieces for people who are always on the go and got different activities to fill in within the day. Layering jackets and or cardigan to a shirt can instantly level up your simple style to something that is more professional and classy. Try to invest in buying different colored jackets and cardigan that you can mix and match with your basic shirts.

linden suites photo shoot blogger (5 of 5)

With these in mind, I can still have fun with my #PiattosTime and level up my style without breaking the bank or accumulating so many clothes!

how to level up your style (2 of 3)

How about you, what are your best tips for taking your look up a notch?

Until our next discovery in the City!
またね Mata ne! 
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