My Fitness Motivations + FAVORI New Wellness Product line

I’ve been trying to put fitness part of my life. Yes, I’d go to the gym or even hit the road for a run but it isn’t on a regular basis. I tried too many times to do it regularly but still with too many things under my hat, I sometimes find it hard to squeeze it in my schedule. But I’m still trying and hopefully I could be able to find my self addicted to do this things.

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But how do I usually get motivated in doing so? After observing my self, I found out that I get motivated whenever I see someone I know who have change drastically by hitting the gym regularly. Also from friends who been gone for a while and then I will suddenly see them bulk up. Having a much better body than mine. Shocks! I would just feel shit on that moment actually.

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Other motivation that keep me going back to the gym also includes some celebrities i look up too, friends who would encourage me to do it regularly and even some fitness stories I’ve watch online. Another major reason is when you already see some improvements in your figure, this is when (like my friends says it), going back to the gym becomes addictive!  I guess thats my goal right now.

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And helping me also get motivated, optimistic, and energetic in getting that “balik-alindog” program up and running are these new products from Favori. FAVORI’s new Wellness product line includes Air Spray designed to make daily activity feel more inspiring and energizing, Salves which are aimed to calm the inner self for better relaxation, and Massage Oils for a very soothing rubdown.

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For more information on Favori products, follow @favoriscents on Instagram and Twitter. Also, don’t forget to visit the website FAVORI Scents are available at Robinsons Place Manila, SM Megamall, SM City Marikina, SM Southmall and Market! Market!

favori wellness products (2 of 6)

How about you, What are your fitness motivations?

Until our next discovery in the City!
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