Ullen Sentalu Museum: From Kingdoms to love stories, a walk through different generations

Nothing beats a visit in a museum if you are really looking for a true cultural exploration. Interesting information and tons (and tons) of cultural discoveries is what we had when we visited one of the best museum in Yogyakarta, Indonesia located at the foot of Mount Merapi – the Ullen Sentalu Museum.

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Ullen Sentalu Museum, founded on March 1, 1997, which is an abbreviation to “SEjatiNe TAtaraning bLENcong ULating LUmaki” which also means as “lamp blencong is human in stepping instructions and pursue a life. “ It felt complicated knowing what that line truly means, so I’m going to leave it with that.

We visited this museum right after visiting Borobudur Temple and having a buffet breakfast at Stupa by Plataran (Read: Six must-visit restaurant in Yogyakarta). It was an hour away from Plataran, giving us enough time to rest and be energized for the long day ahead. On our arrival I kind of felt that the façade got a resemblance to BenCab Museum I once visited in Baguio City, Philippines. (Read: Reasons to visit BenCab Museum)


The museum was a big property, which is currently owned by a relative family of the King. Making it easier for them to acquire precious items placed in the museum. There are too many interesting things inside but unfortunately taking photos and videos in the venue is prohibited making me only take some shots to some of the areas that are open for photo-shoot.

It was actually a great idea doing that making everyone who visits the place really dig into the information. Not really a museum guy, but I myself was really hooked to the whole story.

By the way, before entering the museum, make sure to bring a jacket or extra cover-up for the place is a bit cold. Add to that is the location of the museum at the foot of Mount Merapi which incorporates 15-25 degrees Celsius.

Inside, you will learn about the different kingdoms in Yogyakarta, the cultural dances each of the Kings created, different customs and clothes one must wear, different signs and accessories that signifies different traits plus the great influence of Hinduism and Islam to each other.

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But what really catches our attention was the love story of the different princesses in the kingdom, on how they live their life and on how they fight to be with the one they love.

Another interesting things I learned from the tour was about the batik fabrics and prints. I didn’t think that the batik prints really matter that much not until I heard it here. Before the end of the tour, you will find two chambers showcasing batiks from two different kingdoms – Solo and Yogyakarta. To differentiate one from the other, Batik from Solo got a yellow gold tone, while those in Yogyakarta got bolder and has dark brown color. (Read: Batik & Pottery Expereince)

I could say that it is really a must try to visit Ullen Sentalu Museum. Living in a dominated Christian country – Philippines – I find it pretty interesting to learn about a culture that is way too different from ours. Also, I love how interconnected each of the rooms in the museum. Making me picture the whole story and making us asked questions about how the kings and Queens live.

The guided tour lasted for 45 minutes. You can either join the tour in Indonesian or English language.

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Ullen Sentalu Museum

Opening hours: 9:00am – 16:00 (Close on Monday)

International IDR: 50k/pax

Domestic IDR. 30k/pax

At the end of the Musuem, you will find an international restaurant serving European and French cuisine called Beukenhof Restaurant.

Beukenhof Restaurant.

I had a wonderful time eating my lunch. The mood was even set when the rain pours making the scene and the place lovelier. In the photo; Trice, Kama, Ruth, Kisty & Seph. 

After our lunch, we took the bus towards Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel where the Royal Hi-Tea Ceremony is performed.

Next up: Royal Hi-Tea Ceremony 

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