How to go to Uptown Mall / Uptown Parade /The Island PH

In my desperation to come early at the venue, I recently discover a few other ways to go to the The Island (former Palace Pool Club) . It’s the area where you can also find other establishments like Revel, the Brewery and Uptown Parade and Uptown Mall in BGC. It’s a developing place so expect more establishments in the nearby area soon.

Going back to my recent discovery – there are only two ways I know of on how to go to The Island (former Palace Pool Club) , one is via taxi or car services like GRAB or UBER, the other one is via habal-habal which you can find near the Shuttle station in Ayala Avenue. Basic fare costs Php 40 but traveling to The Island, you may need to haggle the price for most of the drivers wouldn’t want to travel on those area. I usually pay Php 100 per trip.

Sosro Fruit Tea at the palace

Other ways to go to The Island (former Palace Pool Club) (or Uptown Mall)

  1. Jeep via Guadalupe MRT Station – Ride a jeep bound to Market-Market which you can find near Guadalupe MRT station and Jollibee. Fare would only costs Php 8 and vehicle passes straight the area so you’ll only need to walk a few. Riding so would be easier for there are lots of Jeepney bound to Market-Market. Thou expect to fall in line at peak hours from 5pm to 8pm.
  2. FX via Guadalupe MRT Station – This is a more convenient ride going to Market-Market but would cost you Php 42 more than the Jeepney fare (Php 50). It’s much faster as well for it would only need a few heads for it to start rolling. If you’re in a hurry better spent more for this ride.
  3. Habal-Habal Guadalupe MRT station also got a habal-habal ride, thou it is still not that accepted by the mass public (compare to the Ayala MRT Habal-Habal station) riding so will take you to your desired place much faster. I haven’t tried this one and doesn’t have an idea how much a fare cost.


Until our next discovery in the City!
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