Silent Party – the Next Louder Gimmick in the Philippines

Parties and gathering is a thing here in the Philippines. It’s where we socializes and reunite with new and old friends or even search for a lovelife … am I correct? In the rural areas we have those Videoke nights or Barangay parties, while in the city, aside from the clubs, parties are mostly held in flats or building rooftops. But one of the major problems here aside from over-drinking is the noise pollution.

Noise curfew isn’t a thing here yet, but still, you don’t want a scene where your neighbors would be barging your door telling you to lower down your audio system.

Thus in places where in Noise Curfew is a thing, Silent Party was created.

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Silent Party or Quite Disco, Silent rave or Headphone party is an event where people dance and listen to the music through wireless headphones. Rather than setting up big audio system, music is broadcasted via a radio transmitter with a signal being picked up by wireless headphone receivers worn by the participants. For those people who don’t have a headphone, would just see a scene of people dancing to nothing.

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Silent Party is in existence in other country (like Europe) since year 2000, and just recently, is introduced here in the Philippines.

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I got a chance to try it last month with a party held at the roof deck of Golden Phoenix Hotel in Pasay City. It was a different scene compared to the usual party place for the music was toned down and you would never realize there was a party going on when closed doors.

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Liberty Grounds gave me headphones to use when I entered the vicinity. Upon checking the headphone you’ll see a switch on the side that gives you three different channels that is broadcasted at the same time. It will also change the color of your headphones to green, blue or red. Each color corresponds for the type of music you would want to hear but it would really depend on the type of party you’ll be attending. The one’s I attended gave me trance, house and electro pop.

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At the venue, aside from the food and drink setup, they also got a DJ booth that plays the music heard over the headphones. It was a little quite when you take it off, you will only here people chattering and toned down music sound system. But once you wear it, the party never stops.

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We were enjoying it actually and I love how they set it up in the middle of the night – where most of the people are already asleep. I think this would be the next big thing in parties and event especially in music festivals as they allow dancing to continue past noise curfews.

Thanks Neonized Silent Party for the experience and Golden Phoenix Hotel as well for the accommodation. 

Until our next discovery in the City!
またね Mata ne! 
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