Arigato Japan Food Tours and Cooking Classes

Visiting Japan is still on my wish list; it’s been my long time dream to visit that place. As early as high school, I manage to learn some basic words and started to dwell my self into their culture. I even did Japan food tours here in Manila by visiting different Japanese restaurants in a day.

I’m already listing out places to visit and things to do in Japan. I’m working on it, but I think I would still need to spend a few more years to cross it out.

Most of my friends go to japan yearly and some even spent twice or thrice a year (they got lots of money to spend!) Some of them stay a bit longer to work. But for some tourists or frequent visitors, they got this habit of going to the same places they went into since the first time they went there. That isn’t bad at all, maybe they just really love that place, they would want to come back and see it each time they visited. But let me tell you something, yes your taking too many photos, creating lots of memories to take home, but would it be nicer if you can not just visit the place but along with it, take home some skills you can probably consider as something authentically Japanese. Dwell in a more cultural visit to Japan and bring home something that you can cherish for a lifetime.

Why not enroll your self to a Cooking Classes, in Japan?!

Bright idea. Right? At least you’re not just bringing back home memories but also some skills you can share and use every time you will miss Japan. Almost everyone that I know LOVES going to Japanese restaurants. Why not learn the skills on how to make your favorite maki rolls or tempura from a school in Tokyo that offers authentic and traditional Japanese cooking by actual Japanese Teachers!

Arigato Japan Food Tours and Cooking Classes

Arigato Japanese Cooking School

Arigato Japan Food Tours and Cooking Classes aim to build the bridge between an ancient cuisine and its students allowing them to take their experience and share it at home.  What’s good about Arigato Japan is that the founders chose courses that are simple and delicious while still respecting the tradition and values that surround this unique culinary experience.

Arigato Japanese Cooking School

And take note, they all speak English, thus, it would be more easier especially for foreigners to communicate and understand everything they’re teaching.

Arigato Japanese Cooking School

Owned by a Filipino entrepreneur who is currently living in Japan, Elizabeth Anne got inspired from her previous trip to Europe where she spent a month of traveling and exploring. A  Cooking class in France inspired her, she went back to Japan and opened her own cooking school in just a couple of months. Her travels in more than 30 countries has opened the door to a whole  new opportunity to show tourists who visit Japan a unique and amazing cultural experience.

flower maki

Courses  vary from Washuko (traditional one main dish, 3 side dishes), Maki and Sushi, Japanese Bento (lunch Box) Japanese Canapes and Appetizers and Sake tasting. They also got Wagashi or Japanese Desserts. Dishes are very easy to recreate, tips and techniques are taught during the class and a recipe print out so you can make your favorite tonkatsu and tempura when you go back home. As a bonus ,they would also teach you on how to make DIY’s specially if ingredients (like in the Philippines) are pricey or are not available.

Arigato Japanese Cooking School

If you think these beautiful flower mosaic sushi and temari  sushi (means hand rolled) are difficult to make, then you are mistaken! They’re so easy to make, this is Arigato Japan’s most famous course. These gorgeous rolls are not only pretty but  also also scrumptious. This class is a MUST do if you book a class with them! Impress your friends and family by learning the techniques on making maki and sushis, they will teach the basics from making the sushi rice to properly rolling the sushis!

japan food tours

Location? No problem! Arigato Japan Food Tours and Cooking Classes is just a minute away from Exit 1 of Azabujuban Station and are just 10 minutes away from Tokyo Tower . It’s the most convenient cooking  school located in the heart of Tokyo, the Minato ku area. Plus considering that the owner is a Filipino, expect the experience to be amazing and absolutely unforgettable and  (Inserting – It’s more fun in the Philippines kinda feel!) 

map to ginza japan

Arigato Japan Food Tours

Aside from the cooking class, Arigato Japan also offers a food tour in the evening! The walking food tour is an entirely different experience for you’ll be able to get a closer look and taste authentic dishes and learn different knowledge about the place.

 IZAKAYA1 japan food tours

The 3-hour food tour around Tokyo will let you experience the many succulent dishes to share. Tour guides will make it simple for all the guests to enjoy dishes what previously only Japanese could. Walking tour usually starts at five in Yurakucho and ending in Ginza. This tour will show you the sights, sounds and most importantly, tastes of Tokyo most tourists do not get to experience.


This is how Ginza Looks like 

japan food tours

Tour details:

  • 3-hour walking tour of Yurakucho and Ginza
  • Visit various eateries well known to Japanese that few foreigners know
  • Enjoy Japanese cuisine such as Yakitori (grilled skewers with meat and veggies), Wagashi (Japanese Dessert) and other unique local food
  • Explore different kinds of Japanese sake, Shochu (distilled spirit with an alcohol content of 20-40%), Highballs (Carbonated drink made of whiskey and soda water), Umeshu (Japanese Plum Wine) and other refreshing Japanese Beers
  • Tours are limited to 12 people
  • 2 complimentary drinks included

Arigato Japan Food Tour

I’m so looking forward to doing both the Walking Food Tour and the cooking classes from Arigato Japan, especially that I’ve started learning some Japanese cuisines here in the Philippines. Check out my feeds in Instagram to know more about it.

Arigato Japanese Cooking School

Experience Japan in a different way! For more information about Arigato Japan Food Tours and cooking class by visiting

More photos here. 

Cooking School Address:
Stoke Azabu K&S (Building)
Unit 501
3 Chome-1-5 Azabujuban
Minato-ku, Tokyo

(30 seconds from Exit 1 of Azabujuban Station)

Food Tour Starting Point:
Exit D6 of Yurakucho Station
1 Chome−11−1 Yurakucho
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Who among you knows how to cook Maki? I do. 
Until our next discovery in the City!
またね Mata ne! 
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