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crossfit manila

I woke up early in the morning getting ready for the challenge prepared for me as I tried out the workouts in Crossfit Manila. We’ve visited Libis branch with my team and upon entering, I said “Oh it is actually looks like a warehouse turned into a gym”, Paulo (coach): “Well yeah, all our branches looks like this … “

crossfit manila

The open space are allocated for group exercises and workouts

The ambiance would be quite new specially for people who opted their long time working out in the popular gyms in the city hoping it would give them best results for an accumulated time. Well it would really depends on how determined a person is to obtain his personal goal.

crossfit manila

Coach Paulo Tatad is very accommodating and even told me to come back and do a session for free … Thanks coach! 

In CrossfitMnl, the workouts includes the combination of Cardio, Track & Field, Plyometrics, Rowing, Gymnastics, Kettlebell and Weightlifting. You will be doing the workout together with other Crossfitters of all ages and all fitness levels. It’s actually like attending in school performing the regular P.E. class.

Coach Paulo Tatad entertained us and toured us in the place. They do have very minimal equipments that they use in their routines. Coach Paulo is assigned to do the class in the morning and lunch while Coach Miguel Dy Buncio, the onwer  and is also one of the coaches is assigned later in the afternoon till evening.

crossift manila

Some of the equipments found in the gym

According to Paulo, trainings are per-session basis, around 10-12 students per class. One session could last up to 45 minutes to an hour . Crossfit exercises are considered as high intensity and constantly varied exercises which means youll never repeat the workout.

crossfit manila

Satisfied Crossfitters

The Benchmark which I thought was a list of all the names of the students was actually a lists of the names of all their routines. Theres Diane, Danny, Cindy, Elizabeth and a lot more. Coach Paulo said that some of the names here were assigned by the owners in America as a tribute to some of the famous American Soldiers.

crossfit manila

Listed here are the different routines they offer. Routines are done as much as you can in a limited time only.

Php 750 is the drop in rate. If you plan to avail one month training with 6 sessions it will costs you Php 3,750.00. A lot cheaper if you will avail the 6 months package or 1-year package. They are also offering Unlimited trainings which starts at Php 5,000 for 1 month.

And the time has come! Coach Paulo told me that all the hosts that visited the place have tried something as a challenge. For my challenge, Coach Paulo gave me an 8-minute Cindy Routine. Who’s Cindy coach?

crossfit manila

And this was the challenge as Paolo listed down what I will be doing.

Cindy Routine is a combination of push-ups, pull-ups and squats continuously done in a limited time. It’s one heck of a challenge! This is me before the challenge starts, I’m kinda looking fresh here, wait until the training ends.

crossfit manila

before the training … ready to rock and roll!

According to Coach Paulo, the oldest enrollee did the Cindy routine 8 times for 8 minutes, my challenge is to defeat that record (Too much pressure on me now … huhuhu). For the starter, I was tasked to do 5 push-ups – 10 pull-ups – 15 squats in 8 minutes. Did I beat the record … you’ll find out later.

crossfit manila

Cindy Routine

Check out my feet in the pull-ups, Coach Paulo have already putted a green rubber band to assist me. It was so darn difficult!

crossfit manila

This was the most difficult part of the routine, doing 10 pull-ups!

The coaches are hands-on and checks if your doing the exercises rightfully.

crossfit manila

15-squats per routine

As I’ve said, the routines could actually be done at home, minus the coaches. But it would definitely be better doing it here specially with the coaches who will push you to your limits and will make sure that you will reach your goals, plus the fun idea of meeting new friends/classmates having the same goals in a class.

According to their website, “CrossFitMnl is not your ordinary workout, but it is for ordinary people looking for extraordinary results.” I could say, It’s quite true with my short trial.

crossfit manila

I was pushed to my limits, let’s see how many routines could I do.

8-minutes have pass and in a few seconds before the timer ends, It’s feels like every body was in slow-motion and time was ticking very very slow.

crossfit manila

Still fresh? Looser!

Fail!!! I’ve finished 7-routines in 8-minutes, just one more set and almost equal to the oldest student. All-in-all, I have done 35 push-ups, 70 pull-ups, and 105 squats in totality. If only Coach Paulo have said that if I defeat the record he would give me a sponsorship for a complete session! I have had done better! Hahahaha!

So who are the people that are to try in this gym ..

  • Is bored to death in your gym routine;
  • Is looking to shed those extra pounds or reduce the waistline;
  • Thinks you don’t have time to exercise;
  • Is looking to get faster or stronger in your sport, OR
  • Is no longer seeing results with your current training regime,
It’s almost 3 days and my arms are still swelling from the exercises that I did. If I were be given a chance, I would definitely do that again!

CrossFit MNL is located at Magnitude Realty Estate (near Eastwood) 
186 E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue Quezon City 1110, Philippines.
The other branch is situated in
Philippine Army Gymnasium Compound Lawton Ave. cor Bayani Road Taguig, Philippines.
You can contact 0917.533.17.87 or mail them at or
Until our next trip in the City!
またね Mata ne! 

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