New Beginnings (September 2017)

Another month suddenly slip by. It was so quick I felt my mind was left still thinking from what happen on the previous months. Maybe things just came too fast or maybe I was just a bit too slow or too busy. The good moments I had wasn’t been able to cherish longer and bad memories just pass by in a click.

I have been living independently away from my family since I was in College. Living in the far end of Valenzuela (that was a former part of Bulacan) and travelling to my school in college daily was really a pain that it made me sick (mostly upset stomach and dizziness) almost everyday. So, my Mom decided for me to live in my Uncle’s house in San Andres Bukid in Ermita, Manila. I live there for almost 3 years or more in my college life. There, I have been able to control my simple life. I had the power to decide when I wanted to eat or sleep, or study or even just be lazy. My Uncle works on a night shift back then, while I study in the morning, that means, when I’m home he is already out. It was like living on my own.

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3 Creative Meeting Rooms that will make you want to Work and Play (TELUS International Philippines)

Meeting rooms are a very essential part of an office. It is where creativity sparks, idea starts and group synergy unites. But sometimes, same old spaces of white walls and windows make people’s ideas stale, the reason why some groups decide to do their meetings in some nearby coffee shops or restaurant. New ambiance, which can sparks fresher ideas.

But if your company does utilize this spaces a lot, isn’t a good idea to give your employees a much better and creative workspaces?

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Simple Ways to mix-and-match and Make A Bold Statement (Penshoppe’s Generation Now collection)

Making a bold statement shouldn’t be just about the clothes you wear. It should be the overall impact of you wearing your preferred kind of clothing. This makes the definition of “fashion statement” evolved into an expression of personal style that makes the wearer the true highlight. But for you to deliver your message, clothes you be wearing should always be in-line and consistent (I do not mean same pieces). And it starts by picking the right ones.

Here are a few simple clothing mix-and-matching.

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New Look, New Channels on IFLIX

New Channels from some of the world’s most popular international and regional studios and brands, including tvN Movies, Aniplus, ABS-CBN, GMA and more

Late nights has never been the same since iflix landed in Manila. It was a few years back since this entertainment app started and I was lucky enough to be one of the first users. Since then, I never had the chance to complete my 8-hour sleep. Lol! But I am not complaining. My favorites over iflix includes The 100, Carrie Diaries, Devious Maids, The Strain, Emerald City, The Magicians, Scandal, Mr. Robot, American Horror Story and many other films. The list goes on and on, sometimes it is quite hard to find a new one. But good thing, just recently things has just change.

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