Inside: 4-in-1 Dermairis Mask now available in Manila

It was always a hidden wonder to us [Filipinos] how Korean’s achieve that no-pores kind of look. A lot of people say it is because of the weather, some says its genes, the rest might say it is because of the food or the product they are using. This could be one of the reasons why whenever a Korean brand launches here in Manila, it is easily patronized by the public. It is a hit, in short.

Well, I couldn’t blame anyone here, after all, most of the products are really top notch.

A few days ago, a new brand was launched here in Manila and is expected to be a talk of the town. Continue reading and will tell you more about this.

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Uber now has ‘Multiple destination feature’ & more

It is always a good when a business unit collects ideas and comments from their patronizers. It is way better if they listens and acts on it.

Uber, one of the famous Transportation Network Vehicle Service (TNVS) in the Philippines, has been listening to our recommendations ever since it started with its goal to improve access to transportation, and make streets safer. And just recently, Uber listens and realizes the importance of adding a destination feature and created a system that would benefit not just the costumers but as well as the Uber drivers.

Continue reading will tell you more about this great system.

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My Bad Sleeping Habits + Sleeping Hacks at the Uratex U + 1 Sleep Workshop

When you thought you’re already a sleeping expert and realises you were not; This is what I’ve felt when I attended the recent Uratex U + 1 event. Most of us would probably be feeling the same for as we all know we’ve been sleeping for almost half of our lives. Making each of us an expert in this field already. But little do I know, there are still a lot of sleeping hacks that i’ve needed to know.

Continue reading, will share to you what I have learn from the event.

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