The benefits of having a Diet Meal Plan – The Good Box Ph #thegoodboxph

It is always a drawback for fitness starters the struggle on getting their food right whether they plan to bulk up or loose weight. I personally have that problem, specially if I do not have the time to research on what food to eat and what not specially now that I’m planning to gain more muscles. Friends are always a nice source of information but having your own personal knowledge about those kind of stuff would really make that goal easier to achieve.

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Falafel Yo! Israeli snack is here in Manila

Vegan friends would definitely be happy to know that the famous Israeli snack is here in Manila. Opening a branch in Greenbelt 3, Falafel Yo! is the newest foodie section in town for discerning palates who wants to enjoy traditional Israeli cuisine. Falafel Yo! offers fresh, authentic, healthy, and delicious falafel.

Falafel plays an iconic role in Israeli cuisine and is widely considered to be the national dish of the country. It is a popular street food made with mashed chickpeas (or garbanzo beans), parsley, coriander, garlic, and other Mediterranean spices.

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Top 5 must try Milkshake at Monster Milkshake in Ayala Mall Vertis North

Monster Milkshake opens at new branch at Ayala Mall Vertis North.

I only knew a few milkshake brands here in the Philippines that are really focusing on having a nice quality milkshake line. Most of the stores I know offers it but are just mostly included in the menu. But making it as a flagship product here in the Philippines could be somehow awesome knowning that the line isn’t too saturated yet and can also give you a hold back that Filipino’s might not accept it as how you envision it.

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Hello Anello! Japan’s IT bag, now in Manila!

I been hearing about the craze since last year, on how millennial’s craze over the bag. When I finally had the chance to scrutinise one I guess there is really something to be crazy about it. And guess what, a few days ago. I was able to own one.
anello, the world-renowed Japanese-Italian brand known for their signature wired wide opening backpack is finally in the Philippines. And the brand is changing the way Filipinos look at bags forever. Founded on the premise of improving people’s quality of life with peices that you can use regardless of the season, anello, offers a full line of fashionably chic pieces that perfectly complement the lives of today’s multi-faceted individuals.

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