A Father’s Date Itinerary

I grew up closer to my Mom than to my Dad, making our date time more often than the latter. I did had some moments with Dad but I guess it would have been better if I was able to go out with him for the whole day instead for an hour or two. Because of his age, he just wanted to sit down and watch movies at home. Well that could be a good bonding moment as well but if your doing it already on a regular basis it wouldn’t be that special.

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Tips on how to level up your #OOTD game (even wearing a school uniform) #BacktoSchool

Uniform is a type of clothing that is a representation of certain organization where members are obligated to wear it. School is a best example of which. And just like what the word “uniform” entails, it should be the same from the rest. However, this shouldn’t hinder you to be on your game. Even having the same style, the same length, color or fabric, you can still be different just by exerting a little effort and focusing more on the details.

But, how would you do this?

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Astrid S – ‘Norway’s Next Great Pop Export’

She may not be a household name yet here in the Philippines, but little do we know this young artist is starting to make her way up there on the other side of the world.

Astrid Smeplass or Astrid S for short is 20-years-old award winning Norwegian singer and pop star that is originally from Berkak. She first proved her chops in 2013 when she placed fifth as a contestant on the Norwegian version of Pop Idol. From then on, she has seen unprecedented critical and commercial success in both her home country and across the globe.

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