3 Steps on how I get my hair done + Enrique Gil for Grips Hair Wax and Hair Clay

Every guy (for sure) has experienced a bad hair day. It may not be frequent but the feeling of uneasiness sometimes tend to be seen or reflected to an individuals day activities. There are some (like me) who used to spend an hour or two in front of the mirror just to get that perfect look. We just can’t be used to the old ways of just combing your hair then it’s done. Nowadays a touch of flare is something that is needed.

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KIX: The Ultimate BROcation Marathon and Finale

The Ultimate BROcation is definitely a show where crazy adventures and wardrobe wonders happen. Just like when R&B sensation, Billy Crawford, put on an undeniably adorable get-up on the show. Is Billy showing off his ballet skills? Or is this his new fashion statement? Whatever it is, we’re sure that The Ultimate BROcation has an exciting reason for it!

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Things you should know about the Day Tour at Camaya Coast (Camaya Sands Resorts and Leisure)

My friends have been bugging me for us to visit this popular resort in Bataan called Camaya Coast. I’ve been hearing about this resort since then for they have been very aggressive in doing ads and making themselves visible to the people. And because I have missed the beach so much, so I decided to say yes and booked a day tour at the said place. And take note it was on 50% off when we book the trip.

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