Day 1: Nognog in Davao City + People’s Park + My First Impression of Davao City

Roaming around, a visit at People’s park and my first impression of Davao City

I could say that I’m a semi-Intrepid Explorer. Well, I like to be on the move and usually seek for some adventure. I may have a few restrictions but I always make sure to have that authentic travel experience. I’m a bucket list keeper and would want to pack as many destinations, sights and cultural experiences in the trip as time and energy allows.

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Day Zero: (Failed) Plan, Itinerary, where to stay and other whereabouts in Davao City

Davao City has been considered as one of the safest cities in the world. Making it a no-brainer and decide to visit this place. Aside from that, the accessibility of having flights most of the time makes it easier to be visited. And this is the story of my first time in Davao City.Our (failed) plans, itinerary, places to visit, where to stay and other crazy things that happened made this trip even memorable.

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Inside: Penshoppe Capital Launch at UP Town Center

I’ve been an avid supporter of the brand, Penshoppe, way back in college. I still remember those times where I and some of my classmates used to visit the nearest mall in our school just to look for some outfits to try on and Penshoppe was one of our go-to-places. And now here I am, witnessing one of the best occasion that would be part of the brands history – Opening Penshoppe’s biggest store as of the moment called Penshoppe Capital.

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Where to Next? World Juanderer lists down some of the best attractions recommended for you to explore

Travel destinations seem innumerable. There’s just so much to visit and explore in this world. Personally, I have my list of preferred places already and am fond of spending weeks talking to friends and browsing online just to have the best experience each place has to offer. Truth be told, DIYs can definitely save you money but will require time and effort to complete the perfect itinerary for your travel fix. But reality proves that in order for you to really prepare for every aspect of your vacation, you need to go beyond your computer screen and do the actual legwork.

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