From K-Dramas to K-Tastic meals at the newly renovated BonChon

Transporting us to the sight, feel and taste of Korea, the newly renovated Bonchon will definitely excites the K-tastic moments in you. It wasn’t to long ago when the Bonchon chicken invades Manila, and now with the ever popular Koreanovelas or K-dramas, Filipinos are even more excited to get a glimpse of this ever growing fad.

Living up to that K-Tastic experience, BonChon has revamped some of its stores into a Modern Barn. The overhauled look instantly transports anyone to Korea with its Western meets Asian vibe. What used to be a plain and simple white brick wall has now turned into a wooden brick wall, truly capturing the modern barn feel. All staff had uniform make-overs and not to mention the new improved lighting inside the store, perfect for Instagram-worthy K-Tastic moments.

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Daniel Padilla & Gerald Anderson leads Star Magic OPPO All-Star game with OPPO F3

I only had a little fondness about basketball but I do play when I was still young. I guess now that I got older, I am more on the person who would sit and watch the game specially on the last two minutes.

OPPO, in partnership with Star Magic, features an exhibition basketball match between two teams composed of Star Magic’s male artists. As one of the leading trends in Philippine basketball, the game not only promotes sportsmanship and camaraderie among Star Magic artists, but also serves as an opportunity for Star Magic and OPPO to treat their loyal supporters. The Star Magic OPPO All-Star game will be headed by Kapamilya heartthrobs, Daniel Padilla and Gerald Anderson, set to take place in Araneta Coliseum on August 13.

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Things you need to know about Teeth Whitening + Smile Bar opens its Flagship Store in BGC

There are so many things I’ve heard about teeth whitening, some says doing so will incur damage to you teeth while others said it will make your teeth brittle. I never tried it not until a few days ago when I visited the newly open Smile Bar in Bonifacio High Street.

I’ve been wanting to try it but wasn’t really sure if it is for me. Luckily, I have found the answer just when I needed it the most.

Continue reading and will tell you more about teeth whitening, who knows, maybe this service is for you.

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July 2017 Splurge! The month where I got overflowing bills, unit upgrades and unexpected money losses

My pocket was in pain this month of July. From overflowing bills, to unit upgrades and the unexpected money losses. I was struggling, trying to find ways to get back what was gone to even selling some stuff that I truly cherish. Though this month is not just a big downfall for I was also able to get some extra jobs that I can reap the next coming months. Hopefully this will continue for me to be able to get funds for my upcoming big trip to Korea come November.

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