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Ending the fight over Pizza, Pasta or Salads – Project Pie at BGC

When was the last time you fight with your friends deciding where to eat or maybe what to order? Usually, one would let others decide for him, some will let go of the suggestion and push through with another ones idea. Others end up, sitting down to a place where they would finally realize not even one of them liked what they ordered. Devastating. But it usually happened specially if you’re in a big group.

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Uncomfortable shaving problems – solved!

I’ve been using razors since I started to grow facial hair. I’ve been doing it for more than a decade and I could honestly say that I haven’t mastered it still. Why? Usually, after shaving, I would find myself ending up having cuts and nicks on my neck. Which is really irritating. Thus, making shaving a tiring activity for me most of the time. That I would rather skip it at times rather than having that uncomfortable feeling right after.

Personal fact #2, I haven’t used or owned a shaver since birth. Lol!

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Original Penguin’s Father-Son Gallery + Win prizes from Penguin for you and your dad!

In cooperation with Original Penguin, sets of stylish fathers and sons have decided to come together to exemplify that much like life lessons, values, and experiences can be passed from one generation to the next, so can style and fashion. The exhibit featuredfathers and their sons (and their sons) such as Franz Pumaren, Marco Rodriguez, Anton Del Rosario and Rick Yupangco.

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