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Surviving 21 hours of Roadtrip from Manila to Cagayan Valley + Patarkan Festival Year 4 at Anguib Beach, Sta. Ana, Philippines

I always find road trips amusingly fun. I guess I expected too much recently. I did agreed on this road trip for many reasons; first, the trip falls on a holiday; second, I would be able to visit provinces on the right side of North Luzon; Third, flight back would be via plane; and lastly, I’m looking forward of seeing the famous Boracay of the north called Anguib beach.

It was 4 years ago when Ropali Motorcycle started Patarkan Festival, the famous motorcycle festival held in Sta. Ana, Cagayan Valley, Philippines. “Partakan” which is an Ilocano word that means SPEED, suits every aspect of the festival. Partakan Festival is the first of its kind, a “ride and rock” themed festival for motorcycle riders, their friends, and families here in the Philippines. The best part of this is the event is FREE of charge and everyone is welcome.

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Zero Halliburton from the moon and back, now in the Philippines

Never really thought of investing a nice luggage before not until I had my first ever out of the country flight. It was a month-long trip from Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. I realized then that the frequent transfer and mobility would really require a sturdy and durable luggage.

Nowadays, I make it a point that whenever I’ll be getting a new one, it should be a luggage that could last for a lifetime, an investment I should get.

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Featuring “Asian Flavors” at SySu’s Taste Setters Workshop

Indian flavor are soon to come in and Modern Chinese is said to be going big. Sinigang and Adobo are already done and Kilawin is coming back, Paksiw is also something to experiment with. These are just some of the trends that I’ve learned from the recent Taste Setters workshop I attended held at Reston University in Taguig City. The information handed over could be very useful specially for food entrepreneurs, chefs, commissary owners and those who are within the circle. For me, I could probably experiment at home and impress my family and friends over the food I’ll be cooking.

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