Uber now has ‘Multiple destination feature’ & more

It is always a good thing when a business unit collects ideas and comments from their patronizers. It is way better if they listens and acts on it.

Uber, one of the famous Transportation Network Vehicle Service (TNVS) in the Philippines, has been listening to our recommendations ever since it started with its goal to improve access to transportation, and make streets safer. And just recently, Uber listens and realizes the importance of adding a destination feature and created a system that would benefit not just the costumers but as well as the Uber drivers.

Continue reading will tell you more about this great system.

Uber Multiple stop x Kondanda Archery (13 of 16)I’ve been using Uber, I think since this system started here in the Philippines. The TNVS company has been a great help for It made my travels a lot safer especially when going home in the wee hours. Aside from that, it eliminates the local haggling system here in the Philippines, particularly with the taxi drivers, which I personally do not like.

Though, I truly believe that when it started, the system needs to have a lot of improvements to better serve the public. Being someone who is always out, Uber has been a companion for almost everyday, and I see how the system upgrades it self to supplement the demands of the many.

Uber Multiple stop x Kondanda Archery (7 of 16)There are so many times before that me and my friends, especially John (kumagcow.com), would book one Uber ride to the North (we are on the same side of the city), and would just tell the Uber driver to drop me of somewhere near or vice versa. There are moments that when I hitch a ride with John, I would go down in his house and tell the Uber driver that I am booking a ride to my place and hopefully he will be able to get it. It was all luck if ever the same Uber’s partner driver would book my ride, but most of the time, it isn’t. It could have been less of a hassle if I could just stay inside the vehicle and continue the ride to my place.

Thank God, Uber listens and created something that would really help each and everyone of us who loves the app.

Uber’s multiple destination feature is just what we needed.

Uber’s new feature now lets riders seamlessly ad up to 3 total stops to the journey. That way, the full route and rate are clear to both the rider and the driver. Now, I (rider) can finally hop into my Uber and then grab my friends along the way! All in one car, all in one trip.

Here is how Uber Multiple destination works! 

To use the feature, tap “where to?” and then “+“, Add the addresses of the stops, and then request for the ride. Changes in the route can be done in the app, in real time. The driver will be automatically given directions to each of the stops so riders can sit back and relax the whole way. The rider should also be the to plan the right itinerary to which locations to go first.

Uber Multiple stop x Kondanda Archery (8 of 16)I was able to try the system firsthand when Uber officials, invited us over for a lunch in BGC last few weeks ago. After the lunch, we were given an options or either choose 1 or 2 activities to do on a day; Archery at Kodanda Archery Rangeor Painting Sessions at Mind Museum.

Uber Multiple stop x Kondanda Archery (11 of 16)
My group decided to do Archery. We booked an Uber ride, creating 2 stops; first going to Mind Museum to meet up with the organizer and pick up our tickets, then 2nd, to Kodanda in Makati Cinema Square. (Btw, you can create up to 3 stops with the new update).

Uber Multiple stop x Kondanda Archery (16 of 16)I think, our Uber driver is not yet informed with the update, that is why he was a bit surprise when after pressing the complete trip, another trip going to the next destination pop up in his map. It was seamless and it made our trip way better.

Uber Multiple stop x Kondanda Archery (1 of 16)
Uber Multiple stop x Kondanda Archery (4 of 16)
Uber Multiple stop x Kondanda Archery (2 of 16)
Uber Multiple stop x Kondanda Archery (3 of 16)The multi-destination feature is one of the many product innovations that Uber has added to their app to enhance user experience. Other features include;

  • scheduling rides ahead of time
  • saving frequented places
  • sharing ETAs and
  • requesting ride for a friend. (Now I can book my Mom’s Uber ride even I am far away from home!)

Proving that technology is ever improving you can be sure to enjoy an adventure with Uber’s new and existing features.

Uber Multiple destination x Kondanda Archery (5 of 16)Tell me your Uber stories by commenting on the box below.

Until our next discovery in the City!
またね Mata ne! 
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