Gain weight faster with Gains Drip

It is very usual to hear someone say he or she needs to lose weight. And with the ever progressing technology, many ways to do it is already available, that is of course aside from the usual process of not eating or veering away from rice and putting a huge amount of schedule inside the gym.

But for someone who got a problem of the opposite of losing weight, well it’s a new story to tell. Have you heard about the Gain Drips?

Continue reading and maybe you’ll need one of the following services.

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I was able to attend the recent launch of Vine Holistic Medical Aesthetics held at I’m Hotel last September. It was a glamorous event attended by celebrities and supporters of the brand. Vine Holistic Medical Aesthetics opens its doors since 2013 to provide quality services on Aesthetics. Since then, it serves hundreds of clients making their life even better.

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There was a lot of things that happen and introduced on that day but what caught my attention is the service they called “Gains Drip“. It is very unusual to hear a service like this in a clinic for most people would want to lose rather than to gain. This actually made me remember how we usually joke around with friends telling, ‘akin nalang yang taba mo’, like its possible. But guess what, I think can be done.

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This is through Dr. Emehly Sevilla, founder of Vine Holistic Medical Aesthetic Clinic, Gains Drip. This drip is actually included in the 12 Infusion Drips for Health and Wellness the clinic is offering.

Vine Holistic Medical Aesthetics

12 Infusion Drips for Health and Wellness

  1. Chelation Therapy’ which initially has four types -the  Whitening Drip, the Anti-aging Drip, the Slimming Drip and the complete Chelation Therapy drip (a mix of all the other drips cocktailed into one formula).
  2. Snow White Drip is a complete 5-in-1 whitening treatment compared to the White Drip that aims to give patients a gleaming, fairer skin.
  3. Macho Drip which contains amino acids and protein nutrients. 
  4. Superheroes Drip, a combination of vitamin C, magnesium and zinc that helps increase the immunity and energy of patients.
  5. Gains Drip for those who simply want to gain weight
  6. Sexy Drip is the ideal treatment for patients who want to lose weight by reducing body fat.
  7. Forever Young‘ is now the new name of Vine Holistic’s anti-aging drip.
  8. PA-PRP (Adistem Photoactivated-Platelet Rich Plasma) Drip that offers cell rejuvenation and repair.
  9. Calci Drip which aims to promote bone strength
  10. Rapunzel Drip which helps hair revitalization.
  11. Baywatch Drip is a combination of a placenta and collagen specifically made for women to increase breast size.
  12. Hangover Drip composed of vitamin B complex and vitamin D a simple and immediate treatment for those who want to sober up and detoxify their body after consuming too many alcohols.

The White Drip

According to Dr. Emehly Sevilla, founder of Vine Holistic Medical Aesthetic Clinic, clients and patients are advised to consult their respective physicians first before availing their Drips services. There are certain drips that require laboratory services before it is safely administered to a patient and they wouldn’t perform it without any recommendation from their respective doctors and Vine Holistic’s resident doctors.

 Vine Holistic Medical Aesthetics Family

vine holistic aestetic

Some of Vine Holistic’s notable endorsers was also introduce in the event. These includes Actress and model Mylene Dizon, Singer and actor Taki Saito, PBA player John Wilson, versatile actors Mr. Jaime Fàbregas, the ‘Millenial Adonis’ Rendon Labador, Filipino actor, TV host, rap artist and model Carlos Agassi, Filipina actress and commercial model Nadine Samonte, Singer-songwriter Aia De Leon, Coach Chris Gavina, Filipino-Scandinavian actor and model Jon Matthias Rhoads, Filipino-Spanish chef and actor Jose Sarasola, GlobalPort Batang Pier’s Ryan Araña & Roi Sumang, and Adamson University basketball former member Jericho Cruz.

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