Where Do Broken Hearts Go? To the Gym!

Rendon Labador talks about health and wellness at the FitCamp this August 12 – 13, 2017

It is always a notion for broken hearted people to either change their appearances after a heart break. Some go to salon for a make over, some dwell on sweets and food, while the others go head straight to the gym. As they say it, its a sweet revenge to always show to your exes that you became even better after the heartbreak. Or maybe we can say we just want to say this line in the future “Who you ka sa akin.

But I do not want that for us to happen (I mean the break-ups). Nobody likes that. But bulking up or being healthy and sexier? Well it is not a question hard to answer. We all do like that, and I know a friend could possibly help us out.

Meet Rendon Labador, a statuesque demigod who stands 6’3” tall, toned and sexy and good looking. Do not look for him on Tinder or other social media dating apps, instead visit him in the gym or if you do have time this weekend, Rendon will be talking about health and wellness at the Health and Wellness Summit to be held at SMX Mall of Asia this August 12-13, 2017.

rendon labador smile22

Along with the seminar, he will launch his Rendon Labador FitCamp as supported by hotels, restaurants, and many more where “fitcampers” are entitled to exclusive training workouts as supervised by fitness coach Rendon himself, plus freebies as provided by his sponsors: Mutant Philippines, Vine Holistic Medical Aesthetics, Python Energy Drink, and many more.

rendon labador at smx

Girls and Boys make your decision right and Rendon Labador will guide you do the rest. To know more information, contact 09173450895 or e-mail rendon_labador@yahoo.com and like his official Facebook account Rendon Labador 24/7 Fitness

Until our next discovery in the City!
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