From K-Dramas to K-Tastic meals at the newly renovated BonChon

Transporting us to the sight, feel and taste of Korea, the newly renovated Bonchon will definitely excites the K-tastic moments in you. It wasn’t to long ago when the Bonchon chicken invades Manila, and now with the ever popular Koreanovelas or K-dramas, Filipinos are even more excited to get a glimpse of this ever growing fad.

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Living up to that K-Tastic experience, BonChon has revamped some of its stores into a Modern Barn. The overhauled look instantly transports anyone to Korea with its Western meets Asian vibe. What used to be a plain and simple white brick wall has now turned into a wooden brick wall, truly capturing the modern barn feel. All staff had uniform make-overs and not to mention the new improved lighting inside the store, perfect for Instagram-worthy K-Tastic moments.

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It was a blast experiencing it for the first time and was too excited to see the staff do their make-overs as they serve each of our orders.

We started our lunch by having BonChon’s well-loved Korean-Style Chicken. BonChon K-Style chicken is made with love as it is freshly hand-glazed with a handful selection of signature fusion of Korean flavors, 4 deliciously unique glazes that will most definitely make you crave differently.

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We then indulge in a devouring party Gangnam style with BonChon’s Gangnam Bao as we take a bite of a delicious snack. Sandwiched between delicious two soft and creamy delicious bao, one can choose if you want it steamed or fried, is 100% real tender juicy chicken meat handcrafted with BonChon’s best-selling soy-garlic glaze. I personally like it fried.

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The Jjampong Spicy Noodle Soup was serve next. With its perfect combination of Korean Hot Pepper Flakes, Bonchon’s special spicy seafood broth, egg noodles and topped with crispy fish poppers, this is the perfect side dish and snack to give you the spicy kick you’ve been craving for.

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Get the royal treatment you deserve by with the crowd-favorite Bibimbowl. Deep-fried to perfection and mixed with your favorite Bibimbowl sauces – Original, Fiery Spice, and Creamy Curry, this K-Tastic dish will definitely give you the K-Tastic royal food treatment you deserve.

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Have a taste of Korea’s true beefy flavor with the Korean Beef Stew, a recipe that is made with premium tender beef chunks and spices that are slow-cooked for hours.

Get a dose of a Korean-Mexican fusion with the Taco Bibimbowl that’s made from quality meat mixed with BonChon’s signature Korean glaze, freshly prepared salsa, soft Mexican bean, crunchy nachos, and finished with an enchanting mix of Korean-Mexican paste.

Feel and have a glimpse of Korean snowfall with the perfect after-meal Korean iced dessert Bingsu – a much celebrated Korean dessert that’s carved a special place in the hearts of millions.  It’s also available in varied flavors – Matcha Vanilla, Strawberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Brownie and Mango Cheesecake!

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Feeling the K-Tastic vibes yet? Make sure to give these activities a try and share those K-tastic moments online by using the official hashtag #BonChonKStyleisKTastic.

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With Anj, Rod and Ruth

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