What will make you live in a foreign country?

Fil Global Immigration Service Corporation celebrates it’s 3rd Anniversary with Wine & Cheese night

I could only think five reasons why an individual decides to live in a foreign country.

  1. Family migrating
  2. Marrying a foreigner
  3. Job Opportunity
  4. Study
  5. Personal Choice

I encounter different people who have this kind of reasons. Others who doesn’t belong to the four just love to travel and decides to stay in different locations at a particular period of time, but that’s a different situation.

When I was still kid I didn’t even imagine myself living in a different country, or even working abroad. I do love travelling but living a place away from home, the Philippines, is a big leap of change. But growing up and learning about the things in life make me want to consider it. My sister is officially a US citizen along with her two kids and one of my older brother holds a PR card in Singapore. Making me think about my future, what could I be if, for example, I decided to live away from home, permanently.


I am sure for my self that I still haven’t answered that question clearly yet. For most of the time, I just keep my self be blown away by an incoming wind. I keep myself busy with a lot of things in life and I think that moment of realizing it is still far from where I am today. Though my Mom always buzz me questioning if I would want to go abroad and work, which I usually answered with a snobbish look. Lol!

Just recently a blogger friend of mine decided to go to Europe and live their for work. He will be staying there for two years. It was a brave move to do but I know for the fact that he does if for his family and his future.

I also learn that a big chunk of Filipinos are aiming to do same. I’ve heard it when I attended the 3rd Fil-Global Immigration Service Corporation Anniversary Celebration held at Roberts Hall, Time Plaza in UN Avenue, Manila. It was a celebration attended by their valued members and partners along with some media. I wasn’t really knowledgeable about the business platform at first but learned a lot at the end of the celebration.


Fil-Global Immigration Services Corporation (FGISC) is a world-class company that started in the Philippines offering immigration and university placement to the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia and many others. The company is composed of professionals from many different sectors of industry who provide people from all walks of life  a stepping stone to achieve their dreams to study, work and live overseas.


It wasn’t an easy process I could say for an individual to migrate overseas, but FGISC will make sure that they will be there to help you out. FGISC got other service offices that includes Fil-Global immigration, FG Creatives, JVB Travel & Tours, and PTE Academic Centre, which offers various English  programs designed to meet the demands of diverse discipline.


At the end of it I just realize that making this move takes a lot of preparation, what ever your reasons, whether it be for work, family or personal. Giving enough time and money is really necessary. It is not a decision made in a snap, it is a commitment you will need to embrace for a lifetime.


How about you, Have you asked your self?  What will make you live outside the Philippines?

Until our next discovery in the City!
またね Mata ne! 
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