Enhancing Creativity at The Workshop Bespoke Bakery

I always see chefs like wizards creating special potion in their kitchen. It could have been amazing if I have that kind of talent in the baking or cooking, but as I remember from our class in T.H.E. in high school, I was one of the boys who were able to burnt a chiffon cake. So I guess I’m not really into it.

But I do believe skills are made and if you are one persistent kid, taking a workshop would really be helpful. Have you heard about the Workshop Bespoke Bakery?

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Rising culinary stars Chef Miko Aspiras and Chef Kristine Lotilla have made it their mission to elevate the Filipino dessert experience. Located within the Le Petit Soufflé restaurant in the Mega Fashion Hall is their latest offering to the Metro Manila food scene—the Workshop Bespoke Bakery.

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A workshop is a space brimming with possibilities. It is a place where people hunker down to create, experiment, and labor with much dedication and love. This is what this new bespoke bakery is for the two young chefs. Chef Miko confides,

“As pastry chefs, we wanted a space where we could create. If we ever got inspired, there would be a space for us to do it. This is our working shed.”

“All of our offerings are made of the finest ingredients, crafted with technique and precision. We give painstaking attention to detail, flavors, and quality. Each creation speaks of our team’s dedication to the art of desserts,” explains Chef Kristine.

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The chefs are committed to educating and training each member of their staff, sharing their knowledge of the technique required to produce high quality pastries.

Customers can expect unusual menu items such as the Matcha Canelé, the Guava Cheese Tart, artisanal Valrhona chocolate bars, and decadent Entremets — treats you would be hard pressed to find in just any restaurant. And the best part is that the chefs are more than willing to customize desserts for hopeful customers, using all of the flavors, techniques, and inspirations they have gathered from their travels. The Workshop is where fancy meets fun and avant garde. Your potluck dessert contribution will never be the same.

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“We try to be risky with our desserts. We want to introduce new flavors and techniques. We owe this to our fellow Filipinos!” Chef Kristine says. With that in mind, customers must visit the workshop with a hungry stomach, a craving sweet tooth, and most importantly, an open mind and heart.

“Be adventurous! It will be worth it,” Chef Miko promises. “This is our invitation: take a bite out of our joy!”

I guess it is time for me to really be serious in baking. Will try to drop by and visit the Worskhop Bespoke Bakery, maybe you can join me too?

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