Tips on how to level up your #OOTD game (even wearing a school uniform) #BacktoSchool

Uniform is a type of clothing that is a representation of certain organization where members are obligated to wear it. School is a best example of which. And just like what the word “uniform” entails, it should be the same from the rest. However, this shouldn’t hinder you to be on your game. Even having the same style, the same length, color or fabric, you can still be different just by exerting a little effort and focusing more on the details.

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#NognogWears: School Uniform; Backpack from Doughnut ; Shoes from El Marikeno

But, how would you do this?

If you are a guy like me who always wanted to level up my #OOTD game, even if your in school uniform you could strut and always own it! Well, you’ll be wearing it for the rest of the year so better yet, make sure that your wearing and showing the same flare just like wearing your off-school getup.

Here are some simple tips you can consider.

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How to strut your uniform and owning it! #BacktoSchool #OOTD

  1. Always keep your uniform clean, ironed, and white.

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During weekends I always schedule an hour or two to iron and prepare all my uniforms. When I was in high school I got three white Polos and 2 pants, which I interchange for the whole week. I usually prepare everything Sunday night to take away the stress of cramming specially if I’m running very late in the morning. Plus, ironing in bulk can actually save more electricity expenses.

It’s always nice to wear clean and ironed uniform for it will project a very decent look.

Tip: Pick a light gray undershirt so that it will blend well with your white polo and remember to keep it neat and make sure sleeves will not peek out – not a good look.

  1. Socks in all up!

Some school are really strict with the uniform from the collars, to belts, up to the color of their socks, some doesn’t really mind at all specially those schools where guys wear pants as uniform. If your in those kind of universities, lucky you! Show your personality through your socks; wear different colors or designs everyday. It all falls down to individuality!

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You can also choose to not wear socks if you like. LOL!

  1. Accessorise

When I was in high school, the faculty wasn’t really strict about accessorising both guys and gals except for the following (as I remember it); wearing earrings in other parts of the body aside from the ear, Wearing hats and caps inside the class; and wearing sunglasses inside the vicinity.

Aside from those mentioned, there are still a lot of things to play around with. Accessorising can really help you stand out in the crowd. I got this classmate in high school that always wears a bangle earrings and it become her trademark. Another one can be seen always wearing a gold watch and a ring, and that image was associated to him.

oppo back to school ootd (6 of 15) If you cannot wear caps, use it to put a flare in your look. 

Pick an item that suits you and wear it confidently. Always remember to be consistent until everybody recognises it, and becomes your trademark.

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Tip: You can also invest in bags, belts, wallets or cute pouches. Or maybe cellphone or cellphone cases, I think I just saw some cute OPPO F1s cases online.

  1. Grooming!

Nails check. Hair check. Face on fleek!

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Keep in mind that it’s not just for the wealthy or stylish, everyone got an access for a good grooming. Anyone can be well groomed just by putting an extra time to look on that part. And if you’re aiming to level up your self, keep in my mind to squeeze in enough time daily and make it a routine in keeping your self-groomed.

Maybe it’s time for you to do a haircut. So do a selfie check everyday. (Do not forget to use your OPPO phone to get that perfect selfie) 

And last but not the least,

  1. Personality.

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This completes the whole look. Your individuality, it is who you are. It is the most important factor. Even if you did tips 1-4 and didn’t give the right personality, it would be a disaster.

Remember that personality is the one that would make other people like you. So own it. Project the right image. If you’ve mastered everything, you would definitely get the right result at the end.

I know school could be very toxic and stress levels are really high with all the assignments, exams and projects. But by doing things you love in between can really lessen the worry. Expand your circle and enjoy the company of the others and do the things you do love.

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Level up your #OOTD game even if your wearing a school uniform and don’t be hindered by it.

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Who knows, you could be the next big star in your school.


Until our next discovery in the City!
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