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OLONGAPO — Todays’ story is not about how I awkwardly do what Yuki was instructing me, but rather about my adventure from Bohol to Manila straight to Olongapo. How I manage to survive the whole day while listing down some of the things to expect at the famous Inflatable Island.

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It was a very tiring day. My flight was 8 in the morning, Philippine time, this means I need to wake up as early as 5 am, have breakfast by 6 and be at the airport by at least 7 in the morning. This was from Bohol going back to Manila. Along the way I was so decided and already planning my strategy on how I would be able to travel from NAIA terminal 3 to Olongapo. Will I go and ride a bus in Cubao or maybe Caloocan instead? But my decision was finalise when I arrive in Manila and able to talk to Jaffy. I was told that they are still in Manila and is just about to leave. This means I still got at least an hour window to travel from the airport to Balintawak, which is our meet-up place.

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On an ordinary day, taking a bus crossing the whole stretch of EDSA, an hour travel wouldn’t be enough, so I decided to take the train instead. It was 30 minutes pass 10 when I arrived at our meeting place. Lucky, they’ve been patient to wait, I was running and I can’t imagine where did I able to find my energy to do it.
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Now that I’m settled lets begin to run down the 7 things to expect at Inflatable Island.


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1. Getting there

Commuting could always be an option if ever you decide to visit Inflatable Island. This I think is one of the good things about it – Accessibility. You can either bring a car or commute and it wouldn’t be a problem. Located in Subic Bay Waters, National Highway, Lower Kalaklan, Olongapo City, Zambales, Philippines.  Commuting via public bus will only cost you around 4 to 5 dollars (Php 207 to 272).  You can ride the buses of Victory Liner in either Calooocan, Cubao or Pasay that are bound to Olongapo city (Travel is approximately 4-5 hours consisting of two stopovers).  From the terminal in Ologapo, ride a blue Jeepneey (8 pesos).  And tell that you be drop at Half Moon Beach Resort which was the former name of Samba Bluewater Resort which is where Inflatable Island is located.

Via private car like ours just take NLEX, SCTEX road or just simply Waze it, you’ll get there.

2. Fee Variery

Rates are categorise in three, that includes Splash which is a two hour pass for PHP 699; Spray, which is a half day pass for PHP 999 and Soaked which is a whole day pass at PHP 1,399. We had spray for we arrived at 2 pm.

All of the passes includes, whole day entry to the beach area, hours of playtime on the floating playground and exclusive access to the Bali-inspired inflatable island lounge.

There is also a free parking space on a first come first park basis.

3. Safety is their outmost concern

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In making everything fun and safe, a set of house rules should always be acknowledge.  After getting our tickets, a briefing session was conducted along with the signing of a waiver. Some of the house rules you need to know are;

  • Wear a life vest at all times inside the obstacles
  • Never, under any circumstances, attempt to swim under, always go over the top surface
  • Smaller children should always be given the right of way
  • Never dive head first. Always enter the water with feet first

And always show caution as the park is slippery and unstable.

4. Going Solo

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If you don’t have anyone to go with you, lockers are available which you can rent half or whole day. It comes in two different sizes and starting cost at 50 Pesos (1 USD). And if you get hungry, do not worry, food kiosk is available within the area. If you decided to bring in some food, a corkage fee from 500 to 2000 applies.

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I know you’ve notice that bali inspired lounge, beautiful, right? Unfortunately , these beautiful umbrellas are on a first come first serve basis, so better be there earlier if you decided to be at the lounge.
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5. Go with your swimwear or be covered

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It is advisable to wear rash guards, swim leggings and or swimsuit. Wearing shirt or top is okay as long as the clothing’s do not have buttons, zippers, or any sharp objects like earrings, watches or rings in the play zone since it may damage the inflatable.

6. The Playzone 


Inflatable Island is Asia’s biggest floating playground with a size of 3, 420 SQM– that’s equivalent to eight basketball courts! It may look like just for kids, but i would say no! For I personally enjoyed it!

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Wearing life vest is necessary for the water is four to fifteen feet deep. It’s a complete workout if your game! Plus inflatable obstacles vary in difficulty that some i felt afraid to try!

So just have fun and enjoy guys!

7. Hydrate and have fun!

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Here is a video I made when we visited Inflatable  Island. Watch it on youtube for better resolution.


Until our next discovery in the City!
またね Mata ne! 
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