The Anatomy of a Good Tissue Paper

Why do I care about hygiene?

Maintaining good personal hygiene is the very first step to a good health. Simple habits such as washing your hands, regularly taking a bath, cutting nails, brushing your teeth and the overall cleanliness can help us prevent having diseases. And personally, as someone who is a public figure, being hygienic inside and out is something of a need. Making me very meticulous to the personal care items I’m buying even to the things we mostly ignored.


Have you even read the descriptions of the tissue paper or wet wipes your using?


Doing my grocery is something I do seriously. Like I mostly spent an hour or two just roaming around the supermarket. I may be just getting a few things; but checking what’s inside the pack, comparing prices and even just by finding which looks appealing took most of my time when shopping. But I am not complaining. I just realize that now that I am spending the money I’m earning I should be getting something really worth spending, even if I’m just getting a simple tissue paper.

The Anatomy of a Good tissue paper

No. I am not going to talk about the composition of a tissue paper but instead what I want to share are the things buyer should be looking for whenever they plan to go shopping and hoard tons of tissue paper or wet wipes. What should we look for, check out this list?

  1. It must be Chlorine Free

Have you heard about Elemental Chlorine? Elemental chlorine such as chlorine gas, hypochlorite or Clorox, is a very effective and cost-efficient bleaching agent used in manufacturing paper. The negative thing about it is that elemental chlorine produces dioxins as a by-product. Dioxins have been linked to cancer and are very harmful to the environment.

  1. It must be high resistant

Having a higher resistance to moisture is a very important factor in producing a good tissue paper. This factor prevents linting (himulmol) on moist surfaces. Linting can cause all sorts of irritations and worse, allergies or urinary tract infection. So how do you know if the product got a high resistance to moisture even if you haven’t used it yet? Look for a brand that is made from 100% virgin pulp. Virgin fibers still have their inherent content of natural wet strength resins that help bring the fibers together, thus having a higher resistance.

  1. It should not have artificial whiteners

How to know if the tissue you’re buying doesn’t have artificial whiteners? Check the color; products that do not contain whiteners are mostly off-white in color.

  1. It should look clean and neat

Just like personal hygiene, it would be enticing to get a product that is clean and neat.  Also, do not be fooled by products that look bulkier on the shelves. Do check the sheet count as to this will give you the idea if you’re getting enough to your spending.


My personal choice: Sanicare

Scrutinizing the product you be purchasing would be very important specially if your buying not just for your self but as well as for your love ones. Making sure that your getting the brand that is right in your budget while giving more than what you expected is something that should be on top of your grocery list.


And when it comes to tissue paper, I personally love getting Sanicare Line. Their tissue is chlorine free, high resistant, doesn’t have artificial whiteners and does look clean and neat. The cleansing wipes from Sanicare also always goes to my basket. It is gentle, alcohol free, safe for children, soft and got this soft like texture. I also love how they manage to make it light scented in Eucalyptus, which I think makes it more refreshing to use. Sanicare personal line also includes Paper towels, bathroom tissue, kitchen towels and cottons.


Aside from that, the brand also offers a wide variety of products for kitchen, bathroom, and baby use. Which you can check out in their website, IG (@sanicare_ph) and facebook.

At the end of the day, it is still base on your budget and liking. But remember, as a wise buyer, it is important to always get the products that is effective and can be consider a hydgenic choice.


Until our next discovery in the City!
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