Workaholic Mess (OOTD)

New OOTD post, Finally! I know it’s been awhile  but If you’ve been following my whereabouts. You probably have notice that what I usually do is to incorporate the OOTD shots in a lifestyle post. I felt that with that, you could easily relate to the clothes I’m wearing making it as a pattern for a particular situation. This one is a bit different for we intentionally created a concept for this photoshoot.

Workaholic at LInden Suite (12 of 16)

Linden Suites have been too generous to let us stay for a night at one of their penthouse suites. And because it is expected for a group of bloggers to held a photoshoot in between of the fun, we decided to prepare an OOTD inspired from the Hamptons, which I honestly  don’t have any idea.

So I googled and found out that the Hamptons is a vacation place in New York City, which is kind of weird to become an OOTD inspiration. So I googled again and search for the keyword “The Hamptons TV Series” then a series of photos that are mostly taken from the beach pop in.

The Hamptons getup was a very laid back, flowy, earth toned clothes that is something you can wear at the office and loosen up for a party at night.

So here is a shot of what I prepared, which kinda felt like, me coming from the office going straight to a party and still up till 7 in the morning. And Oh, you might misjudge, I am no alcoholic drinker. 🙂

be like the king at linden

Workaholic at LInden Suite (10 of 16)

angas lang at linden

Bathtub Scene at Linden Suite

Workaholic at LInden Suite (15 of 16)

Linden Suite’s Penthouse Suites

  • Room Size: 246-297 sqm.
  • Room Configuration: All suites have living room,  dining, bar, and kitchen facilities. Rooms are equipped with (3) separate bathrooms, a jacuzzi and (1) guest comfort room. 
  • Bed Options: Choice of (1) KING , (1) QUEEN AND (2) SINGLE BEDS OR (1) KING, (2) SINGLE AND (1) SOFA BED      
  • Both Suites are inclusive of walk-in closet, washer, and dryer area and butler’s quarters. 
  • Contemporary entertainment system


Workaholic at LInden Suite (16 of 16)

#NognogWears – H&M (Coat); Abe Fundano (Button Down); Uniqlo (Socks); Milanos (Shoes)


Until our next discovery in the City!
またね Mata ne! 
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