3 Steps on how I get my hair done + Enrique Gil for Grips Hair Wax and Hair Clay

Every guy (for sure) has experienced a bad hair day. It may not be frequent but the feeling of uneasiness sometimes tend to be seen or reflected to an individuals day activities. There are some (like me) who used to spend an hour or two in front of the mirror just to get that perfect look. We just can’t be used to the old ways of just combing your hair then it’s done. Nowadays a touch of flare is something that is needed.

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How I Prep up! 

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Fixing hair could be a bit laborious especially if you got a long wavy thick hair. A few of my friends even tend to straighten it up first before putting on some gel or clays to hold it up. My hair specifically could be a big mess specially if it becomes longer and wavy. It’s like it got a life on its own that each strands goes to different directions.

But in general how do I usually fix my hair? I got a simple religion when it comes to hair fixing. And it sometimes vary on how I wanted to project my self on a day as well as to how long or short my hair was.

3 steps on how I get my hair done 

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The basic starts after taking a bath; (1) I used a blow dryer for my hair to dry it up faster. It will also help you putting the hair on the direction that you want it to be.

(2) To have that certain volume, I usually put on some hair spray on top of my hair and use a paddle brush to create that volume.

(3) And because I want hair that is not too shiny, with volume and still can be blown by the wind I used Grips Hair Wax Hard and Shiny. It actually gives me that right hair hold and shiny look effect that I wanted.

Grips Wax Product Shot

For uneven hair that goes to different direction the side, I usually used Grips hair Clay to keep that hair on hold even I am outside.

Another thing that I love about Grips is the formulation giving me an easy style, easy wash experience. Grips products also use ingredients like Pro-Vitamin B5 that make hair strong and nourished.

Grips Clay Easywash Product Shots

Check out Grips Wax 75g at Php 81.75 srp. Grips Clay Easywash available at Php 86.90 srp. These are also available in 25g jars and 5g sachets.

Enrique Gil for Grips Hair Wax and Hair Clay

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Even celebrities like Enrique Gil experienced a bad hair day. This was just one of the things he shared to us when he was launch as the newest celebrity endorser of the brand Grips Hair Wax and Hair Clay at the B Hotel last January 10, 2017.

Aside from being a multi-awarded actor and dancer, Gil is also known for wearing iconic hairstyles that fit his many roles.

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“Our hairstyles are not just about good looks, they also allow us to express ourselves,” the Kapamilya star said during the official launch held at B Hotel in Quezon City. “Styling our hair, however, can sometimes be time-consuming, but thatns to Grips, hairstyling is easier and more hassle-free now.”

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You can check out grips on facebook (http://www.faceboook.com/gripsbrand/ ). Also follow the hashtag #EnriqueForGripWax #GripEasyStyleEasyWash on social media for more updates.

And here is a Bonus

Here is a back-to-back video of me and Enrique Gil for Grips! Now tell me who does it better? hahaha! #Palaban

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