Things you should know about the Day Tour at Camaya Coast (Camaya Sands Resorts and Leisure)

My friends have been bugging me for us to visit this popular resort in Bataan called Camaya Coast. I’ve been hearing about this resort since then for they have been very aggressive in doing ads and making themselves visible to the people. And because I have missed the beach so much, so I decided to say yes and booked a day tour at the said place. And take note it was on 50% off when we book the trip.

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Costing Php 599 pesos, from an original price of Php 1299 we were able to get the following:

  1. Round trip ferry transfers
  2. Access to infinity pool and beach
  3. Free use of beach huts, bench and rattan lounges

It was a good deal for me I could say, specially if you compare it to commuting via bus from Manila to Bataan. If you opted to try the ferry ride, you can still avail the day tour for Php 499 (promo price).

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We were supposed to visit the place on the 5th of November but because of the storm all ferry rides were cancelled. That was just perfect for we were eyeing to move our schedule as well on the 18th.

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How to go to Camaya Coast

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There are two ways to get there at Camaya Coast; either by Ferry or via private vehicle. I think the Ferry ride (which we tried) was the easier one. We just brought our car and parked it at the ferry station located near One Esplanade in Pasay City. Then ride the early ferry ride.

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Sun Cruises Terminal is located at Esplanade Seaside Terminal, Esplanade Seaside Park, Seaside Blvd., MOA Complex, Pasay City, 1300 Metro Manila

If you chose to do a road trip, you can follow this direction;

  1. Take the road via NLEX to SCTEX exit and ply towards Subic, Olongapo.
  2. Take Dinalupihan exit (around 77 km. to site), turn right along Roman Superhighway towards Bataan passing Hermosa, Abucay, Balanga, Pilar and Limay.
  3. You will reach Mariveles town proper after passing the zigzag road, marked by Jollibee and Death march marker and from there, follow the directional signs leading to Camaya Coast site (around 13 km to site).

Unfortunately, Camaya Coast is not accessible by public transportation.

On our way to Camaya Sands Resorts and Leisure

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We arrived at the Ferry Station an hour before the departure, that’s 6 in the morning. There was a 7-11 store near the place so we decided to have breakfast first before checking in at the ferry booth.

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There are a lot of things prohibited in the Camaya Sands Resorts and Leisure, check the list below;

  • Three (3) years old and above are charged the same as adult rate
  • Pets are not allowed inside the hotel and resort premises
  • Cooking and bringing of food/drinks/liquor are not allowed.
  • Hotel accommodation is not included (for the day tour)
  • Proper swimming attire is required
  • Pregnant individuals are not allowed to ride the Ferry. (For guests arriving via ferry).
  • Operating hours: Weekdays – 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM; Weekends – 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM
  • Kindly coordinate with the reservation team for room booking requests with Senior Citizen and PWD discounts.
    Call: (63) 917 6CAMAYA or (63) 917 5CAMAYA

The ferry ride took almost 3 hours, enough to view a full movie. Inside the ferry the movie “RIO” was played but because I haven’t got enough rest that day, I decided to just sleep the whole trip.

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Upon our arrival we were hold at the registration area and was offered to buy a card worth Php 100. This card is like a reloadable BEEP card that you can use within the coast to buy food and payment for the amenities. Availing the card can give you the advantage of having 10 percent discount on your purchases.

Should you buy the card? If you are travelling with friends or family, I can suggest for you to buy 1 card to be used by everyone. Load it up and used it to all your transactions inside Camaya Coast.

Inside Camaya Sands Resorts and Leisure

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We decided to stay at the long tables positioned at the middle just next to the restaurants. It was a bit hot on the day so we decided to just chill in the morning, roam around and have lunch at the Wood Pavilion which is a Max’s Restaurant inspired. Other food kiosk includes Big Chill, Potato Corner & Pancake House. There are a few more establishments under constructions so we could expect more from the place very soon.

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I wasn’t really feeling the beach at all so I just decided to do a photo-shoot, which took almost 50 percent of my stay at the beach.

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What are the other things to do here aside from enjoying the beach?

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For the day tour, aside from the beach you can also enjoy the pool. Or if you’re into nature tripping, try availing the bicycle, which you can use for an hour for free. Eat, sleep and just chill. Repeat.

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At around 3pm we decided to prep up for our departure at 4pm. There is only one ferry ride going and leaving the place, you don’t want to be left behind. I felt that the time for the day tour was a bit cut with that, needing for us to prep up earlier than what I’ve expected. Hopefully they would adjust the time to maybe 6pm or 7pm enough to at least have a great sunrise view at the beach.

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Final Say: For the price of Php 599, I think the day tour is worth it. But because one cannot bring food at the place, you would need to bring extra amount of money to buy for your meals. Another thing that could hold you back is the early call time and early departure, as well as the time spent at the ferry ride which is already 5 to 6 hours of your day.

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