From Art Exhibits to Thanksgiving Parties #VIPPass (December 2016)

December 2016 has been too good to me that a lot of things happened. And because the month passes by very fast, I wasn’t really able to take in everything, write and even document some of my activities. Luckily, after the long holiday run, I was able to take my time, sort out my stuff and note down the things I did December last year.

If you have been reading my blog, you probably have an idea about why I do blog in the first place. One of which is to just to preserve my memory for personal satisfaction.

12.01.16 XIV – Niccolo Cosme’s Art Exhibit on the walls of Pineapple Lab

hiv campaign

I have been supporting Niccolo for years already with his Art Exhibition and HIV campaigns. And it is just great to witness how he evolve along with the evolution of his works. On the first day of the month of December, Niccolo Cosme’s Art Exhibit opened up and was displayed on the walls of Pineapple Lab. This years exhibition talks about stories of the many who have lived with HIV and died with AIDS while the rest campaigns to break the stigma attached to the virus. Each of the artwork by Niccolo this year was brushed with actual blood donated by HIV-positive people.

From Preview

12.03.16 Music Run 2016



It has been awhile since I did running, making me missed wearing my gears. I was invited over to attend the Music Run 2016 by a friend. I was attracted by the reviews and comments I have been hearing about the event making me say “yes” for the invite even I don’t have any idea who I am going to see there. I felt a bit loner when I came in very early feeling I didn’t know anybody in the crowd. Good thing, Jaffy said yes to me and Rhea Bue, Jeff Ong and Cha Ocampo also came in.

music-run-2016-3-of-3 music-run-2016-2-of-3

I also got a chance to bump into old friends Eco and Jav. Nice seeing you bros!

12.09.16 UNIQLO opened up its newest store


I have been a fan of the Uniqlo brand since it started here in the Philippines. I wasn’t really into it at first but when I was able to own a piece, I started to love it. Since then, I became an avid buyer and supporter too. I even did a few campaigns for them last 2016. (Remember Jollibee x Uniqlo).

rodel flordeliz for uniqlo

Recently, Uniqlo opened up their newest store located just a few minutes away from my home in Quezon City – Uniqlo Fisher Mall branch. It’s a store built separately from the mall and catering to the people near the place. Another thing I love about the brand is the usual sale they do on occasion or mostly at the end of the month, so better watch out for that.

12.10.16 Bread n’ Butter receives ANAK TV seal 


That Saturday was a very hectic day that started with an award giving body in the morning. ANAK TV awarded my former tv program Bread n’ Butter with another seal this year. Making it our 6th or 7th year receiving it. I prioritise this event for this could be the last time I would be representing the show. I came early at the new venue located at Quezon City Circle. Atom Araullo was two rows away from me, while the hosts of TV5 HI5 was on the far right end of the next row to my seat. I was seating next to some of UNTV’s talent. There are other celebrities receiving the award this year like Anne Curtis, Koko Martin, Coleen Garcia etc.

wish jocks

With Wish Jocks Faye and Alice

I was ecstatically happy when I was called on the stage receiving the trophy loud and proud.

12.10.16 12th Bloggers United


With Louise Delos Reyes, Jafffy and Rhea Bue

After attending Anak TV ceremony in the morning and the gratitude lunch by Megaworld, Earth and I head straight to World Trade Center to attend the 12th Bloggers United. I was supposed to sell my stuff here this season but I opted to just visit because of my busy schedule. Another reason why I came is because my friend Anna, who organizes the event, asked a favor for me to do hosting. But coming from different places on that day I told them that I can only host for a few hours. Which I did. I was a bit clueless and hesitant at first, but I think it went well after a few minutes of talking.


12.23.16 International Thanksgiving

mcgi thanksgiving

Our quarterly 3-day thanksgiving held in Apalit, Pampanga started with a bang with topics about Revelations and the 1000-year reign. It was awesome that it felt like I was watching a sci-fi movie or reading a harry potter book.

12.26.16 MMFF Marathon


selfie cafe

Thank you Selfie Cafe for the lunch and dinner

The Metro Manila Film Festival became a very hot topic recently from its bold line up of films that excludes the usual movie of Vice Ganda or Vic Sotto airing within this season. And people started to talk about it and more involve promoting the films. Making me and my blogger friends who are task to make a review of the film allotted a day to do a marathon and watch as many entries as possible.  I watch “Seklusyon” a few days before the official movie airing, so we decided to start the day with “Die Beautiful”,  then “Saving Sally”, “Ang Babae sa Septik Tank 2”, “Sunday Beauty Queen” and choosing the last full show “Vince, Kath & James.” Here is my ratings of the film out of 10, I usually base it on first by asking the question “Did I enjoy the film or not?” Next could be the Social Impact, then the message being relayed and lastly how the film was created (which is more technical).

Seklusyon (7/10)

Die Beautiful (9/10)

Saving Sally (8/10)

Ang Babae sa Septik Tank 2 (8/10)

Sunday Beauty Queen (8/10)

Vince, Kath & James (8.5/10)

Luck was with us that day, we end up winning two tickets each at the Le Grand Cirque show in Smart Araneta. Yes! Check out Ruth Dela Cruz review

12.28.16 Going back at Cubao Expo


Cubao Expo has been around for years and its been awhile since the last time I visited the place. I still remember the first time I went to this place to feature the restaurant “Bellinis” which aired over UNTV 37. Now the place still looks the same with a lot of new establishments that are mostly related to food and arts. I actually felt I’m back in the street of Bali, staying in this place.

12.29.16 Thanksgiving Dinner



With Kev, Nesi, Pat, Yuki, Nick, Jaffy, Miguel, Jaz, Rhea & Jeff

I first met Yuki from the Zalora event in 12 Monkeys while Rhea was introduce to me by Earth. Jaffy and Nesi,  I met both in our trip to La Union last year. It was a awesome and very memorable road trip that since then we started to hangout and help each other more frequently. I know they have been friends for a longer time making me still distant from the group but I’m actually thankful too for not having the thought of ditching me out and instead keeping me in the circle. That is why I really need to catch up.

asher the cat

Recently, Nesi hosted a thanksgiving dinner for her small group of friends. I have been seeing most of them in different occasion but I really gotten a chance to connect to most of them. Hopefully, this coming year, I could be able to mange that connection to them .

Thanks for hosting the dinner Nesi!

16.31.16 Closing the year with the Family

kfc bucket meal

My mom has been bugging me to go home this 31st, so I made sure to clear all my schedule to be with my family before the year closes. My parents fetch me from QC and in return I asked them to drop by to any KFC branches for me to buy a bucket meal for them. I also brought some of the gifts I receive this recent holiday that includes a box of Oishi snacks and Swiss Miss. My brothers family wasn’t able to visit the house so we were actually a bit fewer this year. My sister who lives in the US requested for us to take a family photo wearing a red shirt. So we did.


It was a great month I could say with too many surprises and memorable events!

Until our next discovery in the City!
またね Mata ne! 
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