How does Angel Aquino “Create her favorite feeling” everyday

How do you create your favorite feeling? Angel Aquino shared to us hers in this FAVORI’s holiday video. 

While many of us don’t really pay attention to how our surroundings smell like, scent can be a very powerful emotional trigger. A certain kind of scent can bring back a certain emotion, remind us of a certain memory, or even create a certain feeling. This December onwards, feel the holiday with Favori and #CreateYourFavoriteFeeling with an array of passionately handcrafted scents and aromas for living well.


December celebration can be a wee bit stressful because of all the preparations. Fight holiday stress by making your mornings even more refreshing with FAVORI’s Vanilla Aroma Oil & Vanilla Aroma Pouch. This really makes my mornings more awesome!


When there is a celebration, for sure kitchen can get really busy. Good thing, @favoriscents has this Cooking Smell Deodorizing Air Spray which eliminates unwanted odor.


If you’re gonna try any fitness routine or maybe yoga in 2017, make sure you have a gentle rub of @favoriscents’ Yoga & Meditation Salve to help you concentrate on your exercise. Of course, it’s important to keep your yoga mat clean with FAVORI’s Yoga Mat Deodorizing Spray, so you won’t get distracted with those awful odors!


Thinking for a perfect gift? Try @favoriscents’ New Premium Reed Diffusers that will surely warmth give warmt to your home this December.

To know more about Favori,  visit FAVORI’s Instagram account and watch their holiday video! #FeelChristmasWithFAVORI #CreateYourFavoriteFeeling #favoriPH

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またね Mata ne! 
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