Five Interesting Moments at the Recent R.O.X. Outdoor Festival 2016

Nothing beats a place where you can just go inside the store and gear up for your next summer outdoor activity. I’m talking about R.O.X., that got the largest outdoor sports and recreational superstore in Southeast Asia. It just makes our life easier, right?

And just right in time, R.O.X. had just wrap up an epic summer activity with its R.O.X. Outdoor Festival 2016.

ROX Outdoor Festival 2016 (11 of 22)

It was a smashing success! Thou I wasn’t able to attend the two day activity (April 16-17, 2016) held at Bonifacio High Street but for what I saw on the first day, BGC just became a home for athletes, weekend warriors, families and friends looking for a great time. They prepared thrilling games, and challenging crash course that kept everyone’s adrenalin high. Even families and children got a taste of some outdoor fun!

ROX Outdoor Festival 2016 (9 of 22)ROX Outdoor Festival 2016 (12 of 22)ROX Outdoor Festival 2016 (14 of 22)

One of the things that I love was that I was able to meet new local brands in the market, including Great Escape PH that offers glamping packages in different parts of the country.

ROX Outdoor Festival 2016 (16 of 22)ROX Outdoor Festival 2016 (21 of 22)

Let’s chill now and hope to try this glamping somewhere far away from Manila soon. Please …

ROX Outdoor Festival 2016 (6 of 22)

I was there for just a short time but it was already epic. But even without my presence (as if I was too important) I’m still updated. Thanks for the creation of hashtag. Clicking on the hashtag #ROXOUTDOORFESTIVAL2016 on Instagram, you’ll see a bunch of photos from all the IG contributors. Thus, I came up in sharing to you five interesting moments seen at the recently concluded R.O.X Outdoor Festival 2016. Check this out.

My Top 5 Interesting Moments at the R.O.X. Outdoor Festival 2016
  1. I just love live art! And the best thing of it, it’s being painted on a skate board. And did I say it was all for free? (source: @stancesocks_ph)

2. Have you tried the  “sosyal” way of camping, the now popularly known as “glamping”? They got a few tents at the venue and take note it got a free massage too! (souce: @filgreg)

Massage after all events and activities of @rox_philippines . #ROXOutdoorFestival2016 #ROXPhilippines

A photo posted by Filgreg Rollon (@filgreg) on

3. Have you ever wondered how a bamboo bikes are made? Well Bambu technologies just showed it to the public on the event (source : @bikesmag)

#BambuTechnologies demonstrate #bamboobike frame creation at the #ROXOutdoorFestival2016, April 16-17

A photo posted by Bikes Magazine Asia (@bikesmag) on

4. Anything about kids is just love, specially if they were on a bike race (@evevm)

4’s ride, first lap. #kalac #robertezekiel #kalacis4 #striderbike #roxoutdoorfestival2016

A video posted by Eve and Zeekee Kalac (@evevm) on

5. The ultimate test of endurance at the Mountain Hardwear Last Man Standing Challenge is just epic! As to what I’ve seen the winner for this year was Macky Frugal, who were able to stand for four hours and 15mins long despite having different challenges under 41 degrees temperature! You’re the man bro! Congratulations! (@aileenfrugal)

If you think you missed a lot, check out the hashtag and see the photos for your self. Watch out for next year’s event by checking in R.O.X. stores nationwide or by visiting them on Facebook (@roxphilippines) and Instagram (@rox_philippines)

Thank you R.O.X. and Primer Group of Companies!

Until our next discovery in the City!
またね Mata ne! 
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