Out of time at Aqtiv Archery in Sandbox

Stand on the right, pick the bow using the weaker hand, get an arrow, put it in the string till it snaps, use three fingers to stretch, make sure its eye level, point at the target then snap. Easier read than done, Archery is one sport that needs concentration, precision and strength.

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The basic could be much easier, but what if your in a situation where in you’ll be shooting some moving objects, running in between and aiming to kill the opponent (target) in two minutes?

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One word to describe it – Exciting! And this is Aqtiv Archery! Read on and get to know more about it.

Aqtiv Archery in Sandbox02

Aqtiv Archery is the newest attraction in Sandbox, following the success of its outdoor archery. Aqtiv Archery, presented by Alviera, is the first ever archery challenge maze in the country, where in archers run through a maze and face moving targets and obstacles, all under time pressure.

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I have tried indoor Archery before, but doing the outdoor archery is much more difficult. If you’re a first timer, I suggest for you to take a 30-minute target archery first. This includes basic lessons, equipment and a stationary target.

Aqtiv Archery in Sandbox12

This is a pre-requisite before guests can try Aqtiv Archery, which requires basic archery knowledge that has to be combined with agility and hand-eye coordination. Archer who beat the set time for the challenge will be granted Archery Elite status and will win some tokens from Oculus Archery. Every end of the month, the top 5 fastest archers that completed the challenge will be showcased.

Aqtiv Archery in Sandbox29

Well, I can definitely say that I will not be part of it, for when I tried the Aqtiv Archery, I wasn’t able to finish the race in Two Minutes. I got the difficulty putting the arrow in my bow and the moving objects makes it more difficult for me to shoot the target. Good thing this wasn’t a real life situation, if it was I bet I’m already dead! Watch out for my video soon will post the link in my FB page. 

Aqtiv Archery in Sandbox67

Aqtiv Archery in Sandbox68

(1) Paul, Ruth, Rodel and FPJ Before the Aqtiv Archery Game  (2) Lunch Time! 

Aqtiv Archery can be tried at Php 250 per attempt on the challenge maze and a package rate of Php 400 includes 30-minute target archery. Check out the other attraction here.

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  • John Allen
    February 7, 2016

    I’ve always wanted to try archery…..

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